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Reset by Brian Andrews

The human mind has always been unhackable…until now.

Deep in the Afghan mountains, Sergeant Michael Pitcher discovers an object with powers that defy explanation. After interacting with it, he suffers a traumatic seizure and is flown home for evaluation.

Cleared by the doctors, Michael goes home to his relieved wife, Josie. But he’s a changed man. The once-loving husband is now coldly withdrawn. After emptying the couple’s bank account, he disappears into the night.

When a team of scientists connected to Sergeant Pitcher vanishes without a trace, CIA agent Dean Ninemeyer comes to him for insight—only to find that the recovering soldier has also disappeared.

Dean and Josie must now join forces in a desperate race against time, searching for answers in an ever-twisting mystery. What they uncover is a chilling conspiracy that already has the fate of the world in its grip.

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Brian Andrews

Author’s Bio

Brian is a US Navy veteran who served as an officer on nuclear submarines. He is a Park Leadership Fellow, holds a degree in psychology from Vanderbilt and an MBA from Cornell.

For 2016, Brian is the co-author of two covert ops thrillers with Jeffrey Wilson: TIER ONE (Thomas & Mercer) published as Andrews & Wilson, and BEIJING RED (Crooked Lane) penned under Alex Ryan.

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My Review

5 stars

We find ourselves with Michael Pitcher as he discovers something strange in a cave in Afghanistan that takes control of him. When Michael seems to recover from his ordeal in Afghanistan he is a completely different person and goes on the run. What is happening to Michael and what is the strange object that is found in the cave that affects all that it touches.

I read Brian Andrews Tier One story and just loved it. When I saw Reset I was curious to see where he was going to take me with this story. You jump in right into a great mystery as you learn of a Captain in a straight jacket and in an asylum. It seems he almost started World War Three but he has no recollection of this. But at the end you learn that someone is controlling him.

From there we have another man that has fallen under the control of something but we don’t know what. If this mind control issue was not enough we also have survivalists preparing for the next apocalypse. Can’t see how this fits together? Don’t worry, you will get sucked in and will see the big picture soon enough. But will you like how it ends. It sure makes you think.

I loved this story. It has a great thrilling story with lots of action and the real touch of the military. If that was not enough, I loved the strong characters, especially the women. Give me a strong, intelligent woman and you have my full attention.

This is a fantastic story and one I strongly recommend. You can’t go wrong with Reset, especially when it makes you think about the possibilities in the real world.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Talcott Notch Literary Services for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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