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Crash (The Obsolescence Trilogy – 1) by Chris Muhlenfeld

And then it went dark…

…the world’s electrical grid was gone.

Who would survive the chaos?

For James and Alexa, they saw it unfold from their ranch, which was a blessing. They were away from the chaos, and they thought they were safe. They thought wrong.

What will they do?

All across the country cities are in crisis.

Logan and his family look out from their Manhattan penthouse. The world is crumbling before their eyes. Unprepared, he’s got to do something. They can’t stay. But how can they leave and where will they go?

Someone has a solution.

It’s Logan’s domestic android.

Can he believe a machine?

The twists and turns may leave you dizzy, but you’ll love the adventure.

Get it now.

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About the Author

Chris writes science fiction, and although he’s tried several times to write non-sci-fi books and stories, somehow a wormhole always seems to open up and the story veers off into sci-fi land. He’s loved sci-fi since he was a kid. Some of his favorite sci-fi authors are Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Neal Stephenson, Douglas Adams, Phillip K. Dick, and George Orwell.

While he’s not writing, he enjoys reading, hiking, exploring, traveling, and sending long, rambling emails to the ten people left on the planet who still use long-form written communication. You can write to him, and he’ll write back to you. It’ll be fun. For now, though, you should probably go read one of his books. Yes, you should definitely do that.

If you asked him, he wouldn’t be able to explain why he wrote this author biography in the third person. Chris only refers to himself in the third person in his author profiles. He thinks that to do so on a regular basis would be an open invitation to any number of personality disorders. While he may be a little bit weird, he has yet to be diagnosed with a personality disorder, and he hopes to keep it that way. To that end, he will cease and desist from writing about himself in the third person at the end of this profile.

To learn more about Chris, his books, and his general (though not pathological) weirdness, check out his website Here.


My Review

4 stars

Some years from now, in a world with neuroderms, bots, food assemblers, something has gone wrong. Ian and Jess are on a plane that is redirected to land and as soon as the people are off a load of robots fill up the plane and take off. Nothing is connecting to the web and nothing is working. Ian takes Jess under his wing and tries to get her home to her parents.

Logan, Mia, and Grace are shepherded from their apartment to a secret underground bunker then to New Chicago. A world of strange material, everything is automatically provided for them and not wasted. But something is wrong with this new city, the story of a nuclear war doesn’t sound right, and Logan can’t help but try to get his family safe.

James and Alexa are on his ranch in the forties when things go wrong. They have managed to stock up and have neighbors that are similarly minded. Strange reports are coming in from around the world and everyone is worried about whatever caused the crash.

This was a really good start to the series. It seems humans have become very dependent on technology. When something happens some turn evil and many people die. It’s interesting to follow along with the different groups. It’s not real surprising what happens if you love dystopian stories like I do.

Price Waldman does an amazing job narrating this book. He had my attention through the whole story even if I become a touch tired of the redundant events. I admit that I guessed what happened but then again I love these kinds of stories. I am really glad that I have the whole series to review because although Crash tended to drag at points I am excited to see what happens next. If you like dystopian stories I think you will like this one. It’s definitely worth checking out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to listen to and post an honest review.

I would like to thank The Audiobookworm for the opportunity to listen to and share this book.

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