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Interview with the Boogeyman: A Monster for All Times

Interview with the Boogey Man: A Monster for All Times by Benjamin S. Jeffries

He is every nightmare you’ve ever had and every fright made flesh. He is the most feared villain in the history of the world, haunting us past childhood, lingering in the background of the darkest recesses of our souls. Now–for the first time ever–meet the infamous Boogeyman as he steps out of the darkness and into the limelight. Written in a clever interview style, this whimsical, funny, informative, and scary biographical history of the world’s greatest fiend takes the reader on an escapade into terror that began in the dank world of the Dimmuborgir Lava Fields in Iceland and culminates in the surreal landscape of today’s modern monsters. From folklore to contemporary horror, through a series of engaging questions, diary entries, and author research, the evolution of the Boogeyman continues to develop as he takes credit here for the most disturbing and bloodthirsty creatures ever to scare us silly.

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 Benjamin S. Jeffries

Author’s Bio

Benjamin S. Jeffries lives in Lafayette, Indiana. His books LOST IN THE DARKNESS and GRIM SHADOWS FALLING are available now. He is currently at work on his third and fourth books, due out in the Spring and Fall of 2016.

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My Review

5 stars

Benjamin is traveling around looking for information to write his book VILE: Peeking Under the Skin of Murderers. He comes across a farm house that draws him in. When he goes inside he meets the Boogey Man. Although he is in terror, he has a conversation with Tenebris. He wakes and thinks it’s all a dream until he realizes he has the Tenebris’ journal.

Who is the Boogey Man? Where did he come from? He is known through all societies from the beginning of time. Although he looks differently to each culture and has different habits, he is still the one that goes bump in the night and punished people.

I really enjoyed following along and learning the different forms Tenebris has taken over the years. It was one of those things that I “knew” someone had been in the role but I never really thought about it. I loved reading about the different roles Tenebris has played over the years.

If you have always been curious about the Boogey Man or are looking for something different from your regular reads, you need to check this book out. I really enjoyed all the history that has gone into this book. Now I’m excited to check out Benjamin S. Jeffries other book VILE.

I received Interview with the Boogey man from Schiffer Publishing for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Trading Darkness


Trading Darkness by Lisa Hofmann

Once upon a time, a demon from the depths of the earth decided to seek the light of love.

When human weakness destroys that love, a yearning for vengeance awakens within the ancient soul, and the fiefdom of Wildenburg becomes home to many kinds of men and monsters. A never-ending spiral of cruelty and sacrifice is set in motion. Over the centuries, wars, hunger, and witch trials cripple the little fiefdom, until one day, the reigning lord discovers that not even his own children are safe from the fiend his ancestors helped create.

There is truth at the heart of every fairytale, but a fairytale can quickly turn into a nightmare. Only one person has the power to break the curse that has befallen the land: a young woman who has lived all her life in darkness. Can she find enough beauty within the beast to put an end to the killing?

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 Lisa Hofmann

Author’s Bio

Lisa Hofmann was born in Siegen, Germany, in 1975. She attended schools in Germany and in Ireland.

During her time at the University of Siegen, she translated books and other writings for her professors of Educational Didactics and Anglistics, discovering her talent for working with words. She began writing medieval fantasy fiction in her late thirties while working as a teacher.

She still lives near her birthplace today with her husband, three children and a houseful of pets. She writes predominantly in English.


My Review

5 stars

We start this story in Wildenburg in 1650. Agnes is being tortured for being a witch. She hopes and prays that her husband will take their children and run. A demon visits her and she learns that her husband took the children to the lord of the land to try and reason with him for Agnes. The demon offers her a favor to take her and agrees to save the children that are her husband and her own.

In 1670, we meet Gregory of Blackvale and the Century Demon. Once every 100 years, the head of the house has to sacrifice one of his children to keep the Century Demon happy and helping the family. Alton, Gregory’s brother is the head of house and refuses to give up one of his children. Things end badly for Alton and the choice falls to Gregory.

Years later, Gregory daughter Maria is having trouble with the loss of her sister Louisa. But Louisa has her own world that she has navigated. She is trying to find a way to escape the demon. But there is more to this demon than what everything thinks. He has his own past that he has to fight just like everyone else.

I love Lisa Hofmann’s stories and Trading Darkness is a great addition to her stories. I love how you are taken back in time. I have to say that I didn’t like Gregory. He was power hungry and selfish. I felt worse for Maria mourning the loss of her sister and wanting to know why she was not taken.

As for Louisa and the Wishmaster, I loved their story. Louisa has grown up in this world of darkness and magic and wants out. And the Wishmaster, is he really the demon that he seems to be? I loved his reveal.

This is a wonderful story filled with history, magic, loss, and love. You really need to check this book out.

I received Trading Darkness from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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