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by Vanessa Morgan
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Clervaux, Luxembourg. This secluded, picturesque town in the middle of Europe
is home to more cats than people. For years, tourists have flocked to
this place – also known as “cat haven” – to meet the cats and
buy cat-related souvenirs.
When Aidan, Jess and their five-year-old daughter, Eleonore, move from
America to Clervaux, it seems as if they’ve arrived in paradise. It
soon becomes evident, though, that the inhabitants’ adoration of
their cats is unhealthy. According to a local legend, each time a cat
dies, nine human lives are taken as a punishment. To tourists, these
tales are supernatural folklore, created to frighten children on cold
winter nights. But for the inhabitants of Clervaux, the danger is
horrifyingly real.
Initially, Aidan and Jess regard this as local superstition, but when Jess runs
over a cat after a night on the town, people start dying, one by one,
and each time it happens, a clowder of cats can be seen roaming the premises.
Are they falling victim to the collective paranoia infecting the entire
town? Or is something unspeakably evil waiting for them?
Their move to Europe may just have been the worst decision they ever made.
Vanessa Morgan is known as the “female version of Stephen King.” Three of
her works
(The Strangers Outside, Next to Her, A Good Man)
have become movies. When
she’s not working on her latest book, you can find her
watching horror movies, digging through flea markets, or photographing felines for
her blog
Traveling Cats.
My Review
4 Stars
In Eselborn in 1789 there is a horrible winter that found the residence freezing and starving. People would go out to hunt but would disappear. Those that went out looking for them never returned. But it seems the author of the journal entry discovered something strange in Clervauz.

Clervauz, Luxembourg is also known as “cat haven.” There are more cats to humans and tourists visit to see the cats and buy cat merchandise. But on May 2015, Camille learns that the curse she learned as a child is true. That there is more to the curse than when a cat is killed nine people must die.

In present day, veterinarian Aidan Burns has moved his family from America to Clervauz. But it seems there is more happening in this little town than just the curse. Things start going badly for Aidan and Jess, lies are told, hearts are broken, and people are dying.

Being a crazy cat lady meant I couldn’t get through my TBR list fast enough to start reading it. I liked the premise and it started out with just the right amount of creep to peak my curiosity. When a cat is killed nine people must die?! Heck yeah! And when she comes after you, there is nowhere to hide.

But I have to say the whole portion where the trouble between Aidan and Jess gets rough could have been left out. I know it was there to make things tougher for them but I didn’t really feel it in the story. Killer cats was enough for me.

Over all this is a good thriller. This is the first book of Vanessa Morgan’s that I have read but I am hooked. I can’t wait to get another one. This is a good thriller to check out, especially if you like or are afraid of cats.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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