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Date Published: February 2017
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Former Marine sniper Sam Asher enjoys his casual civilian life. He’s content with his mundane job, steady girlfriend, and halfway decent apartment, until tragedy strikes too close to home, in a manner that appears to be related to a nationwide epidemic of creepy clown sightings.
Bent on vengeance, Sam hits the road to track down a deranged killer. Accompanied by his brother Jake, and pursued by an overly ambitious Homeland Security Agent, Sam will need to use every resource, every skill, and every friend he’s ever had to find the madman.
As the “clown crisis” ramps up, receiving constant coverage from the media and keeping regular folks hiding in their homes, a rash of murders takes Sam halfway across the country on his quest for justice. The battle-tested Marine will be sucked into a vortex of madness at the hands of a psychopath, engaging in a battle of will and wits that will test his heart, mind and loyalty.
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Alex Jameson is a regular guy who happens to love scaring his audience and inspiring nightmares. His fantastic debut novel, Clown Moon, has been followed by a darkly humorous series, The 100 Deaths of Lucas Graves.
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Song Breaker


Song Breaker by Annette Lyon

To Aino, the idea of spending her life warming the bed of a wrinkled old wizard—especially when it means life without her secretly betrothed love—is horrifying. When her brother Jouko foolishly duels Vane, the greatest wizard ever known, he finds himself on the verge of death and saves himself only by promising his sister as the old man’s trophy.

Furious, Aino refuses to be forced into marrying anyone. But with only two days until the wizard comes for her, she must find a way to break the curse, or she’ll end up his prisoner. She uncovers a possible solution, but while it may technically free her from the old man, her escape may mean exchanging one kind of prison for another.

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Author’s Bio

Annette Lyon is a USA Today bestselling author, a 4-time recipient of Utah’s Best in State medal for fiction (twice for novel-length works and twice for short fiction), and a Whitney Award winner for BAND OF SISTERS. She’s the author of over a dozen novels, at least that many novellas, a cookbook, a popular grammar guide, and over a hundred magazine articles.

She’s a founder and regular contributor of the Timeless Romance Anthologies line of sweet romance stories, which she served as editor for its first three years. She’s also one of the four co-authors of The Newport Ladies Book Club series. She graduated cum laude from BYU with a degree in English.

Annette is represented by Heather Karpas at ICM Partners.

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My Review

4 stars

This story is based on Finnish mythology. Singers are essentially wizards that use song for healing and such. Vane is an old, powerful singer. He comes to town looking for a tool and is smitten with Aion but Aion is not about to be stuck with this old man when she has a young man of her own that loves her dearly and plans on marrying her the next year.

Jouko, Aion’s brother, is a singer too but is young and hot headed. Jouko decides to duel Vane and quickly finds himself in trouble. To dodge the bullet he offers Aion’s hand in marriage. Of course Aion is going to do whatever it takes to avoid being married to Vane no matter what the consequences are.

This was an interesting story. I would really like to see how it compares to the original myth. I liked Aion and how she was going to follow her heart no matter what. I would have loved to strangle Jouko but he did learn his lesson from the whole situation and ended up becoming a better person.

This is an enjoyable story and one that I think most will like. This is my first book of Annette Lyon’s and I will be keeping my eye out for other books from her.

I received Song Breaker from eBooks for Review for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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