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The Atlantis Bloodline by CA Gray

When sweet Ada Edwards meets the mysterious Kaison Hughes, lead singer of the biggest band in the world, she can’t understand what he sees in her. Despite everyone’s warnings about him, she’s rapidly falling in love. But it’s obvious he has a secret, and he’s not all he appears to be.

Kai’s life isn’t his own, and his fame isn’t the half of it. As a member of a secret organization known as the Elioud, descended from the Atlantean daughters of the Pleiades, he’s been commissioned with a task: to reintegrate the lost line of Maia into their ranks. It just so happens that Ada is the one they’ve been looking for. He doesn’t know what they intend to do to her, and he doesn’t care. All he wants is the prize for a successful mission: one unqualified wish, which he intends to spend on his beloved sister’s freedom.

There’s just one problem: Kai’s falling in love with Ada, too.

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C.A. Gray

About the Author

C.A. Gray is the author of three YA Amazon bestselling trilogies: PIERCING THE VEIL (magic and quantum physics meet Arthurian legends), THE LIBERTY BOX (dystopian metaphysics and mind control technology), and UNCANNY VALLEY (dystopian coming-of-age with neuroscience and super intelligent A.I). She starts with some scientific concept that she’s interested in learning more about herself, and then creates lots of epic chaos and high-stakes action to go along with it. Her stories are free of gratuitous violence, language, and sexual content, and she abhors depressing endings… but they’re not all kittens and rainbows either! She also listens to and reviews audiobooks on her website, here on Goodreads, on Instagram, and on her podcast, Clean Audiobook Reviews, where she also occasionally interviews other authors.

By day, C.A. Gray practices naturopathic medicine, podcasts, and writes medical non-fiction under her maiden name (Dr. Lauren Deville). She lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband Frank, and together they maintain an occasionally contentious film review blog (under her real name: Lauren Baden. Three names. Yes.) She’s kind of the queen of multitasking—so in her spare time, she creates whatever meals or crafts she found most recently on Pinterest, drinks lots of coffee (Aeropress btw) and occasional wine (reds—and she saves the corks for craft projects), works out (while listening to audiobooks), and studies the Bible—about half of the podcasts on Christian Natural Health are scripture meditations.

She does sleep, too. Promise.

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My Review

5 Stars

Ada Edwards doesn’t have much but her father and their little apartment in Kansas City. But one night she sees rock star Kaison, Kai, Hughes. This leads to him pursuing her and her falling in love with him. But there is so much more to this story. Kai is part of a secret group called the Elioud and Ada is the last of the Maia bloodline.

Kai has been giving the take to bring Ada into the group and in exchange he will get one wish which he will use to free his sister. It sounds simple enough but Kai finds himself falling in love with Ada. Kai is torn on who to save and how to do it.

This is an amazing story of families, Atlantis, magical abilities, and love. Ada is an amazing girl who sees the good in everyone. She is naïve to the world and wants to help people. I personally loved how she might have wanted more but she was still happy with what she had. This is such a fresh approach to a lot of YA fiction I read.

I also really enjoyed how there were some tender moments but it’s not light Ada and Kai were trying to crawl in each other’s pants every time they looked at each other. I can only take so much of that. The romance was sweet and strained but still has a glimmer of maybe working out.

I really liked this story and recommend it to anyone that likes the paranormal YA stories. The plot was captivating and I had a hard time putting this book down to cook dinner and to try to get some sleep for work the next day. I have read a couple of CA Gray’s stories and recommend them to any fan of YA paranormal stories.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to share my opinion.

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I would like to thank Silver Dagger Book Tours and CS Gray for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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