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Firestorm by [Ritchie, Solange]

Firestorm by Solange Ritchie

 FBI forensic pathologist Dr. Catherine “Cat” Powers and her young son, Joey, have been trying to cope with the emotional aftermath of life without Mark, Cat’s ex-husband and Joey’s father. Joey is especially vulnerable after his kidnapping by the “Burning Man” a year ago. But when a mysterious manila envelope arrives in Cat’s mailboxa “gift” from a serial killer from Cat’s pastshe realizes that she and Joey may never be safe again.

Once again, she teams up with police detective Jim McGregor, but as they methodically hunt down one serial killer, Southern California’s beautiful neighborhoods begin to burn, one by one. As powerful Santa Ana winds whip the flames, Cat knows she must catch another killera serial arsonist who is happy not only to burn buildings but to watch his infernos consume people’s lives. With the intensity and ferocity of the fires increasing, Cat knows time is running out. Will she pay the ultimate price? Or will she bring these killers to justice?

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Solange Ritchie

Author’s Bio

Born on the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica of a Jamaican father and a French mother, Solange Ritchie immigrated to the United States at age eleven. Since then, she has been a dynamic force for change. Fed up with thrillers that start with a fizzle and longing to see more powerful women as lead characters, Solange decided to create her own characters. Despite the demands of a busy legal career, she accomplished her ambitious goal by rising each morning to write before work, dedicating her weekends to writing, and even spending her vacation time writing.

Words have always been Solange’s passion—now so more than ever.

Solange achieved a successful writing career while doing “last minute trials,” mostly in Southern California. Dubbed “the Case Saver,” Solange did the heavy lifting, handling intense legal motions that either make or break a case, especially in business, labor, and employment law areas. Once cases get beyond that point, they either settle or they go to trial.

Solange received the State Bar of California’s Solo and Small Firm Section’s highest award, the Myer J. Sankary Attorney of the Year Award for 2014. Only one attorney is selected for this honor each year. The award is given to an individual who has exercised notable leadership or contributed to the development of greater justice in a field of law. The award is presented annually to an individual who is a sole practitioner or a member of a small firm and who has devoted years of faithful service and leadership to the community or his or her fellow attorneys.

One of more than eleven thousand graduates of Western State University College of Law, Solange was recently inducted into the Western State University College of Law Alumni Hall of Fame. While in law school, Solange rose through the law review ranks to become editor in chief while working full time as a paralegal. When people told her it couldn’t be done, she did it anyway. Solange has always been tenacious. Her personal motto is “Don’t quit and never surrender.”

When Solange was just thirty-seven years old, her first husband, John, died due to gross medical negligence at a Southern California hospital. That life-altering experience helped shape her into the person she is today. She began writing creatively as a way to deal with the stress of his hospitalization and his death.

With a passion for philanthropic work (stemming from growing up with an older brother with Down’s syndrome and John’s death), Solange served on numerous charitable and legal boards, including the California Women Lawyers Association, the Orange County Bar Association, the Orange County Women Lawyers Association, the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, the Community Court’s Foundation, and El Viento.

Solange’s first psychological thriller, The Burning Man, featuring FBI forensic pathologist Dr. Catherine “Cat” Powers was published in 2015. Her second novel, Firestorm, is due for release in May 2018.

She regularly publishes articles on a variety of legal and nonlegal issues and speaks to both attorneys and law students on topics such as punitive damages, civil procedure, and diversity and gender equality and how to find fulfillment and balance in the busy practice of law. Solange lives in South Florida. She enjoys traveling, writing, Pilates, and yoga, as well as good food and great conversation.

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My Review

5 stars

Cat Powers is back but her and Joey are still hurting a year later with the dead of Mark. But when she gets a mysterious “gift” in the mail from Eric when he had Joey. She knows that they are never going to be safe no matter what they do. But there is no time to feel sorry for herself and Joey. So she is off to team up with detective Jim McGregor to try and stop Eric for good.

But there is more to Eric’s story than we think. It seems an arsonist has started wild fires and he knows Eric for years earlier. Their story add many layers of aha and OMG to this story. All the while making things more tense as you hope that Cat and Jim can stop these two.

This is a fantastic story and marvelous sequel to The Burning Man. When Cat received Eric’s gift, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Creepy!! Then you find out about David and more about Eric’s past. Talk about true evil. But if they have survived this long, that just makes stopping them that much harder.

If you like psychological thrillers you need to get these two books. But if you are going to read them, make sure to make plans. Once you open the book, you will not willingly put either down until they are finished. You NEED to check them out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


The Burning Man

It is a summer night in upscale Orange County, California. When young beautiful Consuelo Vargas turns up horribly mutilated and left for dead in a strawberry field, the Irvine Police Department call in top FBI Forensic pathologist/agent, Dr. Catherine (“Cat”) Powers solve a string of murders.

Charged with hunting down a twisted serial killer dubbed the “The Burning Man” as more bodies turn up, Cat embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Her actions will destroy the people she holds most dear. Her decisions will forever change the lives of those she loves.

Little does she know, The Burning Man waits for her, drawing her closer into his web of death, lies and deceit, so that he can take from her the ultimate prize. He waits for her in plain sight forcing her to make a choice no mother should ever have to make.

Suspenseful from the first page, this novel traces the painfully real struggles of a driven woman torn between her career demands and single motherhood, a family saga involving Cat’s young son and his loss of innocence at the hands of a madman and explores the bond shared by a mother and child as they combat pure evil. Cat knows only that she will do anything to catch this killer and keep those she loves alive. But will it be enough?

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My Review

5 stars

A serial killer dubbed The Burning Man, due to his use of acid, is on the loose. Dr. Catherine, Cat, Powers is called in to help catch him. With experience with pathological and behavioral forensics she is the perfect person to catch this killer. But she is divided right now. She is divorced and a single mom of her six year old. She has to leave her son with his father to concentrate on this killer. But The Burning Man has started to target Cat. He is playing cat and mouse with her. But then he crosses a line and involves her son.

This is an amazing, high tension story. Cat is good at her job but she is struggling as a single mom with her son. But as good as she is in her field, she is still human and some of her choices seem to cause more problems for her than helping her out. The Burning Man is an evil, genius killer type. I wanted more information about him. What happened to make him the way he was?

I think this is a killer psychological thriller that is well written and an amazing first book. There were twists and turns that threw me off and kept me in the story. I loved this book and recommend checking it out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Page-Turner Publicity for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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The Twilight Saint (The God’s of Morning – 1) by Jessica Penot

It has been thousands of years since the fall of the great nations, and the tribes that remain in the ashes of the fallen must fight to survive in the shadows. In this desperate landscape, Ailive has spent her entire life fighting for the honor of her tribe and she has grown weary of war. When Ailive sees a chance to escape her fate, she flees into a chaotic landscape where death and darkness lurk behind every friendly face until she finds refuge in the peaceful city at the center of her world. In this city, Ailive finds everything she’s ever dreamt of, but news of a strange prophet from the South brings whispers of war to Ailive’s peaceful home. Now Ailive alone can stop the genocide of an entire tribe of people. Ailive alone holds the key to bringing peace to the world and destroying the monstrous man whom she once loved, if she can only gain the courage to pick up her sword again and make herself fulfill the destiny she’s fought her entire life.

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Author’s Bio

I love all things scary. Things that go bump in the night. Things that make you not want to go down to the basement (but you still do) or up to the attic (still going up there.) Things that know your phone number, call you up and whisper, “I’m already in the house.”

My books are scary but my heroines and heroes are strong. They can handle it. And they’re known to crack a joke or two.

Join me on my journey as I explore the darkness that exists just beyond our consciousness. And the people who are ready to fight evil that exists just around the corner.

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My Review

5 stars

Ailive was given away at a young age and trained to become an assassin. She is just as good as the men but she is always looked down on because she is a woman. She is abused and tortured with her bloody training but becomes the strong woman needed to survive in this world. But then she sees what is happening around her and wants peace over the bloody violence she is immersed with. So Ailive is broken and wanders, meets various people, and is shaped into the woman needed to stand up for peace.

This is a brutal yet wonderful story. Ailive is a poor girl that is shaped into an assassin. It is a horrible life yet she excels. But there is a breaking point and Ailive goes on a hard journey to experience many other settlements and cultures. She finds herself drawn to peace but as the warrior she is she may not reach that goal.

This is a well written book with lots of messages. There is a lot of violence and abuse that may be a trigger for some readers. It’s not pretty but it is life. I have to say that the ending was expected but still hard to read.

This is a great story and one I recommend for those that would have no problem reading a bloody journey of discovery.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Sage’s Book Tours for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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Indigo Lost


Indigo Lost (Infinity Squared – 1) by SR Summers

The First book in the Infinity Squared Series. Don’t think. Just run. When what lies ahead is less fearful than what lies behind, and west-coast unknowns less terrifying than east-side tragedies, there is no choice other than the one through the window at the end of a third-floor police station corridor. Without another thought, the girl runs. Her jump will take her to the street below, to encounters with humanity that will both shock and save her, to the girl she becomes the one who knows how to fight, but also survive, even shine, in the darkest places. She does not go unnoticed. The mob boss, the ruler of Vegas, has seen her. But she is not ready to be seen. And this time there is no corridor, and no window.

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Author’s Bio

Living in Leamington Spa, West Midlands, S.R. Summers owns and runs the popular ZouBisou cafe. Previously, she has enjoyed a career working within broadcast media whilst living in Belgium and within the field of e-commerce. She also holds a degree in History from the University of Cambridge. When not managing her cafe, you’ll find her busy writing and working on the final book in her Infinity Squared eight-part series. The first in the series, Indigo Lost by S.R, Summers (published by ShieldCrest Publishing  April 2018 RRP £20 hardback, £12 paperback and £5.99 e-book) is available to purchase from online retailers, including Amazon, and to order from all good bookstores. For more information you can follow the author @indigolost.


My Review

5 stars

In her short life, Indigo has known violence and pain. Her father is controlling and abusive often just looking for a reason to beat his wife and children. But one day things go too far and his wife and daughter die. Indigo is taken in but has already learned that she can only rely on herself so she runs, out a third floor window. Indigo learns she has some special abilities.

Then we meet Donny Capello. He is an up and coming mob boss and is plotting how he is going to gain some real power in Las Vegas. But then he finds himself saved by Indigo. He is determined to find her. But is he really as bad as he seems? Indigo can’t escape as easily as she did before.

I really loved this story. You have the heartbreaking story of a young girl that has know abuse and death by her father. But she has managed to get by until she catches Donny’s eye. I can’t help but hope for the best for Indigo. I loved Donny, he is a tough guy but he does have a heart of gold. But in his line of work you know both of them are going to be mixing with the worst of the worst.

There is lots of action, painfully true abuse, and an amazing story that will wrap you up and leave you wanting more at the end. I saw that this is the first book in a planned eight book series and I can’t wait to get my hands on books two.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review of this book.

I would like to thank Authoright for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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