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The Doomsday Girl (Dan Reno – 6) by Dave Stanton

Melanie Jordan’s life seemed perfect. Until masked intruders arrive at her house, demanding gold she doesn’t have. A savage blow to the head puts her in a coma and when Melanie regains consciousness, she learns her husband has been murdered and her ten-year-old daughter is missing.

Private Eye Dan Reno begins investigating, but nothing about the case makes sense. Was there gold at the house or wasn’t there? Was Melanie’s husband hiding something? And what happened to Melanie’s daughter?

To complicate things, the case leads to Las Vegas, where Reno’s loose-cannon friend, Cody Gibbons, is trying to repair his relationship with his college-aged daughter, an intern with Las Vegas P.D.

When clues implicate Russian mobsters and a mysterious African illegal, Reno tries to stay in the shadows, but once the criminals feel the noose tightening, they raise the stakes to a deadly level.

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 Dave Stanton

Author’s Bio

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1960, Dave Stanton moved to Northern California in 1961. He attended San Jose State University and received a BA in journalism in 1983. Over the years, he worked as a bartender, newspaper advertising salesman, furniture mover, debt collector, and technology salesman. He has two children, Austin and Haley, and lives with his wife, Heidi, in San Jose, California.

Stanton is the author of six novels, all featuring private investigator Dan Reno and his ex-cop buddy, Cody Gibbons.

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My Review

5 stars

Melanie Jordan’s life was perfect until some intruders break into her house looking for gold. She ends up in a coma for a month and awakens to learn that her husband has been killed and her ten year old daughter has been kidnapped. Melanie’s mother hires Dan Reno to find her missing granddaughter and to catch the men responsible. Dan doesn’t really like Lillian but he wants to help Melanie.

Dan finds it odd that Lillian is pushing him to solve the case since it has only been two months. But he quickly finds himself in a multi-state jurisdictional mess. But he keeps going and finds himself in quiet a mess and in the middle of doomsday preppers. He also finds a lot of action that is going to keep him on his toes if he is going to stay alive and solve this case.

Dan is a great investigator that tends to find himself in odd cases, without enough information, and lots of trouble. Of course you have a simple story that is going to have a lot of twists and turns trying to find the truth and a lot of action to keep you on the edge of your seat. If that was not enough, Dan also has his girlfriend which is looking like they are ready to take the next step. I also loved seeing Cody as a father. It looks like things might finally be settling him down too.

I love this series and when I learned it is the last book I was very sad. I now I have missed a couple books that I have missed and I will be catching up. I can’t wait to see what Dave Stanton is going to come up with next.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Bloodhound Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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