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Book Details:

Book Title: The Company Files: 1. The Good Man by Gabriel Valjan
Category: Adult Fiction, 251 pages
Genre: Thriller, Historical Fiction, Crime Fiction, Espionage
Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing
Release date: December 2017
Tour dates: Feb 12 to March 2, 2018
Content Rating: PG + M (No bad language but there is an attempted rape scene, and some violence.)

Book Description:

In 1948, Vienna was divided among four powers: France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Jack Marshall had served with Walker during the war, and now, working together for The Company, they are tasked to do the inconceivable. Could former Nazis really be recruited to assist the U.S. in the atomic race? As their team moves forward, they quickly discover they are not the only ones looking for these men. And the others in the search may just have the objective of murder.

In this tale of historical noir, of corruption and deceit, no one is who they say they are. Who is The Good Man in a world where an enemy may be a friend, an ally may be the enemy, and governments deny everything?

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Meet the Author:


Gabriel Valjan is the author of The Roma Series from Winter Goose Publishing. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he enjoys the local restaurants, and his two cats, Squeak and Squawk, keep him honest to the story on the screen.
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My Review
5 Stars
It is 1948, post-World War II, and everyone is trying to scramble to get the Nazi scientists to their side with the cold war starting. Jack and Walker are in Vienna and are hunting down scientists, but they are not the only one, someone else is on the hunt too and is planning on killing the Nazi’s. It’s a race to get to the scientists first but the real challenge is to figure out who can be trusted.This is an amazing story. It was so easy to find myself in the story and slip back in time. It’s a hard time to trust anyone after World War II. So many people did what they had to just to survive, including the scientists. It’s a race to get them so the different countries can use their knowledge but who is an ally and who is working against them. Jack and Walker are going to have to be quick to save lives and careful to not lose their own.

You can tell Gabriel Valjan took his time and thoroughly researched this story. There is an air of truth that made me want to look into more about this time period. I strongly recommend reading this story. It will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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Bone Music


Bone Music (Burning GIrl – 1) by Christopher Rice

There’s more than one way to stoke the flames of revenge…

Charlotte Rowe spent the first seven years of her life in the hands of the only parents she knew—a pair of serial killers who murdered her mother and tried to shape Charlotte in their own twisted image. If only the nightmare had ended when she was rescued. Instead, her real father exploited her tabloid-ready story for fame and profit—until Charlotte finally broke free from her ghoulish past and fled. Just when she thinks she has buried her personal hell forever, Charlotte is swept into a frightening new ordeal. Secretly dosed with an experimental drug, she’s endowed with a shocking new power—but pursued by a treacherous corporation desperate to control her.

Except from now on, if anybody is going to control Charlotte, it’s going to be Charlotte herself. She’s determined to use the extraordinary ability she now possesses to fight the kind of evil that shattered her life—by drawing a serial killer out from the shadows to face the righteous fury of a victim turned avenger.

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Christopher Rice

Author’s Bio

By the age of 30, Christopher Rice had published four New York Times bestselling thrillers, received a Lambda Literary Award and been declared one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. His two novels of dark supernatural suspense, THE HEAVENS RISE and THE VINES, were both finalists for the Bram Stoker Award. He recently entered the erotic romance genre with three works in all new series called The Desire Exchange. They include THE FLAME, THE SURRENDER GATE and KISS THE FLAME.. His debut novel, A DENSITY OF SOULS, was published when the author was just 22 years old. A controversial and overnight bestseller, it was greeted with a landslide of media attention, much of it devoted to the fact that Christopher is the son of famed vampire chronicler, Anne Rice. Together with his best friend, New York Times bestselling novelist Eric Shaw Quinn, Christopher launched his own Internet radio show. THE DINNER PARTY SHOW WITH CHRISTOPHER RICE & ERIC SHAW QUINN Every episode is available for free download from the site’s show archive or on iTunes. Subscribe to The Dinner Party Show’s You Tube channel to get all of their newest content in 2016.

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My Review

4 stars

When Charlotte Rowe was younger, her name was Trina Pierce. Serial killers Abigail and Daniel Banning killed her mother and kidnapped her. Both raised Charlotte to be a killer along with them. When she was seven, the FBI stopped the Banning’s and rescued Charlotte. She was returned to her father that marketed her and made profit from her abduction. He was more concerned with the profits than actually taking care of his kid.

Now, ten years after she got away from her father, Charlotte is trying to get her life on track. She is eaten up with guilt over her childhood. She hides in her house and is working on being good. But then she is the unwilling test subject for a drug that gives her abilities. And now she is fed up with people telling her what to do. She is going to use these abilities to take back her life.

This is an interesting story. It is dark and brutal, what book about serial killers is not brutal. But there is so much more considering the psychology of these killers. My heart breaks for Charlotte and everything she goes through but I was so happy to see that she has some normalcy after her seven years of hell. And her father, what a jerk. Why couldn’t he have been one of the Banning’s victims? But when she decides to start using her abilities, I cheered. She could have followed in the Banning’s footsteps, in a sense she did, but she went another route.

I really liked this book. There is the darkness from the serial killers, the scifi from the experimental drugs, and the revenge on those that deserve it. I can see how some people wouldn’t like the story so I do warn you, it’s really good but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Little Bird Publicity for the opportunity to share this book.

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