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A Hundred Billion Ghosts
by DM Sinclair
Genre: Humorous Paranormal Mystery
319 pages
What if one day, ghosts suddenly weren’t invisible anymore?
The paranormal becomes normal in this fast and funny, wild and twisty ride
through a world teeming with the ghosts of every dead person ever.
Ryanis a planner. Always two steps ahead, living in tomorrow. But
sometimes, things just happen. Like the ghosts of every human who
ever died suddenly materializing and making the whole world haunted.
That was a bit of a surprise.
Ryan’s new plan: to get a fresh start on life by joining the dead. One
sketchy experimental procedure later, he has left his body behind and
become a ghost. And that’s when things start to go wrong.
Realizing he made a terrible mistake, Ryan wants to be alive again. But his
body has mysteriously vanished. And whoever took it will do anything
to make sure he never finds it. Now Ryan has just ten days to race
across the ghost-infested world and get back into his body, or be
obliterated forever. Also, he missed breakfast.
A wild ride perfect for fans of Christopher Moore and Neil Gaiman, A
Hundred Billion Ghosts is a “hilarious and compelling”
paranormal mystery thriller with “just the right balance of
humor, poignancy, and twists”.
If you’ve ever turned on a TV and are not picky, you’ve probably seen
something written by DM Sinclair. He’s done more than a hundred hours
of that stuff, and will happily take the blame even for shows he
didn’t write.
Later he thought it might be nice to write books for a change.
It isn’t, though.
Nevertheless, he intends to keep writing as long
as he is alive. After that he plans to visit Australia.
Like many Canadians, he lives in Canada.
My Review
5 Stars
What happens when everyone that has died suddenly becomes visible? After an event called the Blackout, that is exactly what happens. But then someone comes up with a process where the living can separate their spirit from their mortal bodies to spend time as a ghost.

Ryan Matney decides to jump on this opportunity but then decides that he wants his body back. This is where the mystery begins. It seems someone has his body and is willing to do anything to keep it hidden. Ryan is going to have to hurry, he only has 10 days to get back to his body or the separation will be permanent.

This is a great story that started out funnier than heck then sucked me into the mystery of where Ryan’s body is located and who has it. Ryan is one of those people that I could relate to; and his addiction to cereal, too funny.

This is a healthy sized book but I could not put it down. I found myself up late at night instead of sleeping and ignoring household chores wanting to know what happened next. It’s surprising that this is a first book from DM Sinclair. It was so well written that I can’t wait for the next book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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