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by Brian James
Genre: Urban Fantasy
The Viking gods have been banished from Asgard by Odin. Today they make
the best of life on Earth. Thor is a professional athlete, Freya a
prostitute, and Loki sells cheap products on QVC. Lurking in the
background of their lives is a prophecy; one that declares that their
time is at an end. Ragnarok is about to throw the gods into a state
of civil war and the one who controls the hammer of Thor may be able
to change the arc of destiny.

  My Review

5 stars

The gods have passed through memory and are surviving in professions based on their characters. Thor is a professional athlete with his strength and desire to be worshiped. Freya is a high paid escort and living on goodies from sex. Then you have Loki who is selling crap on QVC, enough said. Seeing these high beings reduced to the common man is quite funny. Oh how the mighty has fallen.

But there is a prophecy that will give them the chance to change their destinies, if they are willing to fight for it. And although Odin banished them from Asgard, it looks like they may be returning home.

I love the story being called Mjolnir, the name of Thor’s hammer which I’m sure everyone knows that name besides me. I love the humor, action, mythology, and unexpected twists. This is a great story that I think anyone that has a sense of humor and loves mythology will dig right into.

If you read American Gods or just saw the first season on television and want more, be sure to check out this book. It adds more depth to the gods you get a hint at in the book/television show.

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Brian was also responsible for celebrity and player interviews.

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 I received Mjolnir from Silver Dagger Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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