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Wolf Blood

Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic fiction

Date Published: 1/1/2018
Publisher: Landmark Media
When a wave of vicious attacks sweeps across London, there are reports of a beast on the loose. There are fears of a ripper stalking the streets.
But the truth is more terrifying than anyone wants to admit.
Werewolves are prowling the city. Hunting and killing.
Lycanthropy, a disease as old as humanity, now threatens to destroy civilization. With no cure, no vaccine, and millions of potential victims, it’s spreading through the capital at exponential rates. And every werewolf bite has just two possible outcomes – death or infection.
Only a tiny number of people have the insight to realize what is happening. But what will a young police woman, a group of teenagers and a computer nerd have to sacrifice in order to survive?
The werewolf apocalypse is here. And it’s only just beginning …
WOLF BLOOD is the first in the LYCANTHROPIC post-apocalyptic werewolf series. If you enjoy the zombie apocalypse, dystopian science fiction, horror, grimdark, dark fantasy, or multi-protagonist sagas, don’t miss out on the next big trend in apocalyptic fiction.

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About the Author

Steve Morris is the author of the Lycanthropic series. He used to be a nuclear physicist, but now he writes books about werewolves. He lives in Oxford, England
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My Review

5 Stars

Professor Wiseman and three of his students are hiding out in the mountains after his discovery of lycanthropy. No one believed him but he is having the last laugh now. We follow along as the werewolves attack, bite, and kill humans. Of course humans have either one of two options, become a werewolf or die. The apocalypse is upon us and it is brought by a bite.

I love this horror story. It’s a fresh take since it seems everyone is into zombies and I really enjoy a good werewolf story. You have a great, dark and gritty creature killing humans and humans in denial becoming the snack every werewolf needs.

This is a great story and the start to a new series. I can’t wait to delve into the next volume. If you like werewolves, look no further. You have found the next book to add to your collection.

I received Wolf Blood from Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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A Matter of Love and Death by Caron Albright

Adelaide, 1931. Telephone switchboard operator Frances’ life is difficult as sole provider for her mother and adopted uncle. But it’s thrown into turmoil when she overhears a suspicious conversation on the phone, planning a murder.

If a life is at risk, she should tell the police; but that would mean breaking her confidentiality clause and would cost her the job. And practical Frances, not prone to flights of fancy, soon begins to doubt the evidence of her own ears – it was a very bad line, after all…

She decides to put it behind her, a task helped by the arrival of their new lodger, Phil. Phil takes her to a night club, where she meets charming but slightly dangerous club owner Jack. Jack’s no angel – prohibition is in force, and what’s a nightclub without champagne? But he’s a good man, and when Frances’ earlier fears resurface she knows that he’s the person to confide in.

Frances and Jack’s hunt for the truth puts them in grave danger, and soon enough Frances will learn that some things are a matter of love and death…

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Author Bio

Caron Albright fell in love with books as soon as she could read and never grew out of it. With one foot firmly planted in Fictionland ever since, she is moving from one adventure to the next (strictly on the paper of course).

She loves capers with feisty heroines, dashing heroes with a dangerous edge and thrilling locations and would gladly explore the world for the sake of research – preferably while tap-dancing, with a champagne glass in her hand.

Instead she spends her time in front of her keyboard, sipping herbal tea.

When she feels the need for a change, she switches to coffee and writing crime novels under the name Carmen Radtke.

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My Review

5 stars

It is 1931 and Francis works as a telephone operator. One day she over hears a conversation about a murder. But after seeing another operator being fired for talking about what was heard she is afraid to say anything. Initially she decides it is a bad line and to ignore it. But when she meets night club owner Jack, she thinks twice about the murder. It is during prohibition and Jack dances around illegal champagne so Francis thinks confiding in him will help whomever was to be murdered.

What follows is a whirlwind adventure as Francis and Jack come across a murder, a jewelry thief, and thugs willing to do what it takes to stop them to stay free and clear. I loved Francis. She is supporting her mother and adopted uncle on very little money, especially for the time. I can completely relate to her trying to do whatever to keep this job. But I’m glad that she told Jack about the murder. He is a great, strong character with a soft spot.

I loved this whole story from the time period to the mystery. I couldn’t put this book down. And that ending is perfect. Bloodhound Books has picked up another amazing author. I can’t wait to read more from Caron Albright/Carmen Radtke.

I received A Matter of Love and Death from Bloodhound Books for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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