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See You Soon, Afton


See You Soon, Afton (Afton Morrison – 2) by Brent Jones

Somebody is watching. Somebody is always watching.

A teenage girl in Wakefield has been abducted, and tracking her down not only tests Afton’s moral limits, but threatens her freedom and her life.

Suspected of murder by local police, and under the watch of a menacing figure in the shadows, Afton’s search and rescue effort unravels dark secrets from her own past. Familial secrets her mother took to the grave, more than a decade ago.

See You Soon, Afton is the second of four parts in a new serial thriller by author Brent Jones. Packed with grit and action, The Afton Morrison Series delves into a world of moral ambiguity, delivering audiences an unlikely heroine in the form of a disturbed vigilante murderess.

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 Brent  Jones

Author’s Bio

From bad checks to bathroom graffiti, Brent Jones has always been drawn to writing. He won a national creative writing competition at the age of fourteen, although he can’t recall what the story was about. Seventeen years later, he gave up his career to pursue creative writing full-time.

Jones writes from his home in Fort Erie, Canada. He’s happily married, a bearded cyclist, a mediocre guitarist, and the proud owner of two dogs with a God complex. Subscribe to his newsletter (AuthorBrentJones.com) or follow him on social media for updates.

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My Review

5 stars

Afton has her hands full. The Man in the Shadows killed Kenneth but left a message for her making the police think she is the killer. Then her assistant, Kim has disappeared and she is in The Man’s hands. Afton wants to kill him but it comes to light that he has known Afton for a long time and her past is going to come out and bite her.

The more I read about Afton the more I have come to hope she gets to kill someone. But I have to say the reveal about The Man in the Shadow and more turned this story on its head. That ending caught me off guard and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I really hope she gets to follow through on her plans.

This is a great series and a super quick read. I do recommend starting at the beginning or you will miss something. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank the Brent Jones for the opportunity to read and share his book.

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Wanting You

Sorry everyone, I dropped the ball on this one.



Book 2 in the Hollywood Heat series

By Leslie A. Kelly

Release Date: July 1, 2018

No celebrity secret stays buried for long in USA Today bestselling author Leslie A. Kelly’s sexy and suspenseful Hollywood Heat series.

A cold case is suddenly too hot to handle

Police officer Rowan Winchester wants nothing to do with his family’s A-list Hollywood legacy. Working with the LAPD is his way of atoning for the Winchesters’ dark and secretive past. And, right now, the last thing Rowan needs is true-crime novelist Evie Fleming nosing around the most notorious deaths in Los Angeles – including the ones that haunt his own family.

To make things worse, he’s torn between wanting the wickedly smart writer out of his city… and just plain wanting her.

While researching her latest book, Evie suspects that a dangerous new killer is prowling the City of Angels. Now she just has to convince the devastatingly handsome cop that she’s right. Soon Evie and Rowan are working together to try to find the killer, even as their attraction ignites.

But when the killer hones in on Evie, she and Rowan realize they’ll have to solve this case fast if they want to stay alive.

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Leslie A. Kelly

About the Author

Leslie A. Kelly is a New York Times, USA Today Bestselling Author of dark romantic thrillers and sexy romance (as Leslie Kelly.)

Known for their dark, edgy plots, strong characters, intense action, and powerful worldbuilding, Leslie’s romantic thrillers have won great acclaim, including the National Reader’s Choice Award, the Aspen Gold Award, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and is a current Maggie Award finalist. A four time finalist for the prestigious Rita Award, Leslie has also been honored with the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award.

Leslie lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband of 30 years, one recent-college-grad daughter, and two spoiled dogs. Visit her online here or, for her light romances here.

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The author is giving away 5 ebooks of Wanting You and a grand prize: $25 Amazon GC!

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 Excerpt from WANTING YOU

Here in the bright interior light, he got a better look at her perfectly-shaped face, her full lips…and the bruise on her jaw that was darkening by the second.

He put his fingertips on the bottom of her chin lifted her face to examine it more closely. He held her gently, not wanting to add any more fingerprint-shaped marks to her beautiful skin, like the ones that married her neck and throat.

“I should’ve broken his hands,” he muttered.

She stared up at him, those big eyes bluer than the Pacific on a calm day, and licked her lips. A hint of color flushed her cheeks, and her mouth opened a tiny bit as her breaths deepened. They stood close together, her soft body brushing against his in a few places. Not intimate places…but the touch was intimate just the same.

The peach-pie fragrance of her shampoo filled his head every time he inhaled. Color rose in her cheeks, and her throat trembled as she swallowed hard. He suspected she was just as affected by the sudden heat rising between them.

The urge to catch that soft mouth and kiss her until all her dark memories of tonight were obliviated nearly overpowered him.

So much for the hero.

Rowan dropped his hand, gritting his teeth to keep himself from cursing for being weak enough to even consider kissing her.

Evie Fleming had been attacked a few short hours ago. She was a victim in need of safety and security. Not a come-on from a guy she barely even knew.

He stepped back and swiped a hand through his hair, then jerked a thumb toward a closed door. “The master bedroom’s right there. There’s a big sunken tub with jets. Feel free to take advantage of it.”

“Isn’t that your room?”

“No, I’ve been staying in the other guest room. Speaking of which, I oughta grab my stuff.”

To leave. To go home. To remove himself from temptation.

“You’re sure Detective?”

Sure? Hell yes he was sure.

Hell no he wasn’t sure.

His brain and his body just couldn’t seem to come together to make that call.

One thing was certain, though, if he was this wound-up about a stranger—a woman he was supposed to just be protecting—he needed to get out more. His recent assignment had played hell with his sex life, and it had obviously been far too long since he’d been laid.

Yeah, that was it. Being near any attractive woman would cause the same churning low in his gut and the tension shooting in waves throughout his body.

You are so full of shit.

His inner voice was both amused and disgusted. Maybe if he kept telling himself he was just an average guy who hadn’t had sex in a few months—pretending it didn’t have anything to do with her big blue eyes, that ashy-blond hair, the angel’s face and the curvy body—he’d start to believe it.

“You really can stay here, you know.” She gazed up at him, visibly trusting, still seeing a nice cop, and not recognizing the horny wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Decent guys do not take advantage of crime victims.

Right. Time to go.

“Thanks but now I’m looking forward to a night in my own bed.”

Don’t think about beds, Jesus, man.

“I’ll pick you up in the morning and take you back to your car.”

“I hate to put you to more trouble. I’ve been nothing but trouble to you.”

He shook his head. “I’m glad I was there, Evie.”

“So am I,” she whispered, stepping closer to him. “Very glad.”

Her tongue swept out to moisten her lips, and just like that, with that miniscule movement, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep again until he’d tasted that mouth. It made no sense, it wasn’t wise or particularly noble, but that mouth had been driving him nuts for hours, and he just had to kiss her.

So he did.

He didn’t think about it, didn’t really plan it, didn’t worry about what would come afterward. He simply touched her chin again, lifting her face, and then brushed his lips against hers. Soft, slow, and easy. A kiss that wasn’t really going anywhere—couldn’t go anywhere, not if he ever wanted to think of himself as a decent guy again. No, it had no particular destination, but was a hell of a nice way to get there.

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Shadow’s Hand
The Shadow’s Creed Saga Book 1
by Noelle Nichols
Genre: Epic Fantasy
I used to believe our morals were absolute.
I no longer am certain.
Imposters pose as our Shadow group, spreading panic and killing innocents
across the lands. These False Shadows wield a magic in its infancy, a
power they call the Skills. There’s great potential to this power,
but a menacing undertone taints those who wield it. Their intentions
are sinister, without purpose, and their morals, questionable.
I am Kilo, a Shadow of Vaiyene, and I vow to put an end to these False
Shadows. My friends have been killed. My homeland, threatened. These
imposters know our weakness, and they seek to exploit who we are. I
fear before the end, I may forsake the very creed I’ve lived my
life by. Despite this, I must persist and find a way to return peace
to the lands. I will become the strength our people need.
My parents were brave and honorable.
I am neither of these.
This is no longer the world my parents knew. Peace is threatened in
Vaiyene and across the lands. The False Shadows have attacked, and
despite our Phantoms reassurance, I am not naïve enough to believe
we are safe.
I am Shenrae, one of the next generation of Shadows. My comrades doubt
me, as I often doubt myself, but I have no other choice than to
fight. The Phantoms cannot protect us for long. Soon, I will have to
find my place, and my strength, or I will lose everything I have
Shadow’s Hand is the first book in a heroic epic fantasy, inspired by Japan’s
samurai and their warrior code Bushido. It’s a story about the
makings of a hero and the hero’s sacrifice. If you like characters
with strong morals, fast-paced epic storytelling and exploring
magic’s morality, you’ll love The Shadow’s Creed Saga. Pick up a
copy today and join Kilo and Shenrae on their heart-twisting journey
to restore peace.

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Hello, I’m Noelle. A writer, a creator and most of all a dreamer.
We have the opportunities, both as writers and readers, to experience
people who are better than ourselves. Flawed still, but people who go
against all odds, perhaps too great for us in real life to aspire to.
They speak grander, fight against magical forces and live in a place
where imagination and dreams can thrive. This is why I write Fantasy.
Within my characters I find the strength and hope for a better
tomorrow, one that can be more fantastical and beyond reality. It’s
these characters that I wish to write, and these journeys I want to
take my reader’s on.
I’ve been
writing my trilogy, The Shadows Creed Saga, for the past five years.
The original idea came to me back in high school where I had the
support of many of my English teachers to continue writing the book.
However, I realized that in order to write a good book, I needed to
have experienced life more. I needed to lose someone close. I needed
to have my heartbroken. I needed to know what it was like to really
love someone, and what it means to be loved. So, I put my book away
and came back to it eight years later. I feel that I can instill my
life experiences into my characters now and really understand
I now feel I have the discipline, experience and imagination needed to bring
the books to publication. For now, this is my records to publication and my
writing process. My only wish is to write books that take people on a
journey, and feel that perhaps they have a friend and someone to
aspire to within the pages.
Follow the tour HERE
for exclusive excerpts and a giveaway!
I would like to thank Silver Dagger Book Tours for the opportunity to share this book.

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No Place Like Home


No Place Like Home by Rebecca Muddiman

What would you do if you came home to find someone in your house?

This is the predicament Polly Cooke faces when she returns to her new home.The first weeks in the house had been idyllic, but soon Jacob, a local man, is watching her.

What does he want and why is he so obsessed with Polly?

In a situation where nothing is what it seems, you might end up regretting letting some people in.

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Author’s Bio

My first novel, Stolen, was published in 2013 and was one of the winners of the first Northern Crime Competition.  I also won a Northern Writers’ Time to Write Award in 2010 for the same book. My second novel, Gone, was released in January 2015 and my third, Tell Me Lies in March 2016, both by Mulholland. The fourth, Murder in Slow Motion, has just been released.

I’m currently working on a historical novel called Devotion which is based on the life of philosopher Peter Abelard.

I have a degree in Film and Media from the University of Sunderland and an MA in Creative Writing from Teesside University.  As I collect courses like other people collect stamps, I also have qualifications in Film and TV Production and Music Management, and have done several short courses including Crime Scene Investigation and Criminology.

I have lived and worked in Holland and London, and in 2002 I travelled around the USA on  Greyhound bus. One day I will write about that.

I also have two dogs – both lurchers – who are extremely naughty but extremely adorable too.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

4 stars

Polly Cooke just moved into her own home. But she seems to be having a tough time recently. Her mother had a stroke and almost burned her house down so she is in a nursing home. Then Polly is being stalked by a former classmate. But the more you read then more you learn that there is way more to this story than first glance. The story bounces between the present and a couple weeks prior.

Polly was living with a couple other roommates when she meets up with Jacob. Even though we think Jacob is a stalker, there is so much more to this story and to say much about it kind of ruins the plot. I was very surprised by the direction the book took from near the beginning.

The one thing I admit that I had a hard time with was when the book was taking place. There are a couple times when you would shift between the past and present with no notice. It made following along not very easy and when the timelines converge things go a little wonky then too.

But this was a good book and one that will keep you on your toes. This is my first book from Rebecca Muddiman but it will not be my last.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

Bloodhound Books

I would like to thank Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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