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Ages of Invention Series by SBK Burns


Entangled (Book 1)

She’s Hume’n, a member of the lower class, with one chance to change her life… In an alternate, twenty-first century Boston, Dawn Jamison is a hair’s breadth away from earning her doctorate degree—a degree that would allow her entrance into the upper class, to become the unemotional and self-disciplined Cartesian she is now only pretending to be. To reach her goal, all Dawn must do is overcome her forbidden attraction to the Olympic-class weightlifter Taylor Stephenson who’s just crashed her lectures on past life regression. She must also teach her group of misfit students how to travel back into their past lives—and, oh, of course, figure out how to save the great scientists of the early eighteenth century before they’re inextricably caught up in a time loop. He’s Cartesian, a member of the upper class, and supposed to know better… Coerced by his politically powerful, wheelchair-bound brother into spying on Dawn’s past-life regression classes, Taylor knows better than to give into his desire to claim Dawn as his own. But his past-life entity, eighteenth-century Colin, has no such inhibitions. When Taylor and Dawn meet up in Scotland in the 1700s, all the discipline he’s forced on his twenty-first-century self disintegrates in the past, leaving only his overwhelming lust for Dawn’s past-life double, Lily. Unable to escape their sexually obsessive past, Dawn and Taylor find themselves in a race against the clock at the epicenter of a world-altering time quake of their own making.

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My Review

4 Stars

In Dawn Jamison’s world the people are divided into two castes, Hume’n and Cartesian. Dawn is a Hume’n pretending to be more until she gets her doctorate and can be called a Cartesian. But her mentor, Richard Stephenson is suspicious of her and asks his brother Taylor to check her out. Taylor is confused about his own caste and is surprised at has attraction to Dawn. But Dawn and Taylor have a secret ability that is going to cause lots of trouble with time shortly.

Dawn and Taylor have the ability to travel through time and live in a previous life. Taylor is Colin, a mathematician, and Dawn is Lily, an alchemist. But in this time they are drawn to each other and have no control. There interactions are going to start changing time in present day. I liked the whole concept of time travel and how Dawn and Taylor don’t just visit Lily and Colin. There are other lives and other messes to make and fix.

Now the thing that knocked this book down for me, I’m rounding up from a 3.5, was the confusion. I was very confused as the story bounced around, back and forth, with little direction at times. Once I figured out what was happening then I would get into the story then poof, off again. I also was lost with the caste system. What caused it? Who decided who was what level?

Over all this is a good start to a series. I am curious to see where this goes in the second book. And if you like hot sex scenes, you will really enjoy this story.


Fly Like An Eagle (Book 2)

It’s 1824 Philadelphia at the opening of the Franklin Institute of Science, and one of its founders, Samantha’s father, wants her to marry his business partner, a much older man, to keep their war industry dealings secret.

Looking for a way out of the arranged marriage, tomboy Sam finds it in Eagle, the half Native American son of the man she is to marry.

Eagle brings Samantha into his spiritual world, his bimijiwan, in order that she might stop their father’s preparations for an ironclad Civil War at sea. To do this, Sam might have to convince Benjamin Franklin to abandon his kite experiment.

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My Review

4 stars

Samantha Ronaldson’s father tries to marry her to his old business partner to keep industrial secrets safe in family. Sam would rather pursue science. She finds a connection with Migizi, John’s half-Indian son. Migizi has the ability to travel along the Flow, essentially time travel, which Sam accompanies him. But they have bigger problems than just the arranged marriage, it seems Sam’s father is about to create a Civil War at sea and it will be up to Sam and Migizi to stop him.

After reading Entangled I was curious to see where Fly Like An Eagle was going to go. I felt for Sam, stuck in an arranged marriage to an older man yet longing for his son. I loved what a strong and defiant person Migizi was, who better than him to have the ability to travel the Flow. I really enjoyed the different people they met along their journey, this really added to the story.

This book did jump around, of course, but it was not as confusing as the first book. I do recommend reading Entangled first to have some idea of what is going to happen. I admit that I am not a fan of love triangles so the one with Sam, Migizi, and John was not very impressive to me. But if you like a lot of sex, this book does have that.

This was an interesting story and very original. I flowed well with Entangled and I hope that there are more books to come.

I received both Entangled and Fly Like An Eagle from Author Marketing Experts for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of these books.

S.B.K. Burns

Author’s Bio


From an early age, S.B.K. Burns recited Shakespearean sonnets or snuck a read of a Broadway script from her parents’ theater magazine.

Having worked in the world of science – oceanography, bio-medicine, and aerospace engineering – she brings these experiences to her sci-fi paranormals imbued with her idealistic philosophy that merges science with spirituality.

Burns happily lives in San Diego with her handsome, compassionate, and kind beta men – her husband Jim and her twenty-something son Peter.


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