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Life in a Box


Life in a Box by Einat Lifshitz Shem-Tov

What if you found out your entire life was a lie?One dark and rainy night, Eva, a young girl, receives the traumatic message that both her parents have died in a car crash. With no relatives, Eva is compelled to learn how to live on her own. But in the days that follow the accident, strange incidents begin to occur: she receives an odd phone call, a mysterious document is found in the pantry and a check is delivered by mail addressed to a person she does not know.

The two men in Eva’s life guide her along a mysterious path of discovery With the help of her high school friend, Roy, she opens the sealed boxes of her life and embarks on a fascinating journey. She meets another young man who holds a secret that will influence her forever. He falls in love with her and leads her into a world she could not have known to exist.

But at what price the pursuit of truth? From a quiet and insecure girl, Eva becomes an independent, confident, and assertive woman. Along with the two men in her life, she uncovers the most hidden and unimaginable secrets about her family and herself. But is she willing to pay any price to pursue the truth?

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Einat Lifshitz Shem-Tov

Author’s Bio

Einat Lifshitz Shem Tov has been a guidance counselor and family therapist for more than twenty years. During that time she met with people who opened their hearts to her and heard stories that made her squirm. Sometimes it was very hard to listen, but when she succeeded in helping people to make even a small change, it was worth it. Many of those stories were about complicated relationships, and some provided inspiration for her books. The characters she creates are confronted with difficult dilemmas, secrets, intricate romances, and unresolved pasts. The Interesting thing is that even though she creates the problems that appear in her stories, she is always curious to know how they will be solved. Being yourself and not letting others control you or make choices for you is a life motto for her. Einat gives lectures about fulfillment, pursuing one’s dreams, and the ability to choose. This is her first published book; the second one is now undergoing the editing process.
Einat loves to travel, especially to the East. She has been in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and more. Sometimes she forgets that she is not in her teens anymore. She has trekked in the Himalayas and slept in hostels with no hot water or electricity, but she enjoyed every minute of it. She also enjoys folk dancing and loves dogs. Einat lives in a lovely village in Israel with her husband, two daughters, and Breezer, her dog.

My Review

4 stars

Twenty year old Eva has just lost her parents to a car accident. She is lost and adrift in their house. As she goes from one place to another, she has memories of how hard her father was as she remembers how he told her she can’t rely on others she only has herself. Her mother wasn’t any better being as weak as she was and floating around in her kitchen doing everything she was told.

But as Eva start going through the house, she is discovering strange things. First a mysterious birth certificate in the pantry and then a refund check for a strange woman. She is curious about who this woman is and starts looking into her. But she also discovers boxes of stuff from her life in the basement and starts going through them. These things bring back memories of Eva’s life and many things that she has forgotten.

Eva is shaken by the loss of her parents but curious about this mystery woman that she has never heard about. She decides to start tracking her down with the help of her childhood friend Roy, her co-worker, and another man she meets. They have their work cut out for them since every clue they have seems to lead to a dead end.

Then you have Eva’s life. She didn’t come from the most loving family and had her own issues. But as she goes through the boxes and remembers different parts of her life you get a bigger picture of what was going on. Her mother was not as weak as she though. And there was so much more to her father.

I really enjoyed this book. I easily got caught in it and was very curious at who this mystery woman was. It was a great journey watching Eva go from this shy and closed off person to the strong woman she becomes. This is a good story and one that I think people will enjoy reading.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Ari at Candid Book Reviews for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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Urban Fantasy
Date Published: June 2017 (Second edition – April 2018)
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 ***Contains Graphic Violence/Adult Content***
Can a detective save a prophet from a monster?
Harry is an Army veteran who survived a childhood tragedy and tough years in foster care. Today, he’s a pragmatic and no-nonsense Homicide detective investigating the Victor Adamson kidnapping. As he digs for leads, Harry realizes he’s in the middle of a dark conspiracy, and his life is in jeopardy. His only option is to save Victor. But to do that, he must embrace the supernatural. He has to believe monsters are real. If he doesn’t, then both he and Victor may die.
A new terror nibbled as she caught her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Horror crept down her spine and twisted her guts into knots. She wasn’t smiling, so why was her reflection? And the eyes were wrong. The pupils looked like they were on fire.


Through narrow eye slits, he could see her studying his features. Harry found her vigil unsettling. She brushed her cheek against his and made a soft purr. He was offended by her tenderness. If only he could bring himself to full alertness. But with agonizing frustration, he could only lay as still as a corpse and endure her arms around his shoulders, her heart beating against his chest, and the feel of her skin on his face.
About the Author
I’m a Paranormal/Supernatural Award Winning author who grew up in Richmond, Virginia. As a child I suffered from night terrors. Sleep paralysis leaves me with the inability to move or speak, but I sometimes see and hear unnatural things. Who wants to have nightmares about demons or ghosts? My nightmare demons aren’t always hideous. To this day, I believe true evil is seductive, even beautiful. I managed to accept my nightmare world by writing about demons who would sip your soul while giving you a kiss.
I’m just a humble writer trying to be a novelist. I’ve been compared to Stephen King. That’s no accident. I didn’t grow up trying to copy him. I wouldn’t dare. I just read most of his books and adopted his style. But seriously, if you’re going to learn, why not learn from one of the best?
Am I right? Or should I say, am I write? Yeah, I know…sad humor.
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Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Date Published:  March 2017
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When English professor Lam Corso receives a death threat at work, he laughs it off. A liberal activist teaching at a small Southern conservative college, he’s used to stirring up controversy on campus. It’s just part of the give and take of life. Even when violently attacked, Lam is convinced it has to be a mistake. He can’t imagine anyone who would want to kill him for his beliefs.
When his home is broken into and his wife’s business vandalized, Lam is forced to face facts. The police can’t find a single lead. Lam’s wife—a passionate anti-gun crusader—is outraged when Lam brings a gun into the house for protection. Left to their own devices, Lam and Susan must examine their marriage, faith, and values in the face of a carefully targeted attack from an assailant spurred into action by a different set of beliefs.
What will it cost to survive?
In the silence immediately after Susan screamed, Simon’s high wail came from upstairs. Billy’s voice broke through, “Mom? What happened, Mom?” His voiced moved to the top of the stairs. “Mama, I’m scared. Where are you?” Simon was sobbing.
Susan grabbed the flashlight and scrambled to her feet. The darkness of the room pressed in on her, weighted with threat, the silence in the downstairs smothering her voice. She shined the flashlight toward the stairway, heading that way, and yelled, “Boys, can you see the light from the flashlight?”
She flicked the light around the room, and seeing nobody, she yelled again, with less panic this time, “Nothing to be afraid of, Billy. I’m sorry I scared you. You and Simon come on downstairs right now.” She shined the light on the stairway steps, fear crawling up her spine from the darkness behind her.
About the Author

Gary Guinn was a liberal professor at a conservative college. The idea for this book came from actual events early in his teaching career. He lives in the southern Ozark Mountains with his wife, Mary Ann, and their two dogs. He loves to read, write, walk, travel, and brew beer (and of course drink it). His short fiction has been published in literary magazines and anthologies. Sacrificial Lam is his second novel.
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Game Players


Game Players by Anita Waller

When a gang of six children playing in their den in the woods spot a man burying drugs nearby, it marks the beginning of the end of their childhoods.

Unsure what to do, the children dig up the drugs and take them away. But when the dealer, who they watched bury the stash, shows up dead, the youngsters are thrown into turmoil.

Scared of what might happen, the children tell the police about the body they have discovered.

Meanwhile, a group of gangsters start searching for their missing drugs.

Soon the children and their families become the target of the vicious criminals who will stop at nothing to retrieve their narcotics…

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Anita Waller

Author’s Bio

I was born in Sheffield, UK, on 5 January 1946, and it cost Mum and Dad £1.11.6d to have me! No NHS in those days…
I have always written and can viv

idly remember writing compositions at school that branched out into mini novels with chapters. By my mid thirties I was tackling romance and have five or six novels that I wrote on an Amstrad 8256 sitting on my shelf. One day I will type them into Word just to say I have. However, it was only when I tried to introduce a touch of murder into the romance that I realised romance wasn’t my ‘thing’, and in 1995 I wrote Beautiful.

It was accepted for publication but the publishers went into liquidation before the contract was signed, and so I consigned it in disgust to the attic, where it lay for almost twenty years until I decided to retype it. It took me a long and painful eighteen months.

I sent it to Bloodhound Books, had a contract within four days and I was up and running.

I have an amazing family who fully support my new career at the age of seventy; Dave is my husband of fifty years, Matt, our son born in 1973 and now living in Kirkheaton with his wife Richelle and daughters Katie and Melissa, Siân who was born in 1981 and lives around ten seconds away with Anthony, her fiance, and her children, Dom and Cerys, and Kirsty, our youngest daughter born in 1987 and living in Sheffield with fiance Nicky, and their children Lyra and Isaac. Matt has a grown up son, Brad who shares his life with Adassa, and our beautiful granddaughter Katie is pregnant with our first great-grandchild, a little girl due on our golden wedding anniversary, 7 January 2017. Life is good.

I now have three books in publication, and as of today(13 October 2016) all three of the books are in Amazons top 100 in psychological thrillers. 34 Days, the new one, is in their top 100 paid (overall) at no 70.

My books are Beautiful, published 31 August 2015, Angel (sequel to Beautiful), published 7 May 2016, and 34 Days, published 3 October 2016. I am currently working on Essence of Lavender, – a change of genre for this one book, to supernatural.

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My Review

4 stars

Six children are playing in the woods when they see the local drug dealer Vinnie Walmsley burying a package. They dig up the package and discover it is drugs and hide it somewhere else. When he is later found dead the kids go to the police about his death. But there are other players that are looking for the drugs and they know the kids found them. They start going after the kids and their families to get the drug back.

This was a great thriller. I was on the edge of my seat hoping the kids and their families made it out of the fight over the drugs. You can’t help but get invested in the kids and their families. They are a great set of friends and they are just trying to do the right thing. Of course when dealing with drug dealers and missing product you just know that things are going to go wrong, in the worst way possible, and all you can do is pray to make it through.

This is my first book from Anita Waller but it will NOT be my last. It was so easy to care about these well written characters, especially when it is kids. Of course there are some brutal scenes but they are well written. This is a great thriller and one that I think people will really enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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