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Science Fiction, Dystopian
Date Published: September 19, 2017
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When the unearthing of the Ark of the Covenant results in the discovery of the bones of an angel, a government program seeks out descendants of the divine being. Scientists confirm the existence of Nephilim, descendants of the Divine Bloodline who exhibit unique supernatural abilities. These individuals soon find themselves at odds with society.
Sisters Piper and Wren knew they were different, but after the discovery, the two have evidence to explain their maturing abilities. But the government has the power to condemn and crucify Nephilim, locking them into ADAM compounds across the globe. The sisters are next, and Piper and Wren will need to act quickly to avoid being captured. In order to survive the two must embrace the stigma and master the very gifts that God has bestowed (or cursed) upon them.
Mysterious forces who have been plotting these events for decades shift the balance of power, and soon all parties involved will need to pick a side.
About the Author

Ryder Lyne was born and raised in the Grand Canyon State and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Her state has influenced many of her literary works including ADAM.
She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, golf, and spending quality time with her husband, two shiba inus, and immediate family members. Ryder played collegiate golf and lived in the woods for several months in an extreme survival bootcamp. All of these things and so much more have influenced her writing.
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Love is Death

Love Is Death
The Afterdeath Book 1
by L.P. Masters
Genre: YA Paranormal
Gina’s plan for her afterlife is simple: survive as long as possible. The
afterlife is a ghost-kill-ghost kind of place. When she meets
newly-dead Alec, she can’t help her desire to protect him. Before
she knows it, she finds herself falling for him, despite the little
voice in her head telling her it’s a bad idea. Alec’s goals don’t
mesh well with Gina’s plans. Determined to save his living sister
from a murderer, he’s willing to disobey the laws of a
well-established cult in the afterlife. If the cult finds out,
they’ll kill him. Again. He’s hesitant to accept Gina’s help
and threaten her afterlife, but he’s guaranteed to fail without
her. Together they embark on a perilous mission, but the most
dangerous aspect of all is the threat of falling in love. Because in
the afterlife… love is death.

 My Review

5 stars

The afterlife is just as perilous as real life and Gina knows this first hand, she does carry a sword to protect herself. But one day she witnesses Alec going to be killed because of his senator father. She interacts with the living even though this is a big no no and gets her in trouble with the Adies, those that ensure the dead do not interfere with the living.

But this didn’t help Alec and he ends up dying anyways. Of course he is trying to look out for his sister and needs Gina’s help. But she knows both of them are going to be in trouble and starts a race against time to help Alec’s sister and save Alec and herself.

This is a great story on the afterlife. We all have our beliefs but what happens if it is just another fight for survival? Gina knows that she is safe in her graveyard but she can’t help by try to save Alec. Or course he ends up dying anyways and they start a little romance. But there is no time to start a relationship when Alec is trying to save Ellie and Gina is trying to keep them safe.

It was so easy to get into this book that it was hard to put it down at night. It’s a great story and a scary and well created world. This is the first book in the series and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

I received Love is Death from Silver Dagger Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

Born and raised in the rainy streets of the Seattle Area, L.P. Masters
spent her fair share of time staring out rain-streaked windows and
writing books. Masters has always had extremely vivid dreams, which
often spark inspiration for her novels. In 1999, after one such
dream, Masters began her first writing project. She has participated
in National Novel Writer’s Month every November since 2010. Writing
isn’t the only thing she can do with a pen in her hand, she also
enjoys sketching and drawing—with varying degrees of success.
Masters now lives in the slightly-less-dreary city of Spokane
Washington with her husband and two wonderful daughters.
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