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How to Self Publish and Market a Book by Hank Quense

Most books on publishing deal with publishing by itself. Most books on marketing deal with marketing as a stand-alone project. I think there is a better approach. Publishing and marketing should be considered as an integrated project. That is what this book does: it treats publishing and marketing together to create a complete project plan.

The self-publishing pain points addressed include:
Book layout
Covers, generic and otherwise
And more

The marketing pain points include:
Social media platforms
Blog tours
Creating buzz
Email campaigns
And more

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Hank Quense

About the Author

Hank Quense writes satirical fantasy and sci-fi.
Early in his writing career, he was strongly influenced by two authors: Douglas Adams and his Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. Happily, Hank has never quite recovered from those experiences.

He lives with his wife in northern New Jersey, a mere 20 miles from Manhattan, the center of the galaxy (according to those who live in Manhattan). They have two daughters and five grandchildren all of whom live close by.

For vacations, Hank and Pat usually visit distant parts of the galaxy. Occasionally, they also time-travel.

Besides writing novels, Hank lectures on fiction writing, publishing and book marketing. He is most proud of his talk showing grammar school kids how to create a short story. He used these lectures to create an advanced ebook with embedded videos to coach the students on how to create characters, plots and setting. The target audience is 4th to 7th graders. The book’s title is Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids.

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This is an integration of publishing and marketing into a single project. If you are looking to publish your book and how to market it I think this would be a wonderful place to start.

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