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Nectar of the Gods


Nectar of the Gods (Beyond the Gods – 1) by Mary Bernsen

Passion doesn’t always follow the rules of fate…

Ambrosia has spent her life preparing for the day she would avenge her mother’s death. Working undercover as a prostitute, she draws in the man who took her mother’s life. Not realizing who Ambrosia is, the man admits to her that her mother is still alive – and he’s on a quest to finish what he started twenty-three years ago. Desperate to find the mother she’s never met, Ambrosia convinces him to let her help. It’s a partnership of necessity, and founded in deception – but slowly Ambrosia is faced with an uncomfortable truth: this man is not the monster Ambrosia has always envisioned him to be – and worse yet, and she finds herself drawn to him…craving his touch. How can she reconcile these intense feelings for the man who has shattered her life?

The first novel in the exciting new Beyond the Gods series from author Mary Bernsen, Nectar of the Gods is a fantasy romance steeped in Greek Mythology; full of passion that will leave you breathless.

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 Mary Bernsen

Author’s Bio

Mary Bernsen is a southwest Florida native currently living in North Port with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child that she affectionately calls husband. She is the Amazon Best Selling Author of Healing The Bayou, The Ganga Shift, and Beyond the Gods series.

She also writes young adult romances under her pseudonym, M.E. Rhines.

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My Review

5 stars

Ambrosia is determined to the find the man that killed her mother and kill him. She spends her time as a prostitute as she hunts. Then she finds him and learns that he mother may not really be dead. Ambrosia decides to partner up with Perseus as he hunts down her mother down. Ambrosia is waiting for the best time to exact her revenge when she realizes that she is starting to fall in love with Perseus.

I love stories with mythological characters in present day. It’s always fascinating to see where authors picture the gods and demigods in modern jobs. Ambrosia is determined to get even for the death of her mother but ends up learning so much more. Perseus is not as bad as she thought he was. It also worries her that for someone that likes to be alone how she craves his touch.

This is a great story and the first in a series. I love the retelling of Greek mythology and I can’t wait to see what is in store for book two.

I received Nectar of the Gods from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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Forget Her Name


Forget Her Name

Rachel’s dead and she’s never coming back. Or is she?

As she prepares for her wedding to Dominic, Catherine has never been happier or more excited about her future. But when she receives an anonymous package—a familiar snow globe with a very grisly addition—that happiness is abruptly threatened by secrets from her past.

Her older sister, Rachel, died on a skiing holiday as a child. But Rachel was no angel: she was vicious and highly disturbed, and she made Catherine’s life a misery. Catherine has spent years trying to forget her dead sister’s cruel tricks. Now someone has sent her Rachel’s snow globe—the first in a series of ominous messages…

While Catherine struggles to focus on her new life with Dominic, someone out there seems intent on tormenting her. But who? And why now? The only alternative is what she fears most.

Is Rachel still alive?

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About The Author

Jane Holland is a Gregory Award–winning poet and novelist who also writes commercial fiction under the pseudonyms Victoria Lamb, Elizabeth Moss, Beth Good and Hannah Coates. Her debut thriller, Girl Number One, hit #1 in the UK Kindle Store in December 2015. Jane lives with her husband and young family near the North Cornwall/Devon border. A homeschooler, her hobbies include photography and growing her own vegetables.

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My Review

5 stars

Catherine, Cat, is getting ready for her wedding to Dominic. But when she receives her sister’s snow globe with an eye floating in it things take a turn for the worse. Rachel was a trouble maker when they were little with Cat getting the brunt of her torment. But Cat was told that her sister died on a skiing holiday years ago. How can she be dead with the things happening to Cat are a lot like what she went through as a kid. If not Rachel, then who is out to get Cat?

Oh my goodness, what did I just read??? At first this seems like someone is just terrorizing Cat before her wedding. But the more you read, the more comes to light. But the more I learned of Cat then less I trusted her ideas and when you see how others are treating her it makes you wonder what is happening beyond the initial story.

This story is going to keep you twisted up, down, and around not knowing what is going to happen next. And just when you “think” you might know, surprise, something in the opposite direction comes to play.

This is a killer story that will leave you guessing up until the end. This is my first book from Jane Holland but it will definitely NOT be my last.

I received Forget Her Name from Rachel’s Random Resources and Netgalley for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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