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AM13Outbreak Series Book 3
bySamie Sands
Writing books about the horrors of the zombie apocalypse is one thing—but Georgie Blake can’t believe it has become her reality…
She never expected her fictional stories of blood, death, and the consumption of human flesh to jump off the page into the real world.She certainly didn’t think she’d survive this long if they had.As a shy novelist, she was sure she’d be one of the first to die.
Safe in the Sanctuary, Georgie holds on to hope for a cure…
But that’s not all she holds on to. The government has promised the people of the Sanctuary that they can return home. The rumours are rife that there is an antidote on the horizon. But even if not, the infected are dying out, throwing the treacherous AM13 virus to thebrink of extinction. If the infection dies out, this horrible nightmare Georgie is living in will be a distant memory.
Until everything that’s right goes terribly wrong…
Soonafter meeting some new friends in the Sanctuary, Georgie learns she’s going to have to face the monsters outside the walls if she wants to return to her old life. But for a scared, introverted bookworm, it may be too much to consider…
WillGeorgina conquer her fears of the dead to return home, or will she beone of the countless others who have gone Extinct?

My Review

5 stars

Georgie Blake is a 27 year old novelist that write about zombies. Ironic that she should find herself on the island sanctuary in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Georgie and the rest of the survivors are told that there is a cure and that they will be returning home soon. But she learns quickly that they have been lied to as she runs for her life. Georgie and anther survivor come into possession of Dr. Jones’ journal and zombie cure and they plan on taking it to someone else that has been working on a cure too. But Georgie has had issues with people in in the past, how will she survive those she travels with.Georgie is essential a shut in author that is out of her element on this supposedly safe island. But it is clear that there is nothing really setup for the survivors and it’s not really as safe as everyone thinks. Luckily she finds a possible cure to the zombies but the road to someone who could use it is long and full of danger. Georgie is not your typical zombie apocalypse hero but she is a great character.

This is the last book in the series and I’m heartbroken. I know all things must come to an end but I didn’t want to leave this world. Many questions that have been brought up in the previous books have been answered but there are a couple that are left open. This is an amazing series and one that I strongly recommend.

AM13 Outbreak SeriesBook 2
Every attempt to contain the deadly AM13 virus has failed, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction…
The plague is spreading out of control with no cure in sight. Then the government announces its new plan—a sanctuary in an area completely untouched by the infected—as long as you can get there alive andunscathed.
Ethan Watton has managed to survive this long, even with OCD making everyday more hellish than it already is…
Ethan’s obsessive-compulsive disorder dramatically affected his life before the infection began. Now he’s desperate to get as far away from the zombie virus as humanly possible. Isolated and afraid, Ethan thinks there is no way in hell he will survive the epidemic.
Alyssa Turner has spent her teenage years prepping for the undead to challenge her zombie killing skills…
Alyssa knows with absolute certainty that she will survive the AM13 virus.She’s read all the books, watched all the films, and done all the research. She’s strong, tough, and a self-proclaimed badass. Any group would be lucky to fight alongside her…until the unthinkable makes her doubt every skill she’s acquired.
Dr.Jones is a scientist who doesn’t understand why he was selected to produce a cure…
Surely there are survivors more experienced in virology than he is. And what will happen to him—and the rest of the species—if he fails? Is the fate of the human race really resting on his shoulders? Or are there others working toward the same goal?
With the zombies multiplying and survivors struggling to make it to the sanctuary, Ethan, Alyssa, and Dr. Jones fight to fulfill their destinies. If they fail, their fate is sealed, and they will join the millions of others who have been…

My Review

5 stars

The lockdown has failed. But the government thinks they have a zombie free zone that if you can make it to the location you can live there. We will follow three people as they try and navigate this new world they find themselves in. First there is Ethan Watton who suffers from OCD. This guy was so focused on being a victim of AM13 that it’s hard to imagine how he is going to make it through the city let alone get to the safe zone.

Then there is Alyssa Turner. She is a teenage girl that has watched every zombie, read all the books, and is excited to use her zombie killing skills. Finally we have Dr. Jones. The doctor has been selected to find a cure and is worried about his family.

It was interesting following the different characters through the story. I felt sorry for Ethan trying to fight with his OCD. Then there are other times that he would irritate the heck out of me and I was wishing a zombie would finish his and my suffering.

Alyssa thinks she has this zombie survival down but there are many factors that she has never considered on her own and with a group of people. I liked her because she was a strong character and willing to fight. But survival is not always about fighting.

Finally there is Dr. Jones. His family and other survivors are sent off to a safe zone but he is left behind to find a cure. He is stuck around those infected but when things turn bad he starts reflecting on himself. But then he discovers a unique zombie and has a breakthrough.

There is a lot going on in this book. Not everything is as it initially seems and you are going to find those that are willing to help others and those that are out for themselves. Of course you are going to have this amazing twist at the end that it going to blow everything out of the water.

I loved this book and can’t wait to get into Extinct. The AM13 Outbreak is an amazing zombie series that I strongly recommend.

AM13 Series Book 1
Leah Watton’s practical joke has spiralled way out of control—all to impress a crush…
With a prank online video, Leah hopes to catch the attention of Jake Colton, a cute, blond-haired, blue-eyed co-worker she’s had a crush on for months. But instead of sending it to Jake, she manages to forward the clip to her boss—who buys every gory second.
When mass panic ensues, Leah learns the video is more than a staged act…
The government is calling the virus AM13. As the outbreak spreads,citizens are forced to stay indoors while they assess the gravity of the illness. Most people are quarantined in their homes, but Leah,Jake, and Leah’s best friend Michelle are some of the unlucky few who are stuck at work when the Lockdown occurs.
That’s where she first encounters one of the infected…
Aside from a contaminated woman devouring one of her co-workers, Leah has another problem. Does she do as she’s ordered and stay at work? Or should she disobey government orders and break free to reunite with her family?
She can’t go it alone—after all, Leah has none of the skills needed to survive—but with Michelle and Jake by her side, not even a contagious virus and a sea of the dead can keep her from…
Breakingout of the Lockdown…

My Reivew

5 stars

Leah Watton is crushing hard on Jake, the office practical joker. She decides to fake a zombie report and email it to him. Unfortunately she also includes her boss on the email and he decides to run it as news. Leah freaks out and is afraid that she is going to lose her job and apartment and half to move back in with her mom and dad. But then the English government announces a lockdown to protect people from those infected with AM13. But after a couple days Leah, Jake, and Michelle can’t stand being locked up at work and make a break for it. Of course that it when things go to hell.

There are two things that stand out to me with this book. The first one is how you start a couple weeks before the actual breakout of the zombie virus. You don’t usually get that much before the outbreak and I think it added to this story. It also made the story feel more real with your everyday people and not some bad ass super Hollywood actor, Marine, etc. On the bad side this made the beginning of the book really drawn out.

Leah reminds me of most people today. The only thing that really matters to them is their own little bubble. She is fretting about losing her job over this video she shared and her feelings towards Jake. But then the apocalypse happens and here she is, so worried about herself and her looks and Jake that she should have bit the big one several times if Jake didn’t save her. Annoying as she was, she is very realistic and what many people would do if they faced the same situation.

I loved the originality of this story. Although the story was slow in the beginning it did pick up pace and will leave you with one heck of an ending. I did not expect that one. I really liked this story and I’m so glad that I have the other two books, Forgotten and Extinct to jump into right away.

Samie Sands is a 28 year old freelance graphic designer who has recently decided to follow her lifelong dream and use her creativity in a new way by writing.
She has a degree in Media Studies and PR and has already had articles published in a number of e-zines, including one of the most popular pieces at Zombie Guide Magazine. She has also had short stories included in a number of successful projects.
She livesin a small seaside town in the UK, but loves to travel to gaininspiration from new places and different cultures.
Followthe tour HEREfor exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

I received all three books in the AM13 Outbreak series from Silver Dagger Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of these books.

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Dark Signal


Dark Signal (Kate Fox – 2) by Shannon Baker

Reeling from her recent divorce, Kate Fox has just been sworn in as Grand County, Nebraska Sheriff when tragedy strikes. A railroad accident has left engineer Chad Mills dead, his conductor Bobby Jenkins in shock. Kate soon realizes that the accident was likely murder.

Who would want to kill Chad Mills? Kate finds that he made a few enemies as president of the railroad workers union. Meanwhile his widow is behaving oddly. And why was his neighbor Josh Stevens at the Mills house on the night of the accident?

While her loud and meddling family conspires to help Kate past her divorce, State Patrol Officer Trey closes in on Josh Stevens as the suspect. Kate doesn’t believe it. She may not have the experience, but she’s lived in the Sandhills her whole life, and knows the land and the people. Something doesn’t add up―and Kate must find the real killer before he can strike again.

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 Shannon Baker

Author’s Bio

Shannon Baker is the author of the Nora Abbott mystery series from Midnight Ink. A fast-paced mix of Hopi Indian mysticism, environmental issues, and murder. Shannon is an itinerant writer, which is a nice way of saying she’s confused. She never knows what time zone she’s in, Timbuck-Three, Nebraska, Denver, or Tucson. Nora Abbott has picked up that location schizophrenia and travels from Flagstaff in Tainted Mountain, to Boulder in Broken Trust and then to Moab in Tattered Legacy. Shannon is proud to have been chosen Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ 2014 Writer of the Year.


My Review

5 stars

Kate Fox has just been sworn in as sheriff of Grand County, Nebraska. But a railroad accident is going to throw her head first into a job that some feel she can’t do since it’s a man’s job. Kate is not going to let that stop her from investigating. The death is questionable since it seem Chris Mills has made some enemies at work, his wife is acting strange, and his neighbor Josh Stevens was at Chris’ house the night of the murder. This is starting to look like a murder.

Kate has recently gone through a divorce so it seems everyone is trying to coddle her which is irritating the heck out of her. She may be a woman but she is not one of those floo floo girls. She has a job and is determined to prove she is more than competent to handle it. And when it is looking like an obvious suspect she listens to her gut and keeps digging.

I admit that I have not read the first book in this series, Stripped Bare but I had no problem jumping into this story. I loved Kate, she was so strong and determined to not let people tell her she can’t do something. It was a great mystery and I didn’t know who the killer was until the end. I will definitely be going back and catching up on what I have missed so far.

I received Dark Signal from Sami at Roger Charlie and Netgalley for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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An Honest Day’s Work


An Honest Day’s Work by Brent Jones

Why is the right thing to do seldom the easy thing?

And are we, as people, as compassionate as we’d like to believe?

Jim Cooke, a baker, lends a helping hand to a homeless Vietnam veteran passing through the small town of Wakefield. But he soon discovers his good deed will test both his faith and compassion.

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 Brent  Jones

Author’s Bio

From bad checks to bathroom graffiti, Brent Jones has always been drawn to writing. He won a national creative writing competition at the age of fourteen, although he can’t recall what the story was about. Seventeen years later, he gave up his freelance career as a social media manager to pursue creative writing full-time. Fender and The Fifteenth of June are his first two novels.

Jones writes from his home in Fort Erie, Canada. He’s happily married, a bearded cyclist, a mediocre guitarist, (sometimes) vegetarian, and the proud owner of two dogs with a God complex.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

5 stars

Jim Cooke is a baker that has his own business for 30 years in a little town. One day a homeless man comes in and asks to use the bathroom. While this is going on, a regular customer of Jim, Todd, throws a fit about Jim’s behavior. Jim then offers the homeless man, Bob some food. Bob wants to work off the food and Jim gives him some flyers to hand out. The next day Todd throws a huge fit when he learns about this and demands that he wants free food for handing out flyers too.

Jim has a good heart and wants to help out Bob but of course Todd thinks he knows more than Jim. Todd’s horrible attitude towards Bob leads to a problem arising and Jim having to make a tough decision.

This is a great short story. It’s quick and to the point about not judging a book by its cover and how everyone is a person and deserves to be treated that way. It was a great yet sad ending too. This short story has a strong message that a lot of people should read.

I received An Honest Day’s Work from Amazon and the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Strange Lands


Strange Lands (Heroes of Distant Planets – 1) by Anderson Atlas

Ripped from his wheelchair by a massive flash flood, Allan drags himself through dense forest only to find himself surrounded by strange and ruthless creatures who are not from Earth. Allan can’t run away and has no means to defend himself. Instinct overcomes his terror and his cleverness blossoms, which is all he needs to survive the dark jungles, poisonous plants, Shadic hunters and the vile slave trader Killian Crow.

Follow Allan’s path of self-discovery, and watch him take back what he’s lost. Surviving the Improbable Quest is a spine tingling adventure, with exciting twists & turns. A perfect and inspiring read for 10 and up.

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Anderson Atlas 

Author’s Bio

I live in the hot Sonoran Desert among scaled survivors, steely eye hawks and majestic saguaros.

I’m inspired by crowded malls, streams that barely trickle, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges. The clacking of keys can be heard throughout my home late at night and I’m always drawing, inking or painting.

To date, I’ve written 4 books and illustrated a handful more, and I’ve only begun to speak.


My Review

5 stars

Allan Westerfield’s day goes from bad to worse when the principal tells him that his math score disqualifies him from competing in the state swim meet but if Allan wins he will not say anything. Then Allan wins the swim meet yet his math teacher explains how he can’t compete and Allan is disqualified. On the way home, Allan’s parents are clearly upset with him. They are arguing when they are in a car accident. Allan wakes up to learn that his parents died in the accident and he is now a paraplegic.

Allan is resentful of the situation and refuses to talk to anyone, even his uncle Rubic his caregiver. Rubic is trying his best but it’s clear that both need a break so he sets up a fishing trip for Allan and himself. But a sudden flood has the trip taking a dangerous turn and it is up to Allan to get help for his trapped uncle. But on the way Allan notices strange creatures and finds himself about to be a slave and completing a quest.

I really enjoyed this story. Allan just wants to have an adventure and is not ready to apply himself to school. Then when he loses his parents you can completely understand how he is resentful about the whole situation. He really needed the retreat and the subsequent adventure to kick him in gear. I loved watching him grow stronger as the story went on. Although Allan was difficult at the start I can to care for him at the end.

This is a great story and the first in a series. I can’t wait to see what Anderson Atlas come up with next.

I received Strange Lands from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Date Published: February 2017
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Former Marine sniper Sam Asher enjoys his casual civilian life. He’s content with his mundane job, steady girlfriend, and halfway decent apartment, until tragedy strikes too close to home, in a manner that appears to be related to a nationwide epidemic of creepy clown sightings.
Bent on vengeance, Sam hits the road to track down a deranged killer. Accompanied by his brother Jake, and pursued by an overly ambitious Homeland Security Agent, Sam will need to use every resource, every skill, and every friend he’s ever had to find the madman.
As the “clown crisis” ramps up, receiving constant coverage from the media and keeping regular folks hiding in their homes, a rash of murders takes Sam halfway across the country on his quest for justice. The battle-tested Marine will be sucked into a vortex of madness at the hands of a psychopath, engaging in a battle of will and wits that will test his heart, mind and loyalty.
About the Author

Alex Jameson is a regular guy who happens to love scaring his audience and inspiring nightmares. His fantastic debut novel, Clown Moon, has been followed by a darkly humorous series, The 100 Deaths of Lucas Graves.
Contact Links
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$.99 Sale through September 30th.
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Song Breaker


Song Breaker by Annette Lyon

To Aino, the idea of spending her life warming the bed of a wrinkled old wizard—especially when it means life without her secretly betrothed love—is horrifying. When her brother Jouko foolishly duels Vane, the greatest wizard ever known, he finds himself on the verge of death and saves himself only by promising his sister as the old man’s trophy.

Furious, Aino refuses to be forced into marrying anyone. But with only two days until the wizard comes for her, she must find a way to break the curse, or she’ll end up his prisoner. She uncovers a possible solution, but while it may technically free her from the old man, her escape may mean exchanging one kind of prison for another.

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads


Author’s Bio

Annette Lyon is a USA Today bestselling author, a 4-time recipient of Utah’s Best in State medal for fiction (twice for novel-length works and twice for short fiction), and a Whitney Award winner for BAND OF SISTERS. She’s the author of over a dozen novels, at least that many novellas, a cookbook, a popular grammar guide, and over a hundred magazine articles.

She’s a founder and regular contributor of the Timeless Romance Anthologies line of sweet romance stories, which she served as editor for its first three years. She’s also one of the four co-authors of The Newport Ladies Book Club series. She graduated cum laude from BYU with a degree in English.

Annette is represented by Heather Karpas at ICM Partners.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

4 stars

This story is based on Finnish mythology. Singers are essentially wizards that use song for healing and such. Vane is an old, powerful singer. He comes to town looking for a tool and is smitten with Aion but Aion is not about to be stuck with this old man when she has a young man of her own that loves her dearly and plans on marrying her the next year.

Jouko, Aion’s brother, is a singer too but is young and hot headed. Jouko decides to duel Vane and quickly finds himself in trouble. To dodge the bullet he offers Aion’s hand in marriage. Of course Aion is going to do whatever it takes to avoid being married to Vane no matter what the consequences are.

This was an interesting story. I would really like to see how it compares to the original myth. I liked Aion and how she was going to follow her heart no matter what. I would have loved to strangle Jouko but he did learn his lesson from the whole situation and ended up becoming a better person.

This is an enjoyable story and one that I think most will like. This is my first book of Annette Lyon’s and I will be keeping my eye out for other books from her.

I received Song Breaker from eBooks for Review for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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The Devils You Know


The Devils You Know by MC Atwood

Plenty of legends surround the infamous Boulder House in Whispering Bluffs, Wisconsin, but nobody takes them seriously. Certainly nobody believes that the original owner, Maxwell Cartwright Jr., cursed its construction—or that a murder of crows died upon its completion, their carcasses turning the land black. If anyone did believe it all, there’s no way River Red High would offer a field trip there for the senior class.

Five very different seniors on the trip—Violet, Paul, Ashley, Dylan, and Gretchen—have reasons beyond school spirit for not ditching the trip. When they’re separated from the group, they discover that what lies within Boulder House is far more horrifying than any local folklore. To survive, they’ll have to band together in ways they never could have imagined and ultimately confront the truths of their darkest selves.

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Praise for The Devils You Know

The Devils You Know is a must-read for fans of adventure horror. With plenty of creep and plenty of humor, plus some wicked origin lore, Atwood has crafted the perfect demonic fun-house ride. When can I go again?”

—Kendare Blake, New York Times bestselling author of Three Dark Crowns


“Creepy dolls? Check. Shameful secrets? Check. A sinister old house with a mind of its own? Check. I could keep listing The Devils You Know‘s enticing attributes all day long—ooh, can’t forget suspense, compassion, and deliciously wicked humor—but at some point you’ll just have to ignore me, pick up the book, and start reading. And once you do? Ha! Atwood’s got you. You’re trapped; you can’t escape. Or, I should say, you won’t want to.”

—Christine Heppermann, author of Poisoned Apples and Ask Me How I Got Here


“With The Devils You Know, M.C. Atwood proves to be a master at plotting insidious twists and turns—a Breakfast Club horror for the 21st century, albeit one best savored during daylight hours.”

—S.A. Bodeen, author of The Garden and The Compound


Author’s Bio

M.C. Atwood is a creative writing professor at Rowan University in New Jersey. She has been an active member of the kidlit community since 2000, speaking at conferences, leading writing workshops, and emceeing events whenever she can. She is a bona fide cat addict and a lover of all things horror. The Devils You Know is her first novel.


My Review

3 stars

The Boulder House in Whispering Bluffs, Wisconsin has a history of bad things, a curse, a death of a ton of crows, and many other creepy factors. But no one really believes them this why we find a bunch of teenagers on a field trip to the house to check out all the historical items that have been collected in it. This is the story of Violet, Paul, Ashley, Dylan, and Gretchen, all are teenagers from the different clicks in school that find themselves fighting together to keep from becoming one of the collections in the house.

You have five teenagers that are almost complete opposites with their own secrets and selfish desires. On the field trip they find themselves being targeted by the house and have to run for their lives. Like typical teenagers they are very drawn into themselves and their lives, what teenager is not, along with how popular they are and what others think of them. So, there were a couple I enjoyed reading about and others that drove me up the wall. But their interactions for the most part felt pretty basic for a horror story.

Now the story was pretty good but it seemed all the kids did was run and run and run some more. There were some startling spots but nothing that really scared the pants off me. This is a first book from MC Atwood and I think it was a good start. There is room for improvement and I will be keeping my eye out for future books from her.

I received The Devils You Know from Soho Press for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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