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Time Trap


TimeTrap (UltraSecurity – 3) by JT Bock

Superheroes, adventure, science fiction, pop culture, and romance fuse in J.T. Bock’s third UltraSecurity book TimeTrap.

UltraAgent TimeTrap is hiding out. This peace-loving, universe-traveling hero is tired of fighting Aztec gods, sociopathic scientists, and her reality TV–star mother. She needs a vacation from using her superpower. With comfy slippers and streaming movies, she’s taken refuge with her new boyfriend, Max Martin, in his high-tech, gated home.

Max owes TimeTrap his life. She saved him from a dimensional-jumping kidnapper, and he’s fallen hard for her. He promises to protect her at any cost. Whatever TimeTrap wants, he’ll give her.

But is she really safe with Max?

Because TimeTrap has uncovered a classified project in his basement lab, which shoves her into the clutches of a mysterious organization and a life-sucking entity called the Dark.

A journal that belonged to Max’s deceased grandfather might hold the key to helping TimeTrap. But to decode the mysterious journal, Max must do the unthinkable and embrace the evil energy that threatens both universes. He would do anything to rescue her, but can he win back her trust, or will he become her worst nightmare?

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 J.T. Bock

Author’s Bio

When J.T. Bock was a child, she wanted to be James Bond or Indiana Jones or a vampire hunter or Wonder Woman. Whatever brought her the most action, adventure and romance while play acting on her stage—otherwise known as her grandmother’s basement. Now J.T. has assembled her own team of action heroes, supernatural creatures and maniacal villains and set them on adventures far from her basement to exotic lands and alternate dimensions.

From a secret location outside of Washington, DC, J.T. conjures these pulse-pounding tales to share with those kindred readers looking for an exciting escape. Her alternate identity enjoys spending time with her workaholic husband and their sidekick rescue dog, traveling to interesting locales (San Diego Comic-Con), and enjoying life to the fullest with an amazing group of family and friends and a good glass of wine.

Check out J.T.’s latest adventures and find her by flashing her initials in the sky, opening up her favorite bottle of Pinot Noir, or by email at jennifer@jtbock.com.

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My Review

5 stars

The super hero TimeTrap, Kali, just finished a mission where she saved her boyfriend Max Martin. All she wants to do is hole up with Max, lay around in comfy clothes, and bing watch tv. But that is not going to happen when she discovers a journal from The Man in Max’s basement and finds herself sucked into a portal.

Max has been trying to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps all his life but he has discovered that his grandfather was not the man he thought he was. But to save Kali he is going to have to ultimately betray her and follow his grandfather’s journal. But with her disappearing there was no time to explain what was happening. Now he hopes he can get there in time to save her from The Man.

This story has a little bit of everything in it. Superheroes and villains, time travel, parallel worlds, aliens, and anything else you can think of thrown in for good measure. I just love Kali and Max. I understand why both of them did what they did. But I hoped and prayed that they would make it through and still be a couple.

This is the third book in the series but I had no trouble figuring out what was going on. I’m sure starting from the beginning would have been better but now I can go back and catch up on what I missed. This is a great story and one that will keep you engaged the whole way through. Make sure to pick up a copy today.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Author Marketing Experts for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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Author Devyn Jayse just released her new series Supernatural Slayer. This looks like a great series so make sure to check it out. I will be posting a review for the first book soon.


Supernatural Slayer (Supernatural Slayer – 1) by Devyn Jayse

Some people call me an assassin, personally, I prefer the term bounty hunter.

In a world where magic is hidden from the general population, I’m hired to keep our secrets safe and take care of rogues by whatever means necessary.

When I accidentally targeted the wrong person, the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation offered me a deal — go to jail or work for them. Their first official request was to locate a vampire I thought I killed years ago.  My ex-boyfriend. Now I’m ordered to deliver him to them without harming a hair on his gorgeous head.

That was going to be a problem. By the time I found him, he was going to wish he had stayed dead.

Supernatural Slayer is an action-packed urban fantasy romp through Barcelona with an assorted cast of witches, vampires, and shifters. It may also feature a snarky troll or two.

“No human beings were harmed in the writing of this book — only supernaturals.”

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Devyn Jayse

Author’s Bio

Devyn Jayse is the author of the Magic Runes and Dare Valari series. She loves writing fun fantasy novels featuring feisty heroines in a magical setting.

Devyn enjoys being a global nomad and is always traveling the world due to ever-present wanderlust. She has lived in many countries around the globe and is currently based in the Middle East.

Join her ♣ Readers Group ♣ for exclusive content here.

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By Lee Williams

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Mystery

Teenage twins Rose and Daniel aren’t allowed phones, computers, even a TV, thanks to their conspiracy-obsessed father. But when the people he always thought were after him actually turn up, the twins realise he wasn’t as paranoid as they’d always thought.

With their dad missing and their house burned to the ground, Rose and Daniel find themselves at the centre of a worldwide conspiracy that stretches back through the ages, involving some of the most powerful and mysterious organisations on the planet.

Why them? Why their dad? The answers to these questions and other, darker mysteries lie beyond the doors of an ancient house called Skerryvore.

These mysteries link the twins to a Dark Age king and queen, to a secret society that stands behind the City of London, and an energy source that links some of the world’s most ancient sites into a network that has the power – literally – to change the world.

Skerryvore is the first book in the Dark Net series.

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About the Author

I am a journalist and writer living in Dorset, England with my wife and rampaging toddler. I write about technology, innovation, green issues and political commentary for various publications including The Independent, The Guardian, Wired, Private Eye and International Business Times. Skerryvore is my first, and hopefully not last, novel!

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My Review

5 Stars

Twins Rose and Daniel are not allowed any technology and they go along with this ban. But then their father that works in a big tech company and is obsessed with conspiracy theories goes missing and their home burned to the ground. The twins find themselves in an old mansion called Skeryrvore. There they learn of their connection to a king and queen, Arthurian legend, and a secret society.

I really enjoyed this book. There is a lot of edge of your seat action and a great story that was hard to put down for things like work or sleep. It seems so strange that the twins were not allowed technology and that they just accept it. I did love this world. There was so much that caught my eye and kept me reading.

Of course the ending makes it feel like there is more to come. I can’t wait to see what the next step for the twins is. This is one book that will appeal to all ages and will be one that you will be adding to your shelf.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Sage’s Book Tours for the opportunity to read and share this book.


Daniel took a deep breath. It must be right. This must be the last piece in Mr Picketty’s jigsaw that led to the secret of Skerryvore – a sword in a stone. He couldn’t just be imagining this.

He had to have faith.

Daniel closed his eyes and went through the technique Mr Humblestone had taught them for being in the present. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Empty your mind of thoughts. Listen to the sounds around you. What can you hear? He could hear the sound of waves and gunfire echoing around the metallic roof of the chamber. What can you feel? The cold sea air against his face, the hard ground against the soles of his feet, the movement of his ribcage up and down and the beating of his heart inside it. What can you smell? The smell of the sea, the metal and oil of machinery. Now open your eyes. What can you see? He opened his eyes. He could see a sword standing in a stone with no thoughts attached to it, no hopes or fears.

Just a sword in a stone.

He reached out and wrapped his fingers around the cool leather of the hilt. He closed his eyes and pulled.

With a scraping of metal on stone the sword came free in his hand, so easily in fact that he stumbled backwards and fell to the floor dropping it with a harsh clattering noise that echoed around the chamber.

Then, slowly, another sound began to rise and overtake the first. It was a sound that came from all around, like some huge and rusty gate that hadn’t been oiled in centuries. Looking up, Daniel saw that the roof of the observatory was moving, but not in the usual way. This time it was moving outwards and away from the building, like giant hands were peeling it back. The noise roared to a deafening crescendo and Daniel watched in horror as the two sides of the roof leant outwards, balanced precariously for what felt like an eternity, then toppled and fell to the rocks below like two giant petals dropping from a flower.

He was suddenly alone on a windy platform, above the sea, under the night sky.

And behind him something else was moving.

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