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Kill or Cure Oblivion by Pixie Britton

What price will she pay to save him?

With her little brother Tommy now ravaged with Infection and her best friend Will kidnapped and hidden far underground, Alyx’s world is on the edge of ruin.

General Sinter is stealing Will’s memories, searching for the secret to Tommy’s power. If Will continues to resist, he loses everything, including his love for Alyx.

Desperate and afraid, Alyx has no choice but to seek help from a man whom she betrayed, the ruthless gang leader Tyron. Can she convince him who the real enemy is? Or will his thirst for revenge be the end of Alyx and her friends?

The clock is ticking. The fate of humanity rests in her hands. Join Alyx and Will in the explosive finale of the Kill or Cure trilogy.

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About the Author

Pixie Britton is a full time indie author, occasional podcaster and public speaker. When she’s not writing her debut YA series, Kill Or Cure, she’s working with local schools running creative writing workshops and taking pictures of her cat.

Her author career started on the social media platform Wattpad, where her debut novel gained 100k reads within five months. Shortly after, she approached Troubador publishing in the UK and subsequently published two books with them in the Kill or Cure series. The third and final book in the series is currently under development.

She lives in a small town outside of London called Leigh-on-sea with her husband and adorable fur baby Pudding. As an all round book nerd and fan girl, she loves to discuss Stranger Things, The Handmaids Tale, The Walking Dead and any film in the Marvel Universe.

If you’d like to connect with Pixie and chat, she’s probably procrastinating on Instagram.

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My Review

5 stars

We have come to the last book in this amazing series and I admit that I couldn’t wait to see what happened yet was so hesitant to leave this world. Time has run out and Alyx can’t see any way out of this mess without getting Tyron involved, if he doesn’t kill her first.

Tommy does get riled up and is very strong but can only be calmed by Alyx and is nonresponsive the rest of the time. Alyx manages to find Mia and gets her to help bring Tommy back a little from the edge along with teasing that she may be able to make a cure from him.

Will is in Sinter’s hands and is being tortured. Thankfully he has Carl next to him to help give him the opportunities to semi survive the Altering but explains that the end results are usually Oblivion. The only thing keeping him alive is Sinter is still looking for Tommy, for the moment.

I could not read this book fast enough to see how it ended. Poor Alyx just knows that Tyron is going to kill her but he is her only hope and it is putting a lot of stress on the group because they know that it will not end well. I really felt for her trying everything she could to save Tommy. And Colt, I’ll not spoil that one.

I have to say that my two favorite people in this book were Pati and Carl. Each really added to the story in their unique little ways. But the ending!! OMG!! What the heck?!?

This is an amazing series and one that I recommend checking out. I think you will really enjoy it. I can’t wait to read what Pixie comes up with next.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank The Author for the opportunity to read and share this amazing series.

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