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Deadland: Boneyard


Deadlands: Boneyard by Seanan McGuire

The newest book based on the hit Weird West RPG franchise Deadlands!

Step right up to see the oddities and marvels of The Blackstone Family Circus and Travelling Wonder Show! Gasp at pit wasps the size of a man’s forearm. Beware the pumpkin-headed corn stalker, lest it plant its roots in you!

Annie Pearl is the keeper of oddities, the mistress of monsters. Her unique collection of creatures is one of the circus’s star attractions, drawing wide-eyed crowds at every small frontier town they visit. But Annie is also a woman running from her past . . . and the mother of a mute young daughter, Adeline, whom she will do anything to protect.

Hoping to fill its coffers before winter sets in, the circus steers its wagons to The Clearing, a remote community deep in the Oregon wilderness, surrounded by an ominous dark wood. Word is that a traveling show can turn a tidy profit at The Clearing, but there are whispers, too, of unexplained disappearances that afflict one out of every four shows that pass through the town.

The Clearing has it secrets, and so does Annie. And it may take everything she has to save her daughter―and the circus―from both.

A gripping tale of the Weird West, set on the haunted frontier of DEADLANDS, the award-winning game from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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 Seanan McGuire

Author’s Bio

Seanan McGuire was born in Martinez, California, and raised in a wide variety of locations, most of which boasted some sort of dangerous native wildlife. Despite her almost magnetic attraction to anything venomous, she somehow managed to survive long enough to acquire a typewriter, a reasonable grasp of the English language, and the desire to combine the two. The fact that she wasn’t killed for using her typewriter at three o’clock in the morning is probably more impressive than her lack of death by spider-bite.

Often described as a vortex of the surreal, many of Seanan’s anecdotes end with things like “and then we got the anti-venom” or “but it’s okay, because it turned out the water wasn’t that deep.” She has yet to be defeated in a game of “Who here was bitten by the strangest thing?,” and can be amused for hours by almost anything. “Almost anything” includes swamps, long walks, long walks in swamps, things that live in swamps, horror movies, strange noises, musical theater, reality TV, comic books, finding pennies on the street, and venomous reptiles. Seanan may be the only person on the planet who admits to using Kenneth Muir’s Horror Films of the 1980s as a checklist.

Seanan is the author of the October Daye urban fantasies, the InCryptid urban fantasies, and several other works both stand-alone and in trilogies or duologies. In case that wasn’t enough, she also writes under the pseudonym “Mira Grant.” For details on her work as Mira, check out MiraGrant.com.

In her spare time, Seanan records CDs of her original filk music (see the Albums page for details). She is also a cartoonist, and draws an irregularly posted autobiographical web comic, “With Friends Like These…”, as well as generating a truly ridiculous number of art cards. Surprisingly enough, she finds time to take multi-hour walks, blog regularly, watch a sickening amount of television, maintain her website, and go to pretty much any movie with the words “blood,” “night,” “terror,” or “attack” in the title. Most people believe she doesn’t sleep.

Seanan lives in an idiosyncratically designed labyrinth in the Pacific Northwest, which she shares with her cats, Alice and Thomas, a vast collection of creepy dolls and horror movies, and sufficient books to qualify her as a fire hazard. She has strongly-held and oft-expressed beliefs about the origins of the Black Death, the X-Men, and the need for chainsaws in daily life.

Years of writing blurbs for convention program books have fixed Seanan in the habit of writing all her bios in the third person, so as to sound marginally less dorky. Stress is on the “marginally.” It probably doesn’t help that she has so many hobbies.

Seanan was the winner of the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and her novel Feed (as Mira Grant) was named as one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2010. In 2013 she became the first person ever to appear five times on the same Hugo Ballot.

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My Review

5 stars

Annie Pearl is the keeper of the freaks and oddities. With the help of her seven year old daughter Adeline, they have created a place for themselves in The Blackstone Family Circus and Traveling Wonder Show. This is not an easy life and there are times that Adeline and Annie have gone hungry. But they have found a family that cares for them. But Annie has a past and is on the run from her husband. And after all of these years he gets wind of where she is and goes on the hunt to bring her back home where she belongs.

The Circus season is about to end and The Blackstone Family Circus has had a rough year. But there are rumors that there is a place in Oregon call The Clearing and circuses have been known to make a lot of money from there. There are also stories of others circuses that have never been heard from after going to The Clearing. But they decide to risk it. When they pull into town Annie has a feeling that this is a trap and it is. There is more to The Clearing than they know.

I love the October Daye books, and really need to catch up on them. So, when I saw this story was written by Seanan McGuire I couldn’t respond fast enough to review this book. I loved Annie. She was a society girl that got married to a monster. She was so scared for Adeline’s life and her own that she takes the girl and runs away from home. Over the years she has grown and become a strong woman. She takes care of all these dangerous creatures and has created a home for Adeline.

I loved The Clearing. It really shows how not everything is as it looks. It’s twisted and full of horrible creatures. The townspeople and Michael are about just as evil and they get what they deserve. But the best part was Annie realizing how the circus has become her home and seeing how Adeline is going to be a strong woman with some special talents.

I loved this story. Emily Bauer narrated it and brought it to life. I could easily tell the differences in characters and she was so clear that I had no trouble hearing what was going on. She truly breathed life into this story. I have not heard of the Deadlands series but now I’m really curious to check the rest of the books out. I think I’m going to enjoy them since the first book, Ghostwalkers is written by another favorite author, Jonathan Maberry. I now have another series to add to the shelves.

I received Deadlands: Boneyard from MacMillan Audio for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Awoke: The Wanted Series

Book Details:

Book Title: Awoke (The Want Series) by K.T. Conte
Category: YA Fiction; 324 pages
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Publisher: SugarCane Publishing
Release date: October 2017
Format available for review: print & ebook (mobi, ePub, PDF)
Will ship print books to: Internationally
Tour dates: Sept 25 to Oct 27, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 (mainly bad language)

Book Description:

Katya leads a normal life any teenager would be envious of – popular, pretty and dating the high school elite. Not she enjoys the spotlight, mind you. She wants everyone to believe she is normal.

But when Katya sees the real reason behind the earthquakes plaguing everyone in Boston, the truth rattles and shatters the perfect normal illusion Katya created for herself. An ability to see unearthly creatures and manipulate waves of life energy labels her as anything but normal. And it’s an ability that attracts unwanted and dangerous attention.

She reluctantly finds herself in the company of Gregor, a handsome member of an international spirit military team called the Kyrios. Her simple decision to help thrusts Katya in a world of the undead spirits, betrayal and a perpetual battle between undead monsters and the wardens that keep them in their place.

Katya must decide whether she values the simple and easy life she created for herself over the complex and difficult world now asking her to stand and fight.

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 Meet the Author:


K.T. Conte is a lover of books, people and all things wild and crazy. She received her B.A. in English from Boston College and her law degree from Suffolk University Law School. While she has and continues to be a licensed attorney, her first love has always been books from the tender age of 2. Originally from Massachusetts, K.T. currently lives in New York City with the monsters in the closet, her husband Everett, a couple of building fairies and her dog, Champ.

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

 Guest Post

What FanFiction Taught Me as a Writer

It didn’t hit me that I could even consider myself to be a writer until I started writing fanfiction. Uh oh. Fanfiction? Really? Yes, really.

Fanfiction seems to be a dirty word in the writing community but I’m not ashamed to say that I got my start there. One day, I was extremely stressed out about taking the bar exam and I just took this question I had about inputting an original character into one of my favorite books and tried it out. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I had never shared my writing before like this.

Writing was never an available profession to me. As a first-generation Haitian-American, the running joke is you only have three choices for a career: Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer. Though I had been writing since I was in high school, I never understood it as a viable choice for me. I went to law school and did what I had to do.

But once I clicked submit to that fanfic story and I started getting reviews, favorable reviews from readers all over the globe, I was surprised. And it fed me the confidence I needed to continue to write it and finish the story. I am still amazed that people flagged me as one of their favorite authors or that my story was a favorite of theirs. I am not saying it was remotely legendary writing. I actually looked back on it recently and tore into it because I noticed so many things I could do better. But it only showed me that I had grown as a writer.

Never did I think I had the chops, the raw chops, to write a story people would enjoy. I proved myself wrong by taking a chance. Had I not done that, I would never have explored the idea of the Want Series. So I am grateful for platforms like fanfiction.net for giving people a chance who may not have the confidence to write on their own but still allows them to refine their craft anyway.

I also want to thank the very first reviewer I got for my story who told me, “…got half way through the first chapter then had to stop…a f@#$^ black chick? just…no…”

Thanks for being a jerk and pushing me to finish my story. Your bigotry launched my crusade for better representation! Hope you’re proud!

My Review

5 Stars

Katya is trying to have a normal life as a typical teenager and tries to ignore the visions of creatures that others cannot see. One night she goes to a party with her best friend, Amie and encourages her to hook up with a hot guy that rejects her. Katya goes after the guy to put in her two cents when she stumbles upon a strange interaction then wakes in her bed with Gregor next to her.It seems being around Gregor has unleashed her abilities. Kat quickly finds herself in a world with monsters and those that fight to keep them in their place. It seems that these monsters are also causing the strange quakes felt in the Live Realm. Kat is going to have to go through a lot of training to get her abilities ready to fight with.

I really enjoyed this story. You have a typical teen that just wants to be typical, not to see the creatures that no one else does. Although she is reluctant to go on this adventure, she is willing to fight to keep those she cares for safe. I love Gregor. He is tough, quick to temper, and yet has a sweet spot for Kat.

This is a beautifully developed world with lots of characters. They are introduced at a pace that does not leave you make notes to figure out who is who. I loved the story, there is lots of action, and an ending that will leave you wanting book two to see what happens next.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to any that like Fantasy YA. You will not be disappointed.

I received Awoke from iRead Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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The American Plan


The American Plan by David Weisberg

A daring and disturbing tale of survival set in Cuba and South Florida during the 1950s and early 60’s, embracing both the breadth of historical fiction and the intimate intensity of a psychological suspense novel, The American Plan is a vertiginous ride through the mid-century American psyche.

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 David Weisberg

Author’s Bio

David Weisberg is a teacher, playwright, critic and fiction writer. He has taught at Hunter College in New York City, the University of Delaware, and Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. He is the author of Chronicles of Disorder, a groundbreaking study of the works of Samuel Beckett in the context of the vehement cultural and aesthetic polemics of mid-century Europe. His shorter works have appeared in The Albuquerque Alibi, The Tennessee Review, The Mississippi Review, Nepantla: Views from the South, Libido, Nerve.com and other journals. His play, Totem and Taboo, premiered February 2016 at the Central Works Theater in Berkeley, CA.

The American Plan, his first novel, is the inaugural volume of a projected three- novel series chronicling the rise and fall of a fictional region of sun-belt America, from the Korean War through the financial debacle of 2008.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

5 stars

Philip Narby has a secret, he is a deserter from the Korean War. He has been hiding out in Cuba and with the news of the war being over he is planning on sneaking back into America with the other returned soldiers, if he can survive that long in pre-revolutionary Cuba. Philip has some issues but still finds his way back to Florida. He finds love with a New York painter, Willa Branton, and lives with the Jim Crow laws in Florida in the 1950’s and 60’s. He will also live through the issues of Cuban immigrants, land development, and many other events during this time period.

I’m sorry to admit that I don’t know much about the Korean War and the south during the 50’s and 60’s. My history teacher focused so much on World War II that we never progressed from there and I’m not a history buff. I knew of some of these events, the Jim Crow laws and such, but reading them in this book really opened my eyes. I love when a story is based around real life events like The American Plan. This helps to draw me into the fights and leave me wanting to learn more about this time period.

The American Plan is the first in a trilogy and it is a great introduction. I loved all the history. I can’t wait to see where the next two books are going to take me.

I received The American Plan from Wildbound PR for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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by Matthew Williams
Genre: Horror
In 1629 something visited the parish of Feckenham. The events that
followed were so terrifying that they never gained their place in the
history books.

Now in 2008, something seems to be wrong with Marie Watson’s young
Her father won’t believe her and her mother is nearing the end of her
Marie feels utterly alone.
But is she?

 My Review

5 stars

This story bounces between three time periods. We start in 1629 as an evil takes possession of the prisoners and turns them against the guards and those that have imprisoned them. A little girl that is so much more makes a stand with those that think they rule. Then we come to 2008 and a family that has moved into a house where strange things start happening.

I loved this story. It instantly sucked me in with prisoners revolting, the evil ruling them, and wouldn’t let me go until the very last word. I love me some horror and this is a fresh take on the genera. I was kept guessing, genuinely scared and enthralled with the gore and violence.

You have a wonderfully developed history with the evil, how it has reared its ugly face so many years later, and how it has come back to torment a new family. There are twists and turns that will throw you off and keep you guessing.

If you love horror, this is the book for you. This is my first story from Matthew Williams but it with not be my last.

The Shady Corner
by Matthew Williams
Genre: Horror
A shady corner in life can be a dark and mysterious place, but in the
shady corners of the mind, the mystery and darkness know no

In a struggle with his conscience and haunted by images of murder, David
is given a choice to right the wrongs of his past.
Can he cheat fate and avoid his future? Or is the evil that dwells within
him more than it seems?
Only one thing is certain . . .
Fate can be cruel, but true evil can be brutal!

  My Review

5 stars

We start this story with David and his family. They go out to eat and next thing he knows. David is being yelled at by his wife for almost killing someone and scaring their kids to death. The problem is that David doesn’t remember what happened and starts second guessing themselves. Then David starts having nightmare of violence and blood. As the story progresses we start learning more about David and his evilness.I loved Shadowchild and couldn’t wait to get into The Shady Corner. Although I might have had an idea where I though this book was going, I was completely wrong. There were twists and turns to this story that kept me off balance and kept me guessing what was going to happen next.

I love horror stories and those that give me the shivers are the best. Matthew Williams has a way of writing that makes this story fresh and scary as heck. I strongly recommend checking him out if you like gruesome horror stories. I hope he has more books on the way.

Born in 1975, Matthew Williams has been a keen fan of the
horror/thriller/fantasy genres for as long as he can remember.
Whether it’s a film, a TV series, or a novel; he is drawn to all
the different aspects of these genres. Mainly it’s the complexities
and the mysteries that can be expressed with freedom and imagination
that he enjoys the most.

A fan of authors such as Stephen King, James Herbert, Dean Koontz,
Richard Layman – to name but a few!
A fan of TV shows such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking
Bad, American Horror Story – to name but a few!
A fan of films such as Saw, Seven, Eden Lake, The Descent, Quarantine,
Skeleton Key, The Sixth Sense – to name but a few!
Matthew now has a small body of work of his own with ‘The Shady Corner’
and ‘Shadowchild’ only the beginning of what he is determined to
grow into an extensive collection of horror/thriller fiction novels.
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 I received Shadowchild and The Shady Corner fro Silver Dagger Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of these books.

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Running on Empty


Running on Empty by R.M. Clark

After getting a video camera for her fourteenth birthday, Kasey Madrid enters a student documentary film contest and chooses her town’s 300th anniversary celebration as a subject. Everything is good until the town’s time capsule is unearthed empty at the celebration, prompting Kasey to investigate. Things get even stranger when she begins to see someone in her camera no one else can see.

That “someone” turns out to be Marion Gibson, the town’s former historian, who went into a coma-like state when the time capsule was buried and whose memories are now trapped in time. Kasey researches the town historians and reveals their 300 year-old secret: a wooden chest that gives them the ability to see other people’s memories and visit the past. She also finds that Marion’s successor, the real town historian, is missing.

Using her film footage (and with a little help from Marion), Kasey discovers the chest is passed on to each new historian every generation through time capsules. When the chest is stolen, Kasey and her camera go back to save Marion, find the identity of the next historian and solve the mystery of the empty time capsule.

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads

My Review

5 stars

Kasey Madrid has just received a video camera for her birthday and can’t wait to use it. She decides to film the opening of the town’s time capsule for the 300th anniversary of the town. Kasey is extra excited since her mother wrote a letter 30 years earlier and put it in the time capsule. But when the time capsule is opened it is empty. Kasey decides to go to the town meeting for answers. But when she sees a strange lady on her camera that is not there she decides to start investigating. Kasey and her friend Paula Nichols start looking into the history of Chepstow and learns the secret of the town historians. The problem is the current town historian is in a coma and her predecessor has disappeared. It’s up to Kasey and Paula to solve this mystery and learn what Kasey’s mother’s letter said.

If you have read Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Kasey and Paula should be familiar to you. Once again it will be up to the girls to dig through history and have another little time traveling trip into the past to learn what really happened. Thankfully they have the help of the former historian to guide them.

This is a wonderful midgrade mystery story that will appease both boys and girls and all ages. It is easy to get draw into the story and hard to put the book aside. This is one to add to your shelves.

I received Running on Empty from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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by Katherine Dell
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Be careful what you wish for.
After moving from Vancouver to isolated Hazelton,
BC, high school senior Rachel Barnes hopes she’ll finally find
closure and a sense of direction after tragedy has torn her family
apart. When she and her friends discover the old spirit box her
grandmother gave her, they see it as a chance to wish their troubles
away. But the Great Spirits—deer, crow, bear, and the mythical
wendigo—give away nothing for free.
So instead of worrying about fitting in and finding a boyfriend, Rachel
finds herself in a race to control the malevolent spirit who’s
taken up residence in Mason Allen, who she fears and
craves in
equal measure. What began as a harmless game forces Rachel to
confront her past—and offers her a future she never imagined.
Step into a reality that is not as it seems in Book 1 of the Harmless series.
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Katherine Dell is a young adult fiction author fascinated by the supernatural
and the stories that surround them. She began her writing endeavours
in 2011 when she wanted to reinvent herself from her previous career
as an event planner. When she’s not writing, she can be found in
cold hockey arenas sipping coffee, working on her tan at little
league games, or trying to keep her dog out of her many gardens. She
lives with her husband, two boys, and fur babies, in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada.

My Review

5 stars

A family tragedy has shaken up Rachel Barnes’ life. With her parents divorced and the loss still fresh, Rachel moves with her mother to Hazelton, BC and her grandmother’s house. Although she has been lonely she has found a little group of friends since the first day of school. We start with them partying at Rachel’s house and the discovery of the spirit box her grandmother gave her.

The teens make wishes on the box and end up releasing a wendigo. Strange things start happening in Hazelton and Rachel notices that her friends are starting to act strangely. The wendigo is not a genie in the bottle granting wishes and to stop it a high price must be paid. It is up to Rachel to stop the wendigo and save her friends and family.

Rachel has gone through hell and is getting a reluctant fresh start with her grandmother. She has been so lonely that she is excited for friends. The problem is that she is having a hard time adjusting to people and is also kind of interested in a guy that hardly ever speaks to her. I can see where the spirit box lures her and the rest in. But there is no such thing as a free meal and gifts are not given away for free.

The summary to this book caught my attention and I was excited to find out what was going on. I loved the idea of the wendigo and paying the price to stop it. You don’t really see many wendigo stories but ironically I am reading another one at this time, Deadlands: Boneyard by Seanan McGuire, make sure to check this one out. This is a great story although there are somethings left unanswered. I do hope that there will be a second book.

I received Harmless from Silver Dagger Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Proof the Novel


Proof the Novel by Ted Berner

A controversial verse in the Bible sparks college graduate student Ty Larson’s curiosity causing him to stumble onto the faint trace of an ancient advanced civilization that’s been all but lost to the sands of time. It soon becomes apparent that he’s not the only one with an interest in this long-lost civilization, but the others who share this interest and what their intentions are remain a mystery. Wading through legends and folklore, clues begin materializing that lead Ty down a bizarre path, uncovering the secrets of the massive stone structures scattered across the globe from the distant past. From the timeworn ruins in the high mountains of Bolivia and Peru to the colossal megaliths in Baalbek, Lebanon to the Great Pyramid itself, Ty unknowingly inches ever closer to unearthing the disturbing truth of the origins of mankind.

Although this novel is fiction, it’s based on fact, Biblical scripture, texts found in the Dead Sea scrolls omitted from the Bible, and many other stories from around the world that millions believe to be true.

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads

 Ted D. Berner

Author’s Bio

Ted Berner grew up in the Mountains of Montana where he and his wife currently live on a ranch with several four-legged furry friends. Besides raising horses and Bernese Mountain Dogs, Berner is also an airline pilot and spends a few hours each week traveling around the country at thirty-five thousand feet.

Ted started his writing career in 2010 when he became fascinated with a mysterious civilization that is only briefly mentioned in the Bible. The topic of the Nephilim, the giants from the Bible, is such an intriguing subject that Berner has been a guest speaker on several shows, including Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells and Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara.

Who are we and why are we here? How did this world that we live in come into existence? The Bible may shed some light on these issues, but is there even more to it? What happened all those eons ago to put all of what we know into motion? Who or what is God? Ted believes life is a gift and plans to use his to get to the bottom of some of these age-old questions.

“It was this verse in the Bible, Genesis 6:4, that fueled the fire in me to pursue some answers and continues to be a passion of mine to this day. The only thing I can say for sure is there appears to be fingerprints everywhere I look of something much greater.” T. D. Berner

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

4 stars

Genesis 6:4

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterward-when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

This verse peaks Ty Larson’s interest and decides to research this verse for a school paper. The more he researches the more he learns about an ancient civilization that was more advanced than anything we knew about but has been forgotten to time. Ty travels the world finding different locations that relate to this civilization and learning about our own forgotten history. But Ty is not the only one searching for this civilization and not everyone has good intentions for the knowledge.

I really enjoyed this story. I love all the information that you learn about. You can tell that there was a lot of research put into this book. I honestly have never thought about this verse more than a cursory reading, but I love how this book takes a simple verse and turns it into reality.

This is book one and it does end on a cliffhanger. But the second book should be out soon. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

I received Proof the Novel from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Parrot Talk

Parrot Talk by David B. Seaburn

Parrot Talk by David B. SeaburnParrot Talk by David B. Seaburn

Publisher: Black Rose Writing (May 11, 2017)
Category: Literary Fiction, Humor, Family
Tour dates: Aug-Oct, 2017
ISBN: 978-1612968551
Available in Print & ebook, 193 pages
Parrot Talk

At the age of 14 and 11, brothers, Lucas and Grinder’s mother has left them and their alcoholic father. They never hear from her again.

Out of the blue a friend of their mother, Janice, contacts Lucas with the news that their mother has died. She asks them to come to Pittsburgh to take care of her effects, chief among them being Paul. Reluctantly, Lucas and Grinder head for Pittsburgh where they meet Janice and learn that Paul is their mother’s African grey parrot. Turns out that Paul has things to say that turn the brothers’ worlds upside down, especially regarding their mother.

This is a humorous look at matters of consequence—abandonment, alcoholism, grief and loss of a mother, living without clear answers, the relationship between brothers, separation and reconciliation and hope. It is also about a father who carries a piece of Jesus with him in a Ziploc baggie, a parrot who likes to get stoned, and a brother who cleans dead animals off the streets for a living.

Praise for Parrot Talk by David B. Seaburn

“As with David Seaburn’s other novels, Parrot Talk is ultimately about reconciliation and redemption among anguished family members. But this book uses the device of a seemingly wise and prescient parrot to great comic effect. I found myself literally laughing out loud at several points. The parrot steals the show but there are several clearly drawn and compelling human characters as well. This is Seaburn’s most successful novel and, overall, a moving hoot.”- Barry Jacobs, Amazon Reviewer

“I picked up this title based on its classification as humor and satire (two of my favorite words), and had absolutely no preconceptions about what I might find. I was delighted all the way through to find characters who were human, yet comical. Animals who were comical, and somewhat human. And a family with a genuine hurt that wasn’t easy to heal. Seaburn placed average people in average cities, and gave them relatively average lives. With nothing more than a parrot as a catalyst, three men are able to face ghosts of their pasts, and attempt to right some wrongs that give them all hope for a better future.
Seaburn’s writing is light without being shallow, and he brings levity to a situation that’s taboo for many…the notion of a mother who is not present to watch her children grow up. Some authors might be tempted to vilify her, but Seaburn allowed Grinder and Lucas to grapple with real emotions and come to resolution. Seaburn also allowed the reader to love Millie, no matter what her past, and even gave us the chance to reconcile with Pop’s misdeeds.
This book is a lovely tale of family, peppered with laughable antics, squirrel-sweeping, and parrots smoking pot. It’s a great opportunity to relax the mind and feel good about life for awhile.”-Amazon Reviewer

“Parrot Talk by David B. Seaburn is a hurricane in terms of language, dialogues, and situations. There is pretty admirable frenetic life and time for all the protagonists, not a second of break during the reading!
Forget a great description of characters in the common sense of the word, because you see what it’s like to live the experience of a roundabout with this book. Enjoy this group of great chatters and these funny situations!” – Buckwriter, Amazon Reviewer

About David B. SeaburnParrot Talk by David B. Seaburn

David B. Seaburn has been a Presbyterian pastor of a small country church, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at a leading university medical center, a pioneer in the field of Medical Family Therapy, and a prolific author.

Since 2005, Seaburn has published six novels. His newest, ‘Parrot Talk’, was released in May 2017 by Black Rose Writing. He also writes a blog for Psychology Today magazine, “Going Out Not Knowing.” Seaburn was a Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Awards in fiction for his novel, ‘Charlie No Face’ (2011). He is currently an instructor at Writers and Books in Rochester NY. Seaburn is married with two married daughters and two wonderful granddaughters. A third grandchild is on the way.

Website: www.davidbseaburn.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.seaburn
Twitter: twitter.com/dseaburn

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My Review

5 stars

Thirty years ago Lucas and Grinder’s mother, Millie walked out of their lives. Out of the blue, they get a phone call that their mother has died and they need to come get her belongings and Paul. On the long car trip from Rochester we learn about the dysfunctional family. This starts to bring the brothers closer together than they have been in years.

Upon arrival, the boys learn that Paul is an African Grey Parrot that is clearly mourning the loss of his owner. It seems that she clearly loved her bird more than her sons. But they more they are around Paul the more they feel part of their mother. This starts the three of them growing from the loss of Millie.

This is a hard story that is told with humor. It is clear that Lucas and Grinder had a rough childhood with a drunken father and no mother. But they don’t really understand why their mother left them. Both of handled her leaving in their own ways. But gathering her things they slowly start to realize there is more to this story than just their abandonment.

This story is well told with shining glimpses of humor to lighten the situation. Of course Paul stole the show and animals and children always do. I really enjoyed this story and think it will appeal to many.

I received Parrot Talk from Teddy at Premier Virtual Author Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Annalise Storm Chronicles

Case: 0
Annalise Storm Chronicles Book 1
by May Freighter
Genre: Dystopian Mystery, Romantic
It’s the year 2330. At the end of the twenty-second century, the human
race has divided into two distinct groups—purebloods and the
‘modded’. Those who are unfortunate enough to be genetically
modified are now nothing but servants for their pureblooded
Living in this time, you know your place, and you do not cross the line. So,
when a violent death occurs in the Bronze District, Annalise is
ordered to take this as her trial run at Divinity PD to prove that
she can do the job as a member of the Human Possession
To defy her father’s wish to marry her off, and keep her Chief happy,
she is determined to solve this murder by any means necessary—even
if it means going to districts she has only read about in textbooks
and fighting her forbidden feelings for her servant.
With internal battles, dirty politics, and sinister secrets, just how
exactly will Annalise solve her Case: 0? And more importantly, will
she live to see her next one?

 My Review

5 stars

It is 2330 and the world has become divided between purebloods and those genetically modified. Years earlier was the Modded Wars, where purebloods and modded fought for fifteen years resulting in the Purebloods winning and the modded given the choice to serve or die.

Annalise is facing her first case with the Divinity PDF in the Human Possession Department. She was under the impression that she would be following around her mentor and finds herself jumping into the case with both feet. On the surface this case looks like a simple beast possession but Anna quickly learns that there is a lot more to this case and involves higher up politicians.

Anna has a lot riding on this case, her first and she is going to have to prove herself. But she quickly learns how dangerous this case is when her life is at risk and she is going to lose her beast and servant, Mavel. But she has her own secrets too. She secretly loves Mavel and is breaking laws regarding this. Annalise is going to have to dance on a fine line to solve the case and keep Mavel and herself alive and together.

I loved this story. I instantly fell into it with the killer introduction. It’s a fresh look at the future, it has a unique story line, and will leave you guessing that the ending the whole way through. I didn’t want to put this book down and found myself thinking about what could happen next. This is an amazing story and I can’t wait to read Case: 1.

Case: 1
Annalise Storm Chronicles Book 2
It’s official, Devlin is Annalise’s new partner. He’s charming,
caring—a perfect gentleman who caters to her every need. That is
until he starts to mix work with pleasure to convince her to marry
him as per agreement with her father.

With her servant, Mavel, gone from her side, the cracks in the wall she
created around her begin to come undone. To take her mind off the
torment her heart is going through, she takes on another possession
case in her old school, Montgomery Institute. But, what starts off as
a simple case full of bad memories twists into a web of deception and
lies involving everyone she cares about.

 My Review

5 stars

Annalise Storm is back with more trouble. Mavelis on the run and Anna is heartbroken. So she throws herself into her work with another possession case. The problem is they won’t let her work the case without a partner. This is made worse by the fact that they assign Devlin Madoc as her partner. This is made worse by her pureblood father telling Devlin to convince Anna to marry him to stop the rumors about Mavel.

If that was not enough on her plate, Anna thinks that there is something wrong with this latest possession case. The security guard said the woman was running at her when he shoots her yet she was shot in the back. Also, possessions have the whites of their eyes showing and had blood filled eyes. Once again Anna has her hands filled with a simple case that has much more happening than what is initially seen.

I love this series. This could be a standalone book but reading Case: 0 will give you more background information. Anna is worried about Mavel and I love how we learn more about him while he is in hiding. Anna is such a strong character although I admit there were times I wanted to shake her. I felt for her with the whole Devlin and her father trying to convince her into marriage.

This is an action packed book that will easily draw you in and leave you not wanting it to end just because it is that good. I love this series and have placed May Freighter on my shelf of authors to keep. I can’t wait to read more about Annalise Storm.

May Freighter is an internationally bestselling author from Dublin,
Ireland. She writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Sci-Fi
mysteries that will keep you entertained, mystified, and hopefully
craving more. Her only pets are cacti. They’re the only things that
survived. It may be too dangerous to entrust her with an animal while
she’s engrossed in writing.

On sunny, rainy, and overcast days, she spends her time with her
fictional friends, putting them through dangerous adventures while
wishing them the best of luck. Her hobbies are photography, drawing,
and plotting different ways of a characters’ demise.
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I received Case:0 and Case:1 from Silver Dagger Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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A Mind to Kill

Psychological Thriller
Date Published: August 5, 2017
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The hunters become the hunted…
When Rebecca’s childhood abuser avoids prosecution, it sets her on a path to revenge, revenge on any man who preys on the innocent.
Twenty-three-year-old Rebecca poses as a child online and sets her trap, luring one predatory sex offender after another to their deaths.
When a severed head is found washed up on a windswept estuary beach, the police begin their investigation.
The internationally bestselling author of White is the Coldest Colour is back with a heart-racing, electrifying psychological thriller packed with suspense.
Brilliantly gripping, A Mind To Kill will have you hooked from the very first page and holding your breath to the heart-stopping and shocking ending.
What people are saying about A Mind To Kill:
‘A brilliant, searing, page-turning story.’ Renita D’Silva – Bestselling author
‘It chilled me to the core.’ Book Reviews To Ponder
‘Don’t miss out on this gripping page-turner of a psychological thriller.’
‘A very dark psychological thriller fraught with tension and the sense of evil radiating from the pages.’ The Book Revue Cafe
‘This is an author who likes to write and jump just a little over the edge to keep his readers gasping.’ Read Along With Sue
‘Another elegant and exquisitely composed story.’ Melanie Lewis – The Book Club
‘Packs a punch between the eyeballs that will keep you reeling all the way to the end.’ Ann Girdharry – Bestselling author
‘Brilliant, emotionally charged story telling that will leave readers on their edge of their seats until the very last page.’ Tome Tender Book Blog
‘Another superb read by John Nicholl.’ Cheekypee Reads And Reviews


Chapter 1

9 October 1982

Detective Sergeant Gareth Gravel sat back in the driver’s seat of his West Wales Police Mondeo and stared at the Smith family’s front door for almost five minutes before finally exiting the vehicle. Delivering bad news was never easy. He’d seriously considered delegating the task to one of the force’s new-fangled touchy-feely family liaison officers for a time, but he’d eventually decided that it was something he had to do himself. He was a DS now, and rank carried responsibilities as well as privileges. It was his case, his failure and, like it or not, he had to man up, say his piece and face the inevitable shitstorm coming his way. Best get it over with and get out of there just as fast as his size tens could carry him.

Grav, as he was known by all in the force, took one last drag on his cigar before throwing the glowing butt to the floor and grinding it into the gutter with the heel of a shoe that was badly in need of polish. Come on, Grav my boy, let’s get this done. He’d be in the rugby club with a pint of best bitter in one hand and a set of darts in the other before he knew it.

A small part of him was hoping he wouldn’t receive an answer as he walked down the concrete driveway, approached the front door and knocked with gradually increasing force. But, all too soon,a naked bulb bathed the hall in a depressing yellow hue and a man in his mid thirties, who he immediately recognised as David Smith, stood facing him.

‘Can I come in for a chat, Mr Smith?’

Smith gripped the doorframe to either side of him. ‘Any news?’

‘Can we speak inside, Mr Smith? There’s things we need to discuss.’

‘Just say it, man. We’re sick of waiting.’

‘I’d rather not do this on the doorstep, if that’s all right with you?’

Smith lowered his arms, turned without reply and hurried towards the lounge, where his wife was shuffling from one foot to the other as if the floor was too cold to stand on.

‘Sergeant Gravel’s finally got some news for us, Jan.’

Janice Smith forced a less-than-convincing smile, oblivious to her involuntary dance. ‘Can I get youa cup of something, Sergeant? You look as if you could do with it.’

‘I’m all right thanks, love. Kind of you to offer.’

‘You’re sure? It’s no trouble.’

Grav took a seat in a convenient armchair and thought for a moment that she may start weeping. ‘Oh, go on then, you’ve talked me into it. I’ll have a mug of tea with plenty of sugar.’

‘And a biscuit?’

‘Thanks, love, it’s appreciated. Chocolate if you’ve got one.’

‘One mug of sweet tea and a nice Bourbon coming up. Anything for you, Dai?’

He shook his head. ‘I’m good thanks, Jan.’

David Smith waited for his wife to leave the room before moving to the very edge of the settee. ‘Right, what the hell’s all this about? This isn’t a social visit. That’s blatantly bloody obvious to all of us. Why drag it out?’

‘Is Rebecca in the house?’

Smith frowned, the hairs on the back of his neck standing to attention. ‘Why ask about Becca? Hasn’t she been through enough for one short lifetime?’

‘I just don’t want her overhearing our conversation.’

He swallowed hard. ‘That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. She’s staying with Jan’s mum and dad for a couple of days. They’ve got a caravan on the Pembrokeshire coast near Amroth. There’s a heated pool. We thought it might take her mind off things. God knows she could do with it.’

‘Okay, that’s good to know. Small mercies and all that. Do you want me to hang on for the missus to rejoin us before kicking off?’

Smith shook his head. ‘No, just crack on. I can bring her up to speed when you’re gone. I’m not sure she can take much more of this shit anyway. She’s on antidepressants as it is.’

‘Okay, if that’s how you want to play it. We’ve finally got a decision from the Crown Prosecution Service.’

Smith hung his head. ‘So, come on. What’s the verdict?’

‘It’s not good news.’

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake!’

‘The CPS don’t think there’s sufficient evidence to prosecute Sheridan. It’s not going to court.’

Smith slumped back in his chair. ‘But, the video interviews. She told that police officer and social worker everything that happened to her. All of it! She went into graphic detail, just as you said she’d have to. She relived all those terrible events to give you the evidence you said you needed. Can you imagine what that was like? For her? For us as her parents? She’s suffered flashbacks, nightmares, and she’s wetting the bed again almost every night. She’s nearly seven for fuck’s sake. Regression, that’s what her social worker called it. Feeling like shit when she shouldn’t have a care in the world is probably a more accurate description from what I’ve seen. And now you’re telling me she went through all that for nothing. Is that what you’re telling me?’

‘I’m sorry, Mr Smith, I truly am. We did all we could. I promise you. But, it’s not like the good old days when the police decided whether or not to bring a suspect to court. It’s down to the Crown Prosecution Service these days. And they just don’t feel they’ve got enough to secure a successful prosecution, despite the evidence provided by your daughter. That’s how they work. They have to think there’s a good chance of success before going ahead. I don’t agree with them, for what it’s worth. I think any half-decent jury would see she’s telling the truth, but the decision’s made. I’ve tried. I’ve pulled out all the stops. There’s nothing more I can do.’

A single tear ran down Smith’s right cheek and found a home on his collar. ‘Well, that’s just not good enough. You gave us the distinct impression that Sheridan would be locked up for a long, long time. Surely you can persuade them to change their minds. Let a jury decide. That’s all I’m asking.’

‘I’m sorry, I’ve done everything I can. There’s no point in me feeding you some bullshit version of events to make you feel a little better. It’s not going to happen, whatever else I say or do … unless we can come up with more credible evidence. Something solid that corroborates your daughter’s allegations. A game changer.’

‘And are you likely to?’

Grav shook his head, wishing he had a different, more optimistic reply to offer. But he had to tell it like it was. The man deserved the truth. However unwelcome. However unpalatable. ‘I can’t see it happening.’

Smith was on his feet now, his voice raised and reverberating with raw emotion. ‘He touched her. He made her touch him. My little girl. It went on for months. She’s six years old, for fuck’s sake. The dirty bastard violated her, and you’re telling me he’s going to get away with it! How the hell am I supposed to tell Jan? It’ll break her heart.’

Grav looked on, temporarily lost for words as the father disintegrated in front of him.


‘Refreshments coming up. Here you go boys …’ She stopped and stared. ‘What is it, Dai? What’s happened?’

‘I’ll uh … I’ll tell you later.’


He opened his mouth as if to speak, but then closed it again, unable to find the words.

She shrieked, dropped the tray to the floor, turned away from the two men and ran upstairs to Rebecca’s bedroom, where she clutched a soft toy to her chest and closed the door against the world.

‘Did you see the state she’s in?’

‘Yeah, I’m sorry.’

‘You’ve let us down, Sergeant. You’ve let me down. You’ve let the missus down, and worst of all you’ve let Rebecca down. You do realise that, don’t you? This is real life, not some fucking game.’

Grav reached out and placed a hand on one of Smith’s broad shoulders, reluctantly choosing to ignore the wailing coming from the first floor. ‘I gave Sheridan a seriously hard time, if you know what I’m saying. We kept him at the station for as long as the law allowed, but he just sat there in total silence with a smirk on his ugly face, refusing to answer a single question for hour after hour.’

Smith pulled away, his face contorting as he choked back his tears. ‘You’re telling me you did your best. You’re telling me you pulled out all the stops. But it wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t nearly good enough.’

‘No, it wasn’t. Not even close.’

‘So how’d it go so horribly wrong?’

‘Sheridan’s one clever bastard. He knew there was no unequivocal forensic evidence; he knew his wife had given him alibis for some of the relevant dates and he knew the only witness was a six-year-old little girl. He believed he had a good chance of walking away if he kept his mouth tight shut, and he was right. The bastard knew exactly what he was doing.’

‘So he’s free to get on with his life as if he did nothing at all?’

‘Look, Dai, I’d slice the cunt’s balls off if it were up to me. But, yeah, that’s the crux of it. In the eyes of the law, he’s an innocent man.’

David Smith screwed up his face and spat his words. ‘I’ll tear the dirty bastard apart if I see him.’

‘And I wouldn’t blame you, Dai. Honestly, I wouldn’t. I’d want to do much the same thing myself in your place. But Janice needs you here. Rebecca needs you here. What good would you be to them banged up in prison for fuck knows how long?’

‘There’s no justice in this world.’

‘Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t. That’s the truth of it. I’ll put the word out within the force. Sheridan will slip up. His kind always do. We’ll nail him for something in the end.’

Smith followed as Grav rushed towards the front door. ‘That’s the best you’ve got? You’ll get him one day.’

‘Now might be a good time to go and see that wife of yours. You’ve both got to find a way of putting this behind you, Dai. Leave Sheridan to me. I’ve seen it before. If you don’t, it’ll destroy you.’

About the Author

John Nicholl, an ex police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, has written three dark psychological suspense thrillers, each of which have been Amazon international bestsellers, reaching # 1 in multiple categories in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the USA. John is always happy to hear from readers, bloggers or the media, and can be contacted via his author website at: http://www.johnnicholl.com. Rights enquiries should be directed to Mr Toby Mundy – Literary agent at TMA. A Mind To Kill was published on 5 August 2017.
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  My Review

5 stars

When Rebecca Smith is six years old she is abused by her ballet instructor. He is never prosecuted but Rebecca is not about to let the abuse go. Detective Inspector Gareth Gravel, Grav feels like he let Rebecca down. Rebecca is now twenty three and taking out her justice on those that abuse kids. Grav is on a mandatory vacation when body parts are found on a beach. Then more start showing up. It is going to be up to Grav to find the killer.

This is a dark, dirty thriller. There are some well written scenes that could bother some people. Of course I ate this book up. I feel horrible for Rebecca yet I comment her on taking care of the child abusers. I understood why she goes on the hunt and although wrong, it’s hard to fault her.

Grav is a rough, hard detective that I think of as an upset porcupine. His is bristles and bark but he knows his job and is really good at it. But what is he up against with Rebecca working on the force and deleting crucial evidence. This is a gruesome game of cat and mouse that is hard to simply say Rebecca did it punish her. Sometime a vigilante is needed, the key is how far they take it.

I loved this story. It’s my kind of book, dark and gritty. This is my first book from John Nicholl but it will not be my last.

I received A Mind to Kill from Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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