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Book Details:

Book Title: The Adventures of Wilhelm: A Rat’s Tale by Maria Ritter
Illustrator: Teri Rider
Category: Middle-grade Fiction, 210 pages
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Publisher: PartnerPress
Release date: August 2018
Tour dates: March 11 to 29, 2019
Content Rating: G (This is a clean children’s book with no expletives, violence, sex or drugs.)

Book Description:

Young Wilhelm leaves home and travels the world. He not only discovers the value of different cultures and the importance of family and friendship, but he also overcomes obstacles with courage and cleverness. He returns home with deep respect for all creatures on this earth and a new sense of rat identity and purpose.

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About the Author:

Maria Ritter is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in La Jolla, California. She is the author of Return to Dresden (2004), an autobiographical reflection on her childhood in Germany during and after World War II. It is a healing memoir that confronts national guilt for the Nazi past and weaves the broken pieces of loss and grief into a healing tapestry.

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The Adventures of Wilhelm – A Rat’s Tale

Did you ever wonder where your family came from?

Have you ever been curious about your ancestry? Looked up ancestry.com? Wondered where you or those before you came from? What country, which city, town our village? What was life like in those places or still is today?

Our hero, Wilhelm, knew that his uncle had come to America from Schnitzelhausen near Strullendorf, not too far from Bamberg in Germany. On his travels through Germany, Wilhelm happens to join a family gathering in this hamlet off the beaten path.

He is welcomed by Mother Minna, the matriarch of his extended family, who on this occasion presides over a vast company of aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. They all came to Schnitzelhausen to play and share a plentiful meal, a marvelous dinner of delicious leftovers from the restaurant above the cellar where the festivities of the family reunion take place.

Among other things, Mother Minna tells the festive assembly, “We are a proud rodent family. We are intelligent, docile, and clean, we enjoy exercise and toys, and we run in packs. We even make fine pets when treated well.”

The lively party is almost ruined by two bad dogs, Bull and Pitt. But Wilhelm saves the day again. Find out how it all happened.


Maria Ritter

Illustrations by Teri Rider, 2018 “Family Gathering”


My Review
5 Stars

Wilhelm, Wil is a rat in California. He decides to face his fears and travel the world. Through his adventures you will learn of the different cultures, foods, and so much more. But the thing that will stick with him, along with me, is how not everyone is good and not everyone is bad. This goes for rats, other animals, and people alike.

I love the adventure Wil find himself on. I really enjoyed the traveling and learning so much. But I think the best part was learning how we are all different yet that doesn’t mean we should be treated differently because of it. It was also great to see Will grow out of his fears and grows. He also shows that we don’t have to carry along a bunch of stuff when we go on our adventures.

This is a wonderful read for any child or adult. I love the questions that are posed to make you think about the different situations. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more books from Maria Ritter. Also, Teri Rider does an amazing job illustrating this book. I love the different scenes we see Wil in.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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Checking the Traps


Checking the Traps (The Isabel Long Mystery – 3) by Joan Livingston

Isabel Long is a bit banged up from her last case with a broken collarbone and her arm in a sling. But that doesn’t stop her from pouring beer at the Rooster Bar or taking her third case with Gary Beaumont, a local drug dealer who once terrorized her. Gary is convinced his brother didn’t jump off a bridge known for suicides. Somebody pushed him.

Gary’s brother was a boozer who drove for a highway crew. But what interests Isabel and her ‘Watson’ — her 93-year-old mother who lives with her — is that the man wrote poetry.

The chief suspects are one of Gary’s business associates and a famous poet who plagiarized his brother’s poetry for an award-winning book. Yes, he was that good.

As a journalist, Isabel did regular meetups with her sources for stories. She called it checking the traps. She does the same as a private investigator, and this time, she’ll make sure she doesn’t get caught in one.

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Joan Livingston

About the Author

Joan Livingston is the author of novels for adult and young readers. Checking the Traps, published by Crooked Cat Books, is the third in the mystery series featuring Isabel Long, a longtime journalist who becomes an amateur P.I. The first two are Chasing the Case and Redneck’s Revenge.

An award-winning journalist, she started as a reporter covering the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. She was an editor, columnist, and the managing editor of The Taos News, which won numerous state and national awards during her tenure.

After eleven years in Northern New Mexico, she returned to rural Western Massachusetts, which is the setting of much of her adult fiction, including the Isabel Long mystery series.

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My Review

5 Stars

Isabel is trying to recover from her last case. But the broken collar bone and sling don’t slow her down at the Rooster Bar. Then she is approached by Gary Beaumont, a local drug dealer that she has had dealings with in the past. Gary doesn’t believe that his half-brother, Cary Moore would have committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Initially it looks like it was a suicide until Isabel and Maria is that Cary wrote poetry, really good poetry. So good that one of his business associates stole Cary’s work and used it to publish an award winning book. But this is not going to be a case easily solved. Isabel and Maria have their work cut out for them.

I really enjoyed Redneck’s Revenge and when I saw this book on tour I jumped at the chance to catch up with Isabel. This is a great story that quickly drew me in. I really like Isabel, she is a no nonsense person that is determined to find out what really happened to Cary, even if Gary is not that trustworthy as a person. And Maria, what can I say. What a sassy lady!!

I really enjoyed this read and recommend it to anyone that likes mysteries. There were some good twists and turns and I was not expecting the end. This book does build on the last book so I do recommend reading the series in order.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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