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A Nanny for Christmas: A Harper’s Corner Series Novella

By Christina George

Willa O’Rourke knows the true story, the story that doesn’t sell magazines.

In less than 8 hours Willa went from being a behind-the-scenes nanny for one of the hottest A-list celebrity couples, to having her picture splashed all over every magazine in the country.

Caught in the arms of her sexy employer, Johnny Blaze.

No one cares that Johnny hit on her, and she repeatedly told him no.

The world thinks Willa O’Rourke is more interesting as the slutty, home-wrecking, opportunistic nanny. She even has a hashtag trending on Twitter. #dirtynanny

Humiliated and desperate to get away from the harsh eyes of Hollywood, she decides to take a short break from her suddenly not so glamorous life and head home for the holidays.

But a quiet Christmas to recoup before heading back to LA wasn’t in the cards.

She immediately runs into Jack, her seriously hot, fireman ex-boyfriend.

Despite Willa’s attempts to keep a low profile, she and Jack are thrown together for a Christmas charity project — making her wonder if she’s meant for a simpler life in Harper’s Corner after all.

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Author’s Bio

I’ve worked in publishing for twenty years (give or take). Here’s what The Publicist isn’t. It’s not a slam against publishing (though it is broken) and it’s not a slam against authors (though some of them are crazy). This book is not autobiographical though many of the stories are true. No you won’t know which ones, hell it’s more fun to guess, right? I continue to work in publicity and help authors because at the end of the day I do love books, I love publishing, and I love authors. I hope you’ll enjoy this romp through Kate’s world as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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Being splashed across the cover of People Magazine had always been Willa’s dream. For any aspiring actress, getting that much exposure to a national and even international audience was a sign that they’d “arrived.”

What Willa hadn’t wanted, however, was for this splash of fame to be a semi-fuzzy picture of her with a man’s hand on her ass while both of them, looking shocked, stared at the camera. The photographer had emerged from the bushes and shouted out to them. At the time, Willa managed to hold up her hand to try and cover her face, but she wasn’t fast enough, so it just looked like she was waving.


Not only was she an idiot, her crazy-curly red hair was frizzy that day.

Even worse, the white jeans she wore that day made her ass look fat.

She’d burned the magazine in her fireplace the minute the article came out.

Willa barely left her apartment after The Incident, which had catapulted her from being a no-name celebrity nanny to “The Nanny Who’s Sleeping with Megastar Johnny Blaze.”

The problem was, she wasn’t sleeping with him. Never had. Of course she’d been tempted. Any woman with a pulse would be. Johnny was the hottest Hollywood property in a long time. He was a wickedly hot combination of George Clooney, Jon Hamm and Bradley Cooper. He was the A-lister of A-listers, with a dozen hit movies to his credit, and as many producing credentials.

Not only that, but notorious bad boy Johnny had married the ever-sweet, overwhelmingly wholesome Melanie Rodgers, and together they had three adorable children. But a week after The Incident, Melanie filed for divorce, and “the dirty nanny,” as Willa was being referred to, had mysteriously disappeared.

Thanks to Melanie’s squeaky-clean image and the emerging scandal, Willa was being hounded by every crazy in the country. She’d been forced to shut down every one of her social media accounts, because every day a random new hater would post something awful. And if it wasn’t the haters, it was some loser looking for sex. She was out of a job, out of a career, and nearly out of money.

In post-Weinstein Hollywood, no one wanted to touch a nanny everyone believed was sleeping with the boss, no doubt to get ahead. Except for a few sketchy job offers from men who insisted they had “something she could look after,” Willa was certain she couldn’t even find a job working at a local drive-thru.

Everyone knew who Willa O’Rourke was, but the truth was none of them knew the truth. Except for her one good friend, Jade, who brought her food and wine and ice cream.

Mostly she drank the wine.

Johnny had vanished without offering a single explanation of what actually happened. He’d tried to hit on her, numerous times, but she’d always deflected. But on that day, his brand-new Aston Martin arrived and, being the daughter of a car fanatic, Willa couldn’t resist when Johnny offered her a ride.

The car purred exactly as she imaged it would. It was one of the sweetest rides she’d ever been in. It almost floated down the highway, and she was so enthralled with the car she hardly noticed when Johnny turned onto a narrow road, and she certainly didn’t see the car that was expertly following them.

When Johnny stopped the car, they were parked near a cliff, the sun was low on the horizon, and the early November air was starting to chill.

Johnny reached into the back of the car and grabbed his (of course) leather jacket. “Here,” he offered gently, smiling the million-dollar smile women all over the world swooned over.

“Why did we stop?” Willa asked, and in answer to her question, Johnny pushed open his door and got out.

“How about we watch the sunset?” He smiled again, and her knees went a little weak. Hey, she was only human. Wait a minute. Sunset? Willa checked her watch.

“School will be out soon, and I need to pick up the kids. We should really be heading back.”

Johnny walked over to her side of the car, opened her door, and held out his hand to help her out. She took it, already feeling a lump in the pit of her stomach, like she was about to make a colossal mistake.

“Your hair color…”Johnny murmured, in a voice so deep her lady parts nearly fainted, “…the way the red picks up the sun.” He gently took a handful of her hair and held it up to his lips.

Willa stepped out of reach, suddenly uncomfortable about where this was going.

“Johnny, I… I think we should go back…”As she said it, he closed in on her again, his tall, lean, well-toned body overtaking her, and his hand encircling her waist and then sliding down her hips, cupping her butt.

It wasn’t until he cupped her butt that Willa woke up to where this was headed.

He nuzzled her neck, and was working his way to her mouth when she finally had a chance to push him away, right when the shout came from behind them.

“Hey, you two!!”

Her hand went up—too late of course. All she could hear was the click-click-click of the camera, and Johnny yelling something while he shoved her back in the car.

The photographer jumped behind the wheel of his Ford Escort and beat it out of there. But not before calling his editor to let her know he’d just taken the photo of the year.

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Hostile Takeover


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Vale Investigation (book #1)

Urban Fantasy

Date Published: August 1, 2018

When a mysterious beast savagely mauls random residents of Cold City, the police assume that these are the killings of a rogue wolf. But experienced private investigator, Bellamy Vale, is unconvinced.

Ordered by Death herself to investigate, Vale has no choice but to obey for his boss is not someone to disappoint—if he wants to keep breathing, that is.

With friend and computer hacker Zian, interfering journalist Candice Kennedy, and homicide sergeant Melanie Ramirez by his side, Vale has no choice but to end the killings or face the wrath of the demon who literally holds his life in her hands.

Hostile Takeover is a fast-paced, edge-of-your seat paranormal mystery that will leave your heart racing, and have you looking over your shoulder.

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About the Author

 photo 003_zpsown8ixh9.jpg

Cristelle Comby was born and raised in the French-speaking area of Switzerland, in Greater Geneva, where she still resides.

She attributes to her origins her ever-peaceful nature and her undying love for chocolate. She has a passion for art, which also includes an interest in drawing and acting.

She is the author of the Neve & Egan Cases series, which features an unlikely duo of private detectives in London: Ashford Egan, a blind History professor, and Alexandra Neve, one of his students.

Currently, she is hard at work on her Urban Fantasy series Vale Investigation which chronicles the exploits of Death’s only envoy on Earth, PI Bellamy Vale, in the fictitious town of Cold City, USA.

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My Review

5 stars

Bellamy Vale is a private investigator but has a deal with Lady McDeath. A man has died and she wants him to look into it. When Bellamy get to the scene of the murder he can see the fight but not really what happened. Then he is tipped off to another murder and arrives shortly after the death. He investigates and can see the end of the man’s life and sees this strange, large wolf like creature with a skull for a head.

Clearly the creature has come from Alterum Mundum, the other side where every form of death (Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, etc.) and the creatures of the areas exist. Clearly someone has crossed the border but the Conclave, the group that patrols the boarder, tells Bellamy that there has been no crossing. Then Bellamy gets tip that is going to turn this case on its head.

I loved this story. You have a noir detective that has made a deal with the devil and has a paranormal case dumped into his lap. Cold City is an amazing location and all the characters draw you into this book.

There are great references to gods and mythology, a couple had me looking them up myself. Bellamy is a great detective and keeps fighting no matter what he comes up against. But then again it’s not like he really has a choice and it’s not like he going to die.

I admit that I started out skimming the story but was quickly drawn into it. Before I knew it I had read half the book and was not about to put it down to cook dinner. This is a great story and anyone that loves mythology and mysteries will adore this book. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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