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Shattered But Not Easily Broken by Mikel Wilson

A series of catastrophic tornadoes tear through the state of Alabama, unleashing their wrath upon several sleepy towns. The stormy winds ravage rural Sweetwater, and Ally’s life is ripped apart and forever changed.

She awakes in another town, hospitalized and injured, only to hear the devastating news that literally nothing remains of her home, or her family. Ally’s entire world is shattered. Bitter and angry, her faith broken, Ally blames God and resolves to simply give up. That is until Natalie, a kind nurse, shows her compassion and takes her in.

Ally’s tortured mind still screams for the answers only God can give, but through Natalie, Ally begins to pick up the scattered pieces of her former life and allow hope to blossom again. Just as Ally begins to soften her heart and allow God back in, tragedy strikes and Ally’s world is once again tossed about

Can Ally overcome disaster again? Or will despair drag her down into unending darkness?

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Mikel Wilson

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5 stars

It is a beautiful day in southern Alabama. Then it starts to rain and suddenly a tornado tears apart Ally’s world. She wakes in a hospital several counties away from her home. She is heartbroken to know that she has lost everything, including her family. A religious nurse at the hospital, Natalie, steps up to help Ally even though Ally is filled with grief and hates God. She constantly questions Natalie about how she can be so positive when she doesn’t know what Ally has lost.

Ally’s world is crushed. My heart broke for her knowing what she had lost. I understood the pain she was in but I have to commend Natalie for continuing to push her. Then when I learned more about Natalie, I was almost in tears. She is such a strong woman but it came from having her own troubles.

This story asks the reader to have faith and trust in God but not in a preachy way. I loved how it came across but I can see where some people might not like that. Personally I think that is exactly what Ally needed and clearly what made Natalie the strong person she was.

This is a touching story and one that I strongly recommend everyone read. Life can be wonderful and completely destroyed within seconds but faith is the key to continuing on with the struggle.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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The Clinic


The Clinic by David Jester

They didn’t have much to live for. Malcolm, Darren and Eddie, all had their own tragedies, their own demons to face. Malcolm was alone in the world, Darren might as well have been and Eddie, well, Eddie wished he was.

The isolated rehab clinic was not an easy target for these opportunistic thieves, on the contrary, it revealed a dark past and an evil that was sown way before their time. The sterile corridors and soulless rooms swarmed with a depravity that they never imagined possible.

The Clinic is the story of a regrettable heist, of three delinquents who find a lot more than they bargained for. A gripping, thrilling and spine-chilling story of suspense, fear and pure evil.

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David Jester 

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David Jester is a novelist and short story writer living in the North East of England. His books include the comedy, An Idiot in Love, and the gruesome horror, This Is How You Die.

He is published by Skyhorse Publishing and represented by Peter Beren.

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My Review

4 Stars

Malcolm, Darren, and Eddie are unlikely friends. One night they are robbing a drunk man’s house and don’t find anything of value. Eddie tells the other two about a story he heard from this uncle about a clinic in the woods for the rich. They three friends decide to rob the clinic. But there is something wrong with this clinic; it’s not for the rich but the psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. And the nuts are now running the nut house.

The three boys have their own issues. Darren comes from a broken home where his mother, addicted to drugs and alcohol has hooked up with a man just like her. Malcolm only had his mother until the day she left. Now he is on his own. Then there is Eddie. He is from a middle class home and has no wants. But he wants the attention from his friends.

There are small clues that this clinic is not what the boys think it is but they are too excited to score the lot. What they find is a bloody, brutal mess that the inmates have created in their takeover of the asylum. Think bloody slasher films where the blood flows like rivers. Soon the boys are on the run for their own lives.

This is a bloody, gory horror stories for those that enjoy their brutality. The boys have clearly gotten in over their heads and look like they will lose them before the end of the night. I admit that I didn’t expect the ending.

This is a good story but one that you will either like or hate. I could see several people not finding this their cup of tea. As for me, it was a good, gore filled read. I am curious to read other books from David Jester.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Sky Horse Publishing for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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