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Tahoe Payback


Tahoe Payback (Owen McKenna – 15) by Todd Borg

The First Body Is Found On Lake Tahoe’s Only Island

When a man tells Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna that his girlfriend disappeared, McKenna wonders if the woman got cold feet and ran away. But when she turns up murdered on Fannette Island with red roses in her mouth, McKenna discovers that she used a scam charity to steal millions.

More Bodies Follow

A second victim is found with a tennis ball crammed into his mouth. A third has military medals in his cheeks. McKenna suspects that these victims also ran fraudulent charities.

McKenna’s Own Girlfriend Fears Attack

While McKenna investigates the murders, his girlfriend Street Casey has reason to believe that her ex-con father, who’s jumped parole, wants revenge for her testimony that put in him in prison decades ago.

A Twisted Killer Plans A Devastating Climax

It appears that the victims are all payback targets of a vigilante killer. McKenna finds lots of potential suspects. But he can’t link any of them to the crimes. What he doesn’t know is that both he and his girlfriend are about to face someone who wants them very dead…

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Todd Borg 

Author’s Bio

Todd Borg and his wife moved from Minnesota to Lake Tahoe in 1990. After his fourth Tahoe novel, he sold his business to write full time.

In addition to winning the Ben Franklin Award for Best Mystery of the Year, Todd Borg’s Owen McKenna mysteries have been chosen for Top 5 Mystery lists by the prestigious Library Journal, and by Mystery News Reviewer G. Wedgwood. He’s won Best Mystery and Best Thriller honors from the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and received Best New Fiction accolades from libraries. His novels have also received starred reviews and raves in major trade journals and newspapers across the country.

Todd Borg and his wife live on Lake Tahoe’s South Shore.

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My Review

5 stars

Owen McKenna is asked to look into the disappearance of Douglas Fairbanks female friend, Isadore. She is found but she has been hung upside down, exposed to a cold storm, and had three roses shoved into her mouth and through her cheek. Sounds strange until Owen starts looking into her. It seems she was involved in charities. Owen starts looking into how many people have learned to work the system to profit from the donations to their charities.

But this is not a one-time kill. Another charity owner is found hung from a flag pole with a tennis ball in his mouth. Then another off a train that stops in Truckee with a medal in his cheek. Someone is hunting down those that have been ripping donors off for years. It’s up to Owen to find the killer before more charity owners get strung up.

Owen gets a crash course in charities, how they work, and how easy it is to use then to scam millions from people. It’s scary to think that this actually happens in real life. I can completely relate to the killer and don’t blame him but then again you can’t have people doing random killings.

Other part to this story is about Street. I love this woman, she has gone through hell and has become such a strong, independent woman. I love how Owen works with her with valid self-defense techniques. He loves her enough to give her the space she wants.

You can’t go wrong with a Todd Borg story. You will be one your toes guessing and who the killer is and you will learn more than just a customary glance at the topic of the stories. For Tahoe Payback it was charities. I have to say that I am now more hesitant to donate to charities now.

I received Tahoe Payback from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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A Journey Within

Journey Within by J. Mitchel Baker
Journey Within by J. Mitchel Baker

Publisher: Artistic Origins (April 30, 2017)
Category: Memoir, Adventure, Inspirational
Tour dates: Oct-Nov, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-940385-05-1
Available in Print & ebook, 181 pages

The true story of a simple man who has spent his life working amidst the quiet embrace of nature and her animals. Despite the happy normalcy, his soul calls out to him through a series of visions urging him to search for the higher design in his life. His inner voice beckons him out into the wilderness, away from all that he knows and understands, to find the higher meaning of himself.

After nearly a decade of stubborn denial, he removes his self-imposed blindfolds to embark on what is to become his personal journey into the unknown.What he finds will forever change his life.

Instead of meaning, he finds a tempest. Finding courage through his animals he forges onward in search of his own truth.  Is there a greater universal design for each of us? Or is there only chaos and confusion? Your answer lies within, if only you dare to take the journey.

 A Journey Within highlights the duality between both the physical and the spiritual.  It carries a message of courage and inspiration to connect with life and the inner-self, taking the road less traveled, and living authentically.

Praise Journey Within by J. Mitchel Baker

“A good book. A REALLY good book. The author has a way with words. He has you thinking you are right there with him. I enjoyed the adventure Mr. Baker. Thank you!  It reminded me somewhat of “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. It all goes back to, or starts with, “Why do bad things happen to Good People”? I’ve been trying to figure that out myself. I’ve read so many books in an effort to find an answer that I agree with. Some ideas make sense, some do not. I truly hope Mr. Bakers’ journey (s) help him find the answer.”-Kindle Customer

About J. Mitchel BakerJourney Within by J. Mitchel Baker

Mitchel Baker is a graduate of Texas A&M University, living in San Antonio with his family. He has dedicated his life to ranching and managing natural resources, and continues to be a student of all things visceral. He is currently working on his sequel to A Journey Within as he stumbles awkwardly toward a higher consciousness.

Website: www.jmitchelbaker.com

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My Review

5 stars

Mitchel Baker has chosen the life of a farmer. To work with his hands to bring crops from the ground and animals into this world. He has a connection to the world with this line of work. He has had wonderful moments and heart breaking ones. But this just makes him a better man. He has had visions and touched animals. This has led him to the adventure that he is on. He has felt a pull drawing him into the wilderness. He teams up with his friend Glynn and they pick a route to go on a long ride. This story is about what he learned on that trip and beyond.

I really enjoyed this book. From the spiritual connection to the land and the animals, I was drawn in from the start. I loved with little stories from the good to the bad. There is so much more to this world than just what we see. I loved the connection Baker had to the animals. I grew up on a small farm so I can relate to what he is talking about.

I loved the idea of going on the 113 mile ride. But even better was the challenges they both faced and how it help shape them. The journey has some serious challenges but they both come away as better men. Although they had several physical challenges the truly wonderful part of this story was how these affect both men spiritually.

For a first book I am in love. I can’t wait to read the next book Baker comes up with. I hope it is further adventures.

I received A Journey Within from Teddy at Virtual Author Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Journey Within by J. Mitchel Baker

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