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The Snow Witch


The Snow Witch by Rosie Boyes


Twelve-year-old Kitty Wigeon can’t wait for Christmas at St Flurries, a grand old manor house in the countryside, until one chilly night she vanishes without a trace.

One hundred years later… Still grieving over the death of their mother, Kes Bunting and his younger sister Star, are sent to live at St Flurries. They find a house steeped in mystery and brimming with secrets.

Who, or what, is making footprints in the snow?

And what evil force is taking a cold grip on Star?

Wrap up warm as you join Kes, and a cast of eccentric snow creatures, in a race against time to solve a hundred-year-old curse. Will he succeed? Or will the fate of his sister be decided by a shivery kiss from… the Snow Witch?

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 Rosie Boyes

Author’s Bio

Rosie Boyes is a children’s author from the UK. She has been passionate about middle-grade books ever since she can remember. Her love of reading came at an early age when she escaped into classic stories, living out the lives of the characters she met. During her spare time, she dreams about dipping her toes in the sea, splashing through puddles, kicking up leaves in the autumn…

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My Review

5 Stars

Kes and Star Bunting have just lost their mother. They are looking at living in foster care since no one can find their drunken, gambling father. But they are rescued by their grandmother that has spent her fortune trying to find them. They go to live at Granny Bird’s house St. Flurries. But after spending all of her money she cannot afford to care for St. Flurries any more so has decided to sell it. But the house seems to be haunted.

One hundred years earlier, Kitty is a little girl at St. Flurries that disappears. Everyone thinks she has died but she has really had a curse put on her by a witch. The story then bounces back and forth as we follow Kitty, Kes and Star as they try to find a way to break the curse that Kitty is under.

This is a wonderful story that will appeal to kids and adults alike. You have a great story about a brother and sister that find they are not alone in the world and that St. Flurries has more going on than what is first seen. I loved how the story moved back and forth through Kes and Star and followed along with Kitty so well.

This book is filled with magic, a great mysteries, and a creepy/wonderful house. I think anyone would enjoy this story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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The Burn Zone


The Burn Zone by Renee Linnell

After seven years of faithfully following her spiritual teacher, Renee Linnell finally realized she was in a cult and had been severely brainwashed. But how did that happen to someone like her? She had graduated magna cum laude with a double degree. She had traveled to nearly fifty countries alone before she turned thirty-five. She was a surf model and a professional Argentine tango dancer. She had started five different companies and had an MBA from NYU. How could someone like her end up brainwashed and in a cult?

The Burn Zone is an exploration of how we give up our power―how what started out as a need to heal from the loss of her parents and to understand the big questions in life could leave a young woman fighting for her sanity and her sense of self. In the years following her departure from the cult, Linnell struggled to reclaim herself, to stand in her truth, and to rebuild her life. And eventually, after battling depression and isolation, she found a way to come out the other side stronger than ever. Part inspirational story, part cautionary tale, this is a memoir for spiritual seekers and those who feel lost in a world that makes them feel less than perfect.

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 Renee Linnell

Author’s Bio

Renee Linnell is the author of an upcoming memoir to be published in 2018. She is a serial entrepreneur and has founded or co-founded five companies. Currently she is working on starting a publishing company to give people from diverse walks of life an opportunity to tell their stories.

“Embrace your skeletons in the closet. Pull them out and paint them pink. Celebrate them. Your skeletons are probably the most interesting part about you. Your difference is your destiny.”

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My Review

5 stars

This is a touching memoir from Renee Linnell. Renee seemed to have everything that we consider to be successful. But after the death of her parents and god mother she felt lost and alone. She went on a quest for answers to life’s questions and didn’t really find them until one day she took a meditation class and felt at peace. What follows is Renee becoming part of a cult for several years.

I will be the first to admit that when I read about cult members I want to know what would make them follow someone that seems so clearly wacko. But there is so much more to cults and this book really makes you think about them. Renee is at her lowest and wanting love and acceptance and she finds it. What is heartbreaking is watching her as she progresses in the cult what you just want to grab her and shake her to wake her up.

This is a wonderful story of lose and recovery. I was so happy that Renee could heal from everything she went through and share her story for others to enjoy and grow too. At times it is hard to read but in the end is was a fantastic journey. This is definitely one book you need to read. It is going on my keep shelf.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank FSB Associates for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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