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Appointment with ISIL

A while ago I was honored to review Appointment with ISIL by Joe Giordano. I just learned that it is available for purchase. Make sure to get your copy of the amazing story.


Appointment with ISIL by Joe Giordano

On Sale May 18, 20174

Appointment with ISIL is a literary thriller. This time, Anthony’s libido threatens his life. Anthony Provati flirts with Russian mob boss, Gorgon Malakhov’s mistress. The Russian deals in death. ISIL, the Islamic State in the Levant wants the product. Russian Intelligence supplies the means, and an art theft funds the scheme. ISIL’s targets are chilling. The chase across the Mediterranean is on. Can Anthony thwart ISIL? Will he survive?

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Author’s Bio

Joe Giordano was born in Brooklyn. His father and grandparents immigrated to New York from Naples. Joe and his wife, Jane, have lived in Brazil, Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands. They now live in Texas with their shih tzu Sophia.

Joe’s stories have appeared in more than eighty magazines including Bartleby Snopes, The Monarch Review, decomP, and Shenandoah. His novel, Birds of Passage, An Italian Immigrant Coming of Age Story, was published by Harvard Square Editions October 2015.

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My Review

5 stars

Anthony Provati is an art dealer with family connections in the mob. Through a series of events, Anthony is ordered by Russion mob boss, Gorgon Malakhov to break into The Fisk and steal three Vermeer paintings worth billions of dollars. But there is more to the story than Gorgon’s sexy mistress and a simple theft of artwork. There is a substantial amount of money that is going to fund the ISIL. Anthony is in a race against time to stop ISIL.

This is a fast paced thriller that will keep your attention hooked. Anthony has a lusty libido and that gets him up to his neck in trouble. But he is bound and determined to stop more deaths from ISIL. If that doesn’t get you interested in the story, the first chapter will have you in tears.

If you like fast action with a great story, look no further. I strongly recommend reading Appointment with ISIL.

I received Appointment with ISIL from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Guy’s Odyssey by Seth Bleuer

It’s just another day in Iraq for Guy, a young American soldier. But when he suffers a head wound in a car bomb attack in Baghdad his real journey begins.

As the blast sends him on a deadly odyssey through the very fabric of time, he finds the beautiful yet mysterious disappearing sand. But Guy quickly realizes things aren’t what they seem and he may be witnessing his own destruction. With the reality warp tearing him apart, he has only his fading mind and a mysterious journal to help him solve the puzzle before time runs out.

His desperate search for an answer leads him to a single moment where everything hangs in the balance. Does this mysterious journal hold the clues to his salvation, or is it the ramblings of a madman? Can he figure out the mystery and save himself, or is the end of his odyssey written before his journey even begins?

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Editorial Reviews: Two Readers’ Favorite reviewers gave Guy’s Odyssey 5/5 Stars!

“Rich in imagery and the surreal experience of modern war, Guy’s Odyssey is one of the best novels I have read about the experience of American soldiers in Iraq.” – Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

“Haunting. A chilling and captivating novel.” -Neil A White for Readers’ Favorite

Seth Bleuer

Author Bio

Seth Bleuer is an author and veteran who served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently lives near Seattle, Washington with his wife and kids, by way of the Midwest. When he’s not reading or writing he can be found playing in the mud at obstacle races with his wife, Amanda. To see what Seth is up to check out his very originally named website find him on Facebook.

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I would like to thank Toni at Polished Pages Editing and The Book Nymph for the opportunity to share about this book.

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The Territory of Lies by Ciana Stone

A tale that could have been ripped from the pages of current events. It will have you hanging on every word, afraid to find out what happens next yet eager to turn the page.”

– Candid Book Reviews

Falling in love is supposed to be the most wonderful time of your life.

That’s not how it is working for psychiatrist Sydney Forrest. She finds herself smack in the middle of a conspiracy surrounding a terrorist attack.

The FBI are confiscating her patient files, she’s under surveillance, and there’s someone out there who wants to do more than ruin her career.

She’s walking in the territory of lies and unsure what is waiting around the next turn.

Falling in love is taking a back seat…To staying alive.

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 Ciana Stone

Author’s Bio

Ciana Stone has been reading since the age of three, and wrote her first story at age five. Since then she enjoyed writing as a solitary form of entertainment, before coming out of the closet to share her stories with others. She holds several post graduate degrees and has often been referred to as a professional student. Her latest fields of interest are quantum mechanics and Taoism. When she is not writing (or studying) she enjoys painting (canvas, not walls), sculpting, running, hiking and yoga. She lives with her longtime lover in several locations in the United States.

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My Review

5 stars

Sydney Forrest is a psychiatrist and the daughter of Senator Jack Forrest. Sydney has another Senator for a client that is afraid that someone is out to get him. It seems he made a deal with the devil several years earlier when he was up for re-election and the people that helped him need his help in return and want to keep him silent on the whole situation. And to keep him silent, they have to make sure he has not spoken to anyone, including his psychiatrist. Sydney finds her parents and herself in trouble. How is she supposed to find love with all of this happening and how does she feel about another man trying to catcher her eye when it seems she is walking the knife’s edge of trouble.

Sydney has gone through a divorce and not ready for a serious relationship. But it seems her boyfriend wants more from her. She also has a client that is very upset. It seems his past dealings are going to drag Sydney and her parents down with him. It’s hard to trust anyone when it seems everyone is out for themselves.

I really enjoyed this story. Sydney is a great character and I loved following along with her. I’m not really a huge fan of many political stories but I was pleasantly surprised with this story. I really wanted to find out what was happening. This is the first book Ciana Stone’s that I have read and will be looking out for other books. This was a great romantic thriller.

I received The Territory of Lies from Candid Book Reviews for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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A Deadly Game


A Deadly Game by Joanna Griffiths

Kate Palmer, an undergraduate student, discovers that she is pregnant and makes the decision to drop out of university. However, on the evening before she returns home, her body is discovered in Aston park. She is the first victim of several murders that will rock the city of Birmingham.

Detective Sergeant James “Jim” Wardell, who has his own issues to contend with, is given the case.

When Eddie Carter, a popular talk show host on Birmingham’s Radio Station, is contacted by someone claiming to be the killer, it is the start of a cat and mouse game between a deranged killer and the police.

After a second body is discovered the pressure mounts on the police to capture the man responsible.

Who is killing these women and why?

Can Jim capture the twisted killer before more innocent women are murdered?

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Author’s Bio

I was hooked on crime fiction after reading an Agatha Christie novel when I was a teenager. I loved the way the story unfolded, trying to work out the plot before the reveal.

Since reading that first book, my dream of becoming a writer would often take centre stage over the years and I would spend some time working on my manuscript before the idea was shelved again.

Time was often a factor. As a single parent with two young children, I returned to studying, completing a BSc (Hons) with the Open University. After graduating, I worked with SEN children who were at risk of exclusion from main stream school due to behavioural problems. I then spent several years with children outside of the school system, which kept me busy.

Following a serious health issue in 2014 though, I began to focus on what I still wanted to achieve and the desire to become a writer featured highly again. Dusting off my manuscript, I finally finished A Deadly Game and I am currently working on my second novel.

If I’m not writing, I enjoy reading and always have a book on the go. I also enjoy watching many of the police / detective / thriller series on television, still trying to work out the plot before the story’s conclusion.

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My Review

4 stars

Kate Palmer is a college kid that becomes pregnant. She decides to drop out and return home to her parents but never makes it. Instead her body is discovered in a park. She is to become the first of several victims to a serial killer that enjoys his game of cat and mouse with Detective Jim Wardell and the police.

This story grabs you from the start and sucks you in. This story is told from several perspectives. You have the killer that is horribly abusive to his wife. He has a new game and loves playing it with the girls. He really enjoys taunting the police too. He is someone that you will wait breathlessly for his demise.

You see the heartbreak the families go through with the deaths of the girls. There were several parts that I was in tears for them. I don’t wish the loss of a loved one like this on any family. But then you have Jim Wardell. He is a great detective and wants to stop the killer. He truly cares for the families and hates having to be the one to bring this darkness upon them.

This is an edge of your seat thriller that will have you cheering for the police and wanting the serial killers to get his own. This is the first book of Joanna Griffiths that I have read and I was completely blown away. She is an amazing author and I can’t wait to see what she is going to come up with next.

I received A Deadly Game from Bloodhound Books for free. This has had no influence on my review.

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