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Small Talk


Small Talk by Robert Germaux

A serial killer has the people of Pittsburgh on edge, and Detective Daniel Hayes and his hand-picked Special Assignment Squad are working feverishly to solve the case before more innocent lives are lost. But the killer proves to be a formidable foe, whose viciousness appears to be matched only by his ability to elude capture. Throughout “Small Talk,” the reader is given glimpses into the mind of this cunning and sadistic murderer, an individual who seeks a face-to-face confrontation with his pursuers, a confrontation Daniel is only too willing to provide.

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About the Author

Both my parents were readers. I’m talking stacks-of-books-on-their-nightstands readers. So it’s no surprise that at an early age, I, too, became an avid reader. Everything from sports books (especially baseball) to Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys to almost anything about distant and exotic places. And although I’ve always enjoyed putting words on paper, the writer in me didn’t fully emerge until I retired after three decades of teaching high school English. I quickly wrote two books aimed at middle school readers, at which point my wife urged me to try a novel for adults. As is usually the case, Cynthia’s idea was a good one. Over the next few years, I wrote several books about Pittsburgh private eye Jeremy Barnes. (I’m working on getting my JB novels online.) At one point, I took a brief hiatus from the detective genre to write The Backup Husband, the plotline of which came to me one day when I was playing the What If game. On that particular day, the question that occurred to me was What if a woman suddenly realized she might be in love with two wonderful men?
In addition to my writing, I enjoy reading (of course) and doing any number of things with Cynthia, including traveling to some of those distant and exotic places I used to read about as a kid. So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to walk in the sands of Waikiki, swim in the warm waters of the South Pacific and enjoy a romantic dinner in Paris.
I love interacting with my readers and getting their input on my characters and stories.


I would like to thank Susan Barton – eBook Review Gal for the information on this book.

I can’t wait to get a copy of it.

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Potion Masters by Frank Cole


The Eternity Elixir (Book 1)

 Twelve-year-old Gordy Stitser is one of the few people who knows the truth about the secret society of potion masters, because not only is Gordy’s mom on the Board of Ruling Elixirists Worldwide (B.R.E.W.), but she has also been training Gordy in the art of potion-making.

Gordy is a natural, and every day he sneaks down to the basement lab to invent new potions using exotic ingredients like fire ant eggs, porcupine quills, and Bosnian tickling juice.

One afternoon, Gordy receives a mysterious package containing an extremely rare potion known as “The Eternity Elixir.” In the right hands, the Elixir continues to protect society. But in the wrong hands, it could destroy the world as we know it.

Now, sinister potion masters are on the hunt to steal the Eternity Elixir. It’s up to Gordy, his parents, and his best friends, Max and Adeline, to prevent an all-out potion war.

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My Review

4 Stars

Gordy Stitser is a twelve year old with a secret. His mother is on the Board of Ruling Elixirists Worldwide (B.R.E.W.) and she has been training Gordy in the art of potion-making. Gordy is very smart and is known to make up new potions, some that turn out horribly. One day he receives a very rare potion, The Eternity Elixir. If used for good it can protect the world, in the wrong hands it can end everything. It’s up to Gordy, his two best friends, and his family to keep the potion safe. There is evil lurking that will do anything to get the potion for themselves.

This is a wonderful world that you will find yourself quickly draw into. Gordy is a great kid with an awesome family. Everyone has their own perks and quirks but that is what makes them even more special. Of course Max and Adeline are there to back him up while they are on one heck of an adventure.

This book is written for mid grade readers but will easily appeal to any age. This is a beautifully created story that you will find yourself immersed in and not wanting to leave. There are a couple things that are left open and left me rushing to start the next book. Make sure to get yourself a copy of The Eternity Elixir.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


The Transparency Tonic (Book 2)

It has been nine months since Gordy and his friends, Max and Adilene, Saved B.R.E.W. (the Board of Ruling Elixirists Worldwide) and the Vessel—the power source for the secret society of potion masters. Now, Gordy is starting the eighth grade, and has been trying new potion brewing techniques, but when he starts zoning out during practice, he knows something is wrong.

Gordy and his friends continue to work on their potions, but when Gordy chooses Max as his lab partner, Adilene starts to wonder if she still has a place with her old friends. She turns to a new friend, Cadence, who might know a way to help Adilene become a potion master on her own.

And in Greenland, Mezzarix has a chance to escape his Forbidden Zone—as long as he agrees to work with the mysterious Ms. Bimini and replicate an unusual solution known as “Silt.” It could be just the weapon Mezzarix needs to destroy B.R.E.W. forever.

With both B.R.E.W. and the Vessel in danger, and with the potion world in chaos, it’s up to Gordy, Max, and Adilene to rally the remaining Potion Masters before it’s too late.

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My Review

5 Stars

It has been almost a year since Gordy and his friends helped save B.R.E.W. and the vessel. Gordy, Max, and Adilene are now in 8th grade. Things are going well until Gordy and Max are paired up for school and Adilene feels left out Until she finds someone that says they can help her become a potion master on her own.

Gordy is trying to push his ability and starts zoning out and Blind Batching. But this practice is frowned on and Gordy’s mother gets into trouble. Things don’t go well for Gordy either.

Mezzarix has found a way to escape the Forbidden Zone. There is a weapon that Mezzarix could use to stop B.R.E.W. once and for all. There are also some new faces that give Gordy and his friend a bad vibe. They don’t know who to really trust anymore.

I love The Transparency Tonic even more that The Eternity Elixir. There is so much going on, new faces that we don’t know if we can trust or not and Gordy trying to advance his abilities yet finding himself in trouble.

These stories are so easy to get into, they will have you flipping pages like crazy to see what happens next, and will leave you wanting the next book. I liked how Gordy was trying to push himself to be the best but then he has to accept the consequences of his actions. They don’t just affect him but those that are close to him too.

I recommend reading the series in order otherwise you will be a little lost. But this is a great series and one that would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s shelves.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

About the Author

Frank L. Cole has lived in such exotic places as the Philippines and Kentucky, and currently lives with his wife and three children out west. While he strived for years to earn his publishing credits, Frank considers sharing his message of “Exercising Your Imagination” to over 45,000 kids across the country as his greatest accomplishment. The Guardians of the Finisher’s Fury is Frank’s 7th published book and will release this November, 2013.

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I would like to thank Shadow Mountain Publishing for the opportunity to read and share these books.

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