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World of Shadows

The Everett Exorcism
World of Shadows Book 1
by Lincoln Cole
Genre: Horror, Occult Thriller, Urban Fantasy
Something strange is happening in the city of Everett, Washington and Father
Niccolo Paladina is tasked with investigating possible demonic
activity. Nothing is as it seems, however, and things quickly begin
spiraling out of his control.

When his path crosses with that of an old rival, they discover that things
are worse in Everett than either of them could ever have imagined. As
his world collapses around him, Niccolo will be left with one
terrible question: what is my faith worth?
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My Review

5 stars

Father Niccolo Paladina has been sent from Rome to Everett, Washington to investigate demonic activity. Father Paladina is rather upset that he has to be troubled because someone doesn’t understand how these things are reported. He also feels that he is too important to be called to the middle of nowhere and deal with non-existent creatures.

But once he witnesses for himself different events along with the arrival of Arthur Vangeest, demon hunter, Father Paladina realizes that there is a lot more happening in Everett than he first thought. Although they are an odd couple, they work well together which is what they are going to need to stop the evil in Everett.

This is my second book from author Lincoln Cole that I have read. I loved Raven’s Peak and really enjoyed how easy it was to fall into this story. Father Paladina is such a pompous ass in the beginning that I couldn’t help but laugh at him want he gets a close brush with the truth. I loved Vangeest from Raven’s Peak and really enjoyed seeing him in this book.

This is a killer story that won’t let you go until the end. There were a couple times that I had the creeps and I enjoyed every minute of them. I can’t wait to get into The Vatican Children.

The Vatican Children
World of Shadows Book 2
After the events of in Everett Washington, Father Niccolo Paladina decides
to assist Arthur in hunting down the Bishop and bringing him to
justice for the crimes he has committed. He knows that the Bishop has
something big planned against the Church.

Arthur, on the other hand, is hoping to find some redemption for his actions
against The Ninth Circle and atone for his mistakes. Atonement,
however, can be difficult to come by…
Especially when the stakes are so high.

My Review

5 stars

Father Paladina and Arthur Vangeest are on the hunt for the Bishop. After The Everett Exorcism they are trying to get him to make him pay for his actions. They find a connection to the Bishop and learn that he has gathered an army of special children. Both men are going to learn more about themselves as they try to learn more about this world and their part in it.

I loved to see Father Paladina grow and realize how limited his knowledge of the world is. He understands his limits and knows that they are either going to help him or get him killed. Vangeest on the other hand is trying to turn a new leaf with not killing. But as a demon hunter this is going to be a lot harder than he thinks. Is this going to get him killed?

The Vatican Children follows on the heels of The Everett Exorcism so I strongly recommend reading this series in order. I liked the progression but do wish there was a little more to this story. Although it was still good, fast paced, and a quick read I felt like there could have been something more added in.

I really like where this series is going. I really want to finish reading the World on Fire series and The Ninth Circle. I want to see more of what is going to happen to both of these men. Plus I can’t wait for Lincoln Cole to finish writing The Bishop’s Legacy.

The Bishop’s Legacy
World of Shadows Book 3
Everything is falling apart for Niccolo Paladina as his mistakes come back to
haunt him. He’s been reminded once more that the shadowy world in
which Arthur inhabits is not his own.

He is ready to face the consequences for his actions, but not until he
has dealt with the threat he’s helped to create. Things are getting
desperate, though, and they are worried that more people will be hurt
before they can bring things to an end.
**Releases January 30th, 2018 – Pre-Order Now!**
Lincoln Cole is a Columbus-based author who enjoys traveling and has visited
many different parts of the world, including Australia and Cambodia,
but always returns home to his pugamonster and wife. His love for
writing was kindled at an early age through the works of Isaac Asimov
and Stephen King and he enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen.
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I received The Everett Exorcism and The Vatican Children from Silver Dagger Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of these books

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