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Fate’s Falling

Series: Satan’s Sinners MC (Book 8)
Author: Colbie Kay
Designer: T.E. Black with T.E. Black Designs
Release Date: April 5, 2019
Genre: MC/Contemporary/Suspense Romance
First appeared in the Christmas at the Clubhouse Anthology. It has been extended into a full-length story.

My life was forever changed the night I had a flat tire. Someone who I always believed could be trusted was actually a devil in disguise. I willingly went with him, only to go missing…held captive.
I finally managed to escape and ran for my life, leaving behind sweet little Belle. I am desperate to find her, but to do so, I require help. There is only one place and one person I truly feel safe and free around…Jensen. He is my brother’s best friend; however, they aren’t friends anymore, they’re rivals, and I’m to blame.

Bam Bam
I should have been in that car with her, but a split second decision decided her fate. I’ve blamed myself all these years for her disappearance, and I believed her to be dead until she fell in my arms, barely recognizable.
I did the right thing for once in my life, taking her back to her family, but who was it right for? I need her, and no one will stand in my way as I get the answers I seek. Not even her brother.

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Colbie Kay always had a love for reading and wanted to pursue writing. In 2015 she made that dream come true when she published her first book. Since then she has become a stay-at-home mom, writing full-time and bringing her passion to life through the words she creates.

The most fulfilling part of being an author for Colbie is to take readers into a fantasy world between the pages of her books. Becoming an author has also given her the opportunity to fill another passion of hers, which is traveling. She loves being able to attend book signings and meeting everyone that shares her love of books.

Colbie has many more stories to share with you, so be sure to connect with her and keep up with what is coming next.


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My Review

5 Stars

Rowan Burris was crushed when the boy she loves left with another girl. She runs away but finds herself caught and held captive. Ten years later she escapes and lands right in the lap of the guy that broke her heart. She still feels for Bam Bam but she feels responsible for the other girls she left in captivity. Bam Bam’s life has changed since Rowan knew him but he is the perfect person to help her.

Since I have been helping share this book for a last month or so I was really excited to see what was going to happen. The blurb had me captivated but the book left me breathless. Rowan’s brother doesn’t want Bam Bam around his sister and does something that breaks them up. Bam Bam became part of a motorcycle club and has changed a lot but still finds he loves Rowan.

As for Rowan, my heart went out to her and the pain of betrayal from Bam Bam. But that was nothing compared to the hell she lived in for ten years. This is a tough topic but Colbie Kay did an amazing job writing it. I loved how Rowan was determined to help the other women.

This is one heck of a ride for a story with twists and turns and a wonderful relationship coming into bloom after such a betrayal. If you like the MC romance story or just want a serious alpha male romance you need to check this book out. Now I’m curious about the other books in this series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


I would like to thank Lip Services PR for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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