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Undead Ultra Series

Undead Ultra Series

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Dorm Life (Undead Ultra – 2) by Camille Picott

How do you survive the apocalypse when the only things your companions care about are pot, video games, and beer?
This is the predicament Kate finds herself in after running two hundred miles to find her son.

Holed up in a dorm with Carter and his friends, she is surrounded by college kids who have no interest in gathering supplies, fortifying their home, or even taking out the trash.

Resources are scarce. Zombies are everywhere. Survivors prey on the weak.

Feet have become the only reliable form of transportation. Kate knows this better than anyone. When you move, you need to be quiet, and you need to be quick.

Kate needs to get her kids in shape. She needs to get their minds out of the Xbox and into the apocalypse. If she can’t, none of them will survive.

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My Review

5 stars

Carter is attending Humboldt University and things are going along as normal until students start eating each other at a party. The survivors hole up in one of the dorms. Some go about cleaning up and preparing but most lay around playing video games getting high and waiting for someone to come save them.

Kate finally gets to the school and finds a bunch of college kids that would rather have someone do all the work for them than fighting back. She has her hands full as they all have attitudes and do not believe her. But if they are going to survive it’s time to listen and get off their butts or else they will be zombie food.

I really enjoyed reading Undead Ultra. It’s a great zombie story with the twist of a long-distance run. There might not be the running in this book but there is a lot of getting your poop in a group and getting in shape. I tip my hat to Kate, she has so much patience with those kids. I think I might have left them for zombie food several times.

This is a great zombie series and I recommend checking it out. It is both on kindle and Audible. I love this and can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, Lost Coast.

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Lost Coast (Undead Ultra – 3) by Camille Picott

What if zombies evolved … and organized?

Out of the ashes of the zombie apocalypse, Kate and her small band of survivors have created a life and become a family. They train together, scavenge together, and survive together.

Their comfortable routine is interrupted by a frantic distress call. When Kate forms a rescue mission, she and her people find themselves faced with the unthinkable: evolved “alpha” zombies capable of organizing hordes of the undead.

Even worse, the alphas are on the move–and they’re headed straight for the university where the survivors have made their home.

Can Kate and her people outwit the alpha zombies and save their home? Or will they become part of the undead horde?

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My Review

5 stars

Kate’s little family has gone through tough times with zombies and human survivors. But they have managed to keep going despite the odds. But things are changing. It seems that the zombies are evolving. Herds of zombies are being driven by alphas, those that seem to have become smart enough to lead. If that was not bad enough, they are heading right for the university.

I love how this series keeps evolving. Kate has changed from the sad woman that was afraid to be alone to the leader of her little family. The whole group has changed, not always for the best but to help them survive. It makes sense that the zombies would change too. I loved how they started to become smarter, such a change from the continuous ravenous corpses or just falling apart.

This is an amazing zombie series and one that I strongly recommend checking out but make sure you read them in order. You can get the book on both Kindle and Audible. Gwendolyn Druyor does a fantastic job drawing you into the story and keeping you there for the whole ride.

I love this series and can’t wait to get into the next book, Fort Dead.

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Fort Dead (Undead Ultra – 4) by Camille Picott

No matter how fast they run…
…time is running out.
Can the Creekside Crew reach their friends before it’s too late?

There are some things scarier than zombies.
For the people of Fort Ross, it’s the raiders who have arrived on their doorstep.
Kate and her companions are their only hope.
But the road to Fort Ross isn’t easy.
There are wildfires . . .
. . . and intelligent alpha zombies.
Can Kate outmaneuver the alpha zoms and get to Fort Ross before it’s too late?

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My Review

5 stars

When I first saw the line “No matter how fast they run…time is running out” I could not wait to hop into this story with both feet. Fort Ross is under siege and the Creekside Crew are in a race against zombies and time to get to Ford Ross. They have their hands full and not everyone is going to make it through this battle.

I was glad to see that Alvarez is back and I hoped that both Kate and he make it through to the end. This is the last book in the series and of course there are those that won’t make it to the end. But the action and battle go on.

There as so much action that I could not put this book down. I mean you have a crazy drug dealer on one side and alpha zombies on the other. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!!

I absolutely love this series and recommend checking it out. You can purchase the books on kindle along with the prequel Dawn Patrol. You can also find books 1-3 and the prequel on Audible. I can’t wait to listen to Fort Dead on audiobook. I am now a big fan of Camille Picott and can’t wait to read anything else she has.

About the Author

Camille Picott has been writing Stories from the End of the World since she figured out how to turn on her family’s Apple IIe computer and wrangle a floppy disk into the drive. She loves nothing more than penning an epic action scene or pushing a character to her limits.

Her books, which range from zombie apocalypse, YA dystopia, and epic fantasy, are all Stories from the End of the World. There’s no fun in writing a story if the stakes aren’t high and the fate of the world isn’t in jeopardy.

When Camille isn’t writing or spending time with her family, she loves to run absurdly long distances. It’s not unusual to find her hitting the trail in her running shoes long before the sun rises or cranking out miles (and stories!) on her treadmill desk.

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A while ago I was in a book tour for the Undead Ultra. This was a great book and you can find my original post with review HERE. I was lucky enough to speak with Camille Picott and she sent me the other four books in the series. I’m happy to say that I’m finally getting the reviews posted. I hope you will check out this series, it’s a great read.

I would like to thank Camille Picott for the opportunity to share this book.

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