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Out Of The Darkness Into The Fire by Mikel Wilson & Sherry Gist

While sitting on his throne brooding from his defeat in “At Lat A Glimmer Of Hope'”Hades has a plan for the hybrid clan. Will he succeed or will the clan once again save the world? Find out as they go from Out Of The Darkness Into The Fire.”

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Author’s Bio

Two people from different backgrounds meet and became instant friends. They realized that they were like minded. Others never understood the mind trappings of these two individuals. One day, playing around, they came up with the Hybrid Clan. Henceforth, a stronger friendship and a new book. Hope you all enjoy this book as much as they enjoyed creating it.

Here’s a funny fact for you reader’s out there, Mikel and Sherry meet about 7 years ago and they have been friends ever since. They are both very unique individuals and everyone that meets them can plainly see that they have made a lifelong friendship. Mikel, or Kel as a few people like to call him, is a young man from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He now makes his home in Sweet Water, Alabama.  Sherry is a lady from a small town known as Meeker, Oklahoma. She calls Crossville, Alabama home now. They are both family oriented. They have lots in common and yet they are different. These two will dazzle and boggle the mind. Together they hope to bring your imagination alive in a whole new way.

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My Review

5 stars

Aurora now sits on the throne of Zeus after his defeat. But things are rough for her. She misses her mother and is constantly busy with the humans. Twilight is also having a hard time with Aurora not being at home and no matter what Hybrid or anyone else does, no one can get her to break out of this darkness. These are more minor when you think about the loss that Hades and Hera have gone through. They are planning on taking care of Aurora and taking over Zeus’ throne for themselves.

I really have enjoyed watching the Hybrid series as it has progressed. You have great characters that do whatever they have to do to win the fight against evil. You do have those you have come to care for that die and you learn how some people did not come for happy unions. But the main thing I love is Hybrid and Twilight. Both are in their own darkness but their love for each other is the key to their continued lives.

If you are looking for a fresh take on mythology and fantasy I recommend these stories. I love how they have gotten better and better the more you go along. They are definitely some that you need to check out.

I received Out Of The Darkness Into The Fire from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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One of Us Will Br Dead by Morning (Hater – 4) by David Moody

Fifteen people are trapped on Skek, a barren island in the middle of the North Sea somewhere between the coasts of the UK and Denmark. Over the years this place has served many purposes a fishing settlement, a military outpost, a scientific base but one by one its inhabitants have abandoned its inhospitable shores. Today it s home to Hazleton Adventure Experiences, an extreme sports company specializing in corporate team building events.

Life there is fragile and tough. One slip is all it takes. A momentary lapse leads to a tragic accident, but when the body count quickly starts to rise, questions are inevitably asked. Are the deaths coincidental, or something else entirely? Those people you thought you knew well, can you really trust them? Are you standing next to a killer, and will you be their next victim?

A horrific discovery changes everything for everyone. There s no way home now, and a trickle of rumors becomes a tsunami of fear. Is this really the beginning of the end of everything, or a situation constructed by the mass hysteria of a handful of desperate and terrified people?

The lower the population, the higher the stakes.

Kill the rest of them, before one of them kills you.

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 David Moody

Author’s Bio

DAVID MOODY first self-published HATER in 2006, and without an agent, succeeded in selling the film rights for the novel to Mark Johnson (producer, Breaking Bad) and Guillermo Del Toro (director, The Shape of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth). His seminal zombie novel AUTUMN was made into an (admittedly terrible) movie starring Dexter Fletcher and David Carradine. Moody has a unhealthy fascination with the end of the world and likes to write books about ordinary folks going through absolute hell. With the publication of a new series of Hater stories, Moody is poised to further his reputation as a writer of suspense-laced SF/horror, and “farther out” genre books of all description.

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My Review

5 stars

Skek Island is a barren island in the North Sea. There is no modern convenience and yet a mysterious past to the island. The story starts with fifteen working stiffs on a survival retreat. But when they are getting ready to return home, one of the team is found dead and it looks like she was pushed off the cliff. Then the ferry that is supposed to pick them up is discovered grounded on the shore with thirty adults and kids dead inside. There is no contact with the outside world and a limit amount of food available.

But then a man and his daughter return to the island with a story of people going crazy and killing others on the mainland. Is it real? Are they going to turn into Haters? One of the group tries to go back to the mainland and ends up returning to Skek with questionable help. It’s looking like no one is going to get off Skek alive.

I have heard about the Haters series and have been meaning to get around to reading it. When the opportunity to review this book came up I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It is a great story with a misfit group of people, both the adventure group and the business people. But then there are those that stand out in the groups. It seems some are more able to survive than others. The first thing they need to do is figure out what is happening and get some resources.

I loved how the story progressed. It was like watching a train wreck. Bloody, gory, and doing to leave destruction behind yet I couldn’t look away. I loved every moment and really enjoyed Gerard Doyle’s narration. He really brought life to this story. I can’t wait to go back and see how this series has started.

I received One of Us Will be Dead by Morning from Macmillan Audio for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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