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Author Brent Jones is having a massive giveaway on his blog from now until January 31. He is giving away 100 copies of Fender, The Fifteenth of June, and The Matchbook.

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How far must we travel to find our way home?

Nothing could have prepared Brennan Glover for the car crash that claimed the lives of his wife and six-year-old daughter. Stricken with grief, the only things that get him through each day are breaking his sobriety and clinging to Fender—the family dog and the sole survivor of the crash.

Desperate to distance Brennan from tragedy, his two closest friends take him on the cross-country road trip they had always talked about. But what begins as an effort to mend his broken heart ends up unraveling a secret that changes everything he thought he knew about his family. Can a journey of six thousand miles lead Brennan to acceptance and new beginnings?

From finding the good in an often cruel world to learning to say goodbye to those we love most, this sophomore release from author Brent Jones is sure to leave readers longing for home, wherever that may be.


The Fifteenth of June

Can we lose a loved one without losing ourselves?

Twenty-eight-year-old Drew Thomson is haunted by a troubled past. After struggling for years with alcoholism and antisocial behavior, he ends a stable relationship with his girlfriend and finds himself without a home, job, or purpose.

Just as he learns that his father is terminally ill, he meets a stranger who offers him a flicker of hope for a better future. But is he ready to bury the past?

Rich with dark humor and a keen insight into the human condition, this debut fictional release from author Brent Jones delves into life’s most pressing trials—destructive relationships, love, loss, and pursuing happiness.


The Matchbook

Corbyn Thurber, seventeen, meets the love of his life while passing through the small town of Wakefield—he just doesn’t know it at the time.

He returns years later in search of the woman he never forgot only to discover she has a dark secret. And tracking her down under the watch of judgmental locals is only half as antagonizing as his sense of self-doubt.

Told from the perspective of a man haunted by regret, this short story, from the author of Fender and The Fifteenth of June, masterfully considers the consequences of a life unexplored.

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Pandora Trilogy

Pandora Trilogy by Carolyn Mathews


Transforming Pandora (Book 1)

Attempting to come to terms with her husband’s death, Pandora reluctantly attends an evening of clairvoyance and raises a spirit who sets her on a new path. Just as her romantic life begins to improve, things become complicated by the reappearance of a man she never expected to see again. Her spiritual life is also presented with a challenge when she is offered the chance of enlightenment via a heavenly correspondence course. Her quest in life to find her true purpose is within her grasp. But will she take it? Should she follow her heart or her soul – or can she satisfy both?

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My Review

5 stars

Pandora recently lost her husband and is having a hard time. She decides to visit a spiritualist church and received a message to meditate. During her meditation she connects with an old spirit called Enoch. Enoch is going to set her off on a spiritual journey through her life. We then follow along with Pandora as she remembers the different events that she has gone through in her life.

I have to admit that this book was not what I expected it to be. I figured that it was going to be some spirit driven mystery type story. How wrong I was. Pandora is an amazing individual. She is a flower child that becomes a New Age woman. She recounts her husband that recently passed, Mike. But we also follow along with her and her first husband Jay.

This is a wonderful story that drew me in and left me pleased with the journey that we went on. This is a wonderful story and I can’t wait to see what happens to Pandora in Squaring Circles.


Squaring Circles (Book 2)

Free spirit Pandora is shaken by the sudden death of her mother and puzzled by the appearance of a young stranger at her funeral. When her mother’s grave is disturbed, she turns detective and finds herself drawn into a world of intrigue, centering round a devious couple’s plot to exploit a healing circle for their own ends. Her partner Jay’s collaboration with an attractive singer and her own encounter with an old flame add to the confusion when she’s faced with a choice between the comfortable status quo of her healing practice or a more exciting alternative. The twists and turns of her life, just like the labyrinth in her garden, lead her to an important decision.

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My Review

5 stars

We start this story at Pandora’s mother’s funeral. Frankie died suddenly and it seems she is sending a message about not being impressed with Jay. Pandora is also surprised by a half-brother that she knew nothing about. But the biggest surprise comes when Frankie’s grave and house are disturbed. It seems Frankie had more secrets than just a half-brother. She may have been hiding a sacred artifact relating to a healing circle that she had been a member of for years. Pandora takes it upon herself to look into this artifact, learn more about her half-brother, and deal with her relationship with Jay.

I loved following along with Pandora in Transforming Pandora and was excited to jump into Squaring Circles. Pandora has been blindsided by both her mother’s death and half-brother. But there is so much more happening. She needs all the guidance she can get but Enoch is very quiet. It also doesn’t help that her mother is helping “encourage” her from the side either.

There is so much more to this story than a simple mystery with a paranormal twist. Things go around and around yet come together at the very end in a most surprising way. And even though this is a second book in the series it could be read as a stand-alone. I just think there is so much about Pandora that will help you fully immerse yourself with this book. I just love this series and can’t wait to dive into Pandora’s Gift.


Pandora’s Gift (Book 3)

When Jay loses their home and business in the financial crash and Pandora’s TV job comes under threat, the appearance of an archangel seems to be just the good omen they need. The message he brings, however, forces Pandora to disappear on a secret mission to fulfil a prophecy, endangering both her relationship and a precious gift she’s been given. Events bring Pandora to her knees, but the light at the end of the tunnel may yet lead her to a miracle.

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My Review

5 stars

Things seem to be going well for Pandora until Jay loses his business, she loses her job in television, and they lose their house. Pandora is contacted by a guardian angel and draw into a different path in life. They seem like the right direction that she should be going but things are not going any easier. She has to disappear to fulfill a prophecy that could end her life.

I really enjoy this series. I love Pandora and how she faces everything that is thrown her way. Of course an angel in a hot body does help. But how she navigates the paranormal world that she travels really adds to the story. I mean, could you step away from your life like she did to fulfill your destiny?

This series has a little bit of everything and although not always clear until the ending, a wonderful finish. I recommend checking out this series. It was not what I expected it to be but it was a great read. I can’t wait for more books from Carolyn Mathews.

I received Transforming Pandora, Squaring Circles, and Pandora’s Gift from Rachel’s Random Resources for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of these books.

Carolyn  Mathews

Author’s Bio

n her youth, Carolyn Mathews ran away from a steady job to work in a Spanish nightclub, finally becoming an English lecturer, producing books and plays for language students. She lives in the south of England with a wild Pomeranian and practises yoga and meditation whenever possible, in the hope of eventually getting them right.

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