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The Wizard’s Gift


Date Published: 6/30/12
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The last of an ancient group of wizards leaves a gift to the newly arrived race of men. It is revered and cared for by a line of priests until it is stolen, and the high priest and his sovereign murdered by a king who believes himself destined to be a great wizard. But from ancient writings the high priest had discovered that the gift is not benevolent as was thought. This forces the son of the high priest, unexpectedly elevated to his father’s position, and the young prince who is equally suddenly King, into a race to find the gift before it can be used as that may cause the destruction of the world. Accompanied by the retired captain of the palace guard they hope to speed their journey by crossing the Wasteland, a seeming desert, which is fabled to be populated by monsters, and from which no visitor has ever returned. In the course of their adventures they are hunted by dog faced men and captured by slavers, but the young prince truly becomes a king, and the priest discovers that he has a destiny that goes beyond the bounds of his world.



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About the Author

 photo Michael Waller The Wizards Gift_zpssmhkv7kz.jpgMichael Waller is British and was born in the industrial north of Yorkshire. After being asked to leave school by his Headmaster he began a varied work career. This went from Chemist to Dog Catcher with stints as a Bingo Caller and door-to-door Insurance Salesman in between. For twenty years he worked in the oil and chemical industry which took him to the Middle East and finally the USA where he is now retired and living in upstate New York.

My Review
4 stars

Before he dies, the last wizard gifts the new race of men a powerful gift. That gift is protected throughout the years by the king. But there are some that believe the gift will grant them power. They decide to kill the current king and priest, steal the gift, and plan on using the gift. But research has lead a priest to think that the gift will bring about the end of the world as they know it. We follow the new king, Caran Tuith, the priest Carantor and others as they travel to save their world.

This is a wonderful epic fantasy story that has it all. A beautiful world with a dying race, a new race, and a gift that could be a Trojan Horse. Caran is a young prince that grows into his role as king after his father is murdered for the gift. Carantor fulfills an unwritten fate that no other could do. And of course you have a power hungry man willing to destroy the world just as long has he is the leader.

All of this is like classic epic fantasy adventures. But I had one hiccup of my enjoyment. There is a fine line that authors have to balance where they write poetry about the lands and describe their worlds for the reader. But just as easily the same descriptions can bog the story down and the reader loses interest.  I think this story balances on this line. Some may like the additional description where others get bored.

But I really enjoyed this story and think that those who like epic fantasies will enjoy it also. It is a great read and has me curious about other books from Michael Waller.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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