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The Haunted

Hargrove House
The Haunted Book 1
by Allie Harrison
Genre: Paranormal Romance
What waits for her in the cellar?
As a child, Torrie Reynolds entered the haunted Hargrove House on a
dare. Terrified by what she’d heard while inside Hargrove House, she
avoided it since.
Now fifteen years later, Will Dalton offers Torrie the job of
refurbishing it, and she has no choice but to take the offer to keep
her business afloat. But there is something about Will Dalton that
Torrie’s heart can’t ignore, something that calls to her in her
dreams, something about him that her soul recognizes.
As the house is restored and rooms come alive with character and color
Torrie brings to them, her fear of the house fades and her attraction
to Will grows stronger. Hargrove House begins to even feel like home
to her. With each finished renovation project, it is harder for
Torrie to leave the house…Or Will.
And although she wants nothing more than a life with Will Dalton within
Hargrove House, she discovers there are things more terrifying than
ghosts when she learns why Will is digging in the dark, frightening cellar…
This is a stand-alone Paranormal Romance with a hot hero and a crafty
heroine that will keep you turning the pages to the very end.
**Only .99 cents!!**
My Review
4 stars

The Hargrove House has always been haunted and when Torrie Reynolds was young she entered the house on a dare. But when she heard it call her name she ran and never went back. Until Will Dalton, the new owner, asks her to renovate the house. But the more Torrie is in the house the more it starts to feel like home. Plus her attraction to Will doesn’t hurt either. But things start taking a strange turn and the past seems to be reaching out to the present.

This is a great read. Torrie is a wonderful character and although she would rather be anywhere but at the Hargrove House, she does need the money. But there is more to this story than a simple haunting. I loved the connection to the past and what happened. But I really enjoyed the sweet romance between Torrie and Will.

I loved the story and the unexpected twists. I admit that I kind of expected the ending but the story needed to wrapped up and this did a great job. Allie Harrison wrote a great story and left me wanting to know what is going to happen in book two.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

Montgomery Manor
The Haunted Book 2
Welcome to Montgomery Manor, a beautiful Bed & Breakfast complete with
gorgeous guest rooms, a five-star restaurant, and a haunting history
of true love, betrayal, and murder…
When soulmates Quint and Meg Falkner inherit moldering Montgomery Manor,
they are in way over their heads. With a bit of faith and strange
push they cannot ignore, they jump head first into bringing the
large, compelling house back to its original grandeur.
But something is different…something is…wrong. Quint isn’t acting
himself, and Meg keeps seeing visions, images of the past seeping
into her very soul. When Meg becomes the target of a mysterious,
dangerous admirer, her world implodes, leaving her vulnerable to the
otherworldly inhabitants of the house…the very house calling out to
her, its secrets begging to be uncovered.
Endless corridors, echoing darkness, and hidden treasure weave together in
this tale of everlasting love and second chances.
Can Meg and Quint make a new life for themselves in Montgomery Manor, or
will Montgomery Manor’s secrets tear them apart forever?
This is a stand-alone Paranormal Romance with a hot hero and a crafty
heroine that will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

**Only .99 cents!!**
My Review
4 stars

Quint and Meg Falkner have just inherited the Montgomery Manor. It is a rundown Bed and Breakfast with a murder in it’s past. Meg wants to get rid of the manor, she thinks it is too big of a project to restore and wants nothing to do with the house. Then Quint seems to be changing and when she jokes around about being possessed by a ghost he agrees. Meg is also having strange dreams and visions that are making her think she is slowly going insane. But the final straw is when she gets a stalker that can’t wait to see her at the grand opening of Montgomery Manor.

I really enjoyed Hargrove House and couldn’t wait to see what scared Allie Harrison would come up with next. I was not disappointed. Once again we have a haunted house, a haunting, and some serious shady business. I felt for Meg, especially when she started noticing the changes in Quint. But her stalker really got under my skin. That with the original owner, Joshua Montgomery’s hanging really had me hooked.

This is an amazing sequel to Hargrove House could easily be read as a standalone story but I loved how it kept them theme going. And when I learned about Joshua I was hooked and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see what was going to happen next. This is a great series and I recommend checking it out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

Camden Place
The Haunted Book 3
Her past is a mystery. His future is in jeopardy.
From the first moment Clare Newman steps into Camden Place—from the
squeak in the floor and the sweet scent of apple pie to the candles
she lights on the dining room table—it feels like home. It’s a
place she can find refuge from her nightmares. It’s a place where
she can make a fresh start…
Except there’s a misty figure with a knife who disappears into the library.
Except there’s Liam Camden, the man who built Camden Place over a century
and a half before, who doesn’t disappear, who seems to be the only
one who can see and talk to Clare.
But who is the real ghost? Clare, who somehow found the doorway to 1847?
Or Liam, who died mysteriously one hundred and seventy years ago?
When danger creeps closer, will the timeless love they share be enough to
keep them safe?
This is a stand-alone Paranormal Romance with a hot hero and a crafty
heroine that will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

**Only .99 cents!!**
Winsgate Drive
The Haunted Book 4
Was it a dream? Or was it real?
He visited her at midnight in a dream. He was a stranger yet her lover,
whose touch started a fire in her soul. His passion left her yearning
for more even after she awoke.
With the morning light, she discovered him at her door, leaving her to
question just how much of her midnight fantasy had been a dream.
Kate McCoy can’t resist Jake Casperson. Nor can she resist the passion
that flares between them day or night. At the same time, neither of
them can escape the dreams. But the dreams soon become a nightmare
that is overshadowed by something darker…
A murder that happened seventy years ago. Two young lovers who share
Kate and Jake’s names.
Can she believe the dreams? Are they real, shared memories of a love cut
short by murder?
And if they are, will history repeat itself and make Kate the next victim?
This is a stand-alone Paranormal Romance with a hot hero and a crafty
heroine that will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

**Only .99 cents!!**
Allie Harrison also writes as Allie Quinn. She lives with her husband in
Southern Illinois. When she isn’t enjoying fun family time, games
with friends, reading, crafts, music and winemaking, she’s working to
build fictional worlds and unforgettable characters.
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Bad Seed

Bad Seed (DI Kate Fletcher #3) by Heleyne Hammersley

When the body of a woman is discovered near Doncaster’s red light district, DI Kate Fletcher is called to the scene.
The victim has an abdominal wound that looks like a Caesarean incision, leading the police to believe she may have been pregnant.
Kate’s team establish the woman’s identity but it soon becomes clear that those close to her have something to hide.
The post-mortem reveals the victim wasn’t pregnant and, when a second body is discovered with similar wounds, the police realise they are hunting for a serial killer with a sinister fixation.
Can Kate solve the case before another woman dies?
And can a ruthless, methodical killer be brought to justice?

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About the Author

Heleyne Hammersley is a British writer based in Cumbria. She writes psychological suspense thrillers and crime novels.

Heleyne has been writing since junior school – her first work was a collection of poems called ‘Give Them the Works’ when she was ten years old. The poems were carefully handwritten on plain paper and tied together with knitting wool.

When she’s not writing, Heleyne can often be found wandering on the fells or in the local park with her dog.

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My Review

5 Stars

DI Kate Fletcher is called in to investigate a woman that has been raped and murdered. What’s odd is she has a cut on her abdomen like a caesarean surgery. She is identified by her husband, who has an alibi and the detectives seem at a loss with the case until another woman is discovered. The detectives quickly realize that there is a serial murder on the loose and they need to catch him before another woman is murdered.

Kate Fletcher is a great detective and a strong lead. But her team is having some personal issues that are affecting their performance with this case. She realizes something is wrong with her one of her team and think it has to deal with the case. Unfortunately they have other things going on and Kate has to tell them to take time off, even though they need all the bodies they can get.

I loved the mystery and the twists and turns to the story. I was quickly sucked into the story and had a hard time putting it down. This is my first book from Heleyne but it won’t be my last. Now I need to catch up on the first two books in the series to see what I have missed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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