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Finders Keepers

Book Details:

Book Title: Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition by Russ Colchamiro
Category: Adult Fiction, 310 pages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Publisher: Crazy 8 Press
Release date: October 17, 2018
Tour dates: Jan 7 to 25, 2019
Content Rating: PG-13 + M (A few f-bombs, and mild sex scenes + some casual drinking/pot smoking)

Book Description:

In the spirit of The Good Place, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, author Russ Colchamiro has gone back to the future to deliver his wildest, funniest novel yet–the updated Sci-Fi/Fantasy tale Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition.

When a jar containing the Universe’s DNA falls from Eternity, bumbling backpackers Jason and Theo find their loyalties–and sanity!–put to the test. Unaware that a motley crew from another realm is chasing them across the globe to retrieve that radioactive vessel, these intrepid new friends are forced to contend with passion, responsibility, and their own mortality–and the fate of the Solar System, which hangs in the balance.

Traversing Europe, New Zealand, and the backbone of Eternity, Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition ultimately asks one simple question: Is the life you’re living the life you actually want . . . or does the Universe have more to offer than you can possibly imagine?

To read reviews, please visit Russ Colchamiro’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Author:

Russ Colchamiro is the author of the rollicking space opera, Crossline, the zany SF/F backpacking comedy series Finders Keepers, Genius de Milo, and Astropalooza, and is editor of the SF anthology Love, Murder & Mayhem, all with Crazy 8 Press.Russ lives in New Jersey with his wife, two children, and crazy dog, Simon, who may in fact be an alien himself.Russ has also contributed to several other anthologies, including Tales of the Crimson Keep, Pangaea, Altered States of the Union, Camelot 13, TV Gods 2, They Keep Killing Glenn, and Brave New Girls. Russ is repped by The Zack Company.

Connect with Russ: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

My Review
4 Stars

Donald and Danielle decided to spend a little me time together on a new creation. But in their distracted state a container of Cosmic Building Materials (CBM) falls to earth. A pinch of this could literally destroy or build worlds so a lot of people go on the hunt for this missing jar.

On Earth we meet Jason and Theo, two backpackers from Europe and New Zealand that have gone on a trip across Europe. These two are complete opposites but seem to complement each other. They find the jar and not knowing what to do with it keep it. This leads to a crazy race to get the jar of CBM and one heck of an adventure.

This is a great, hilarious adventure. Jason and Theo don’t really seem like a great pair but that is what makes this a team as they cluelessly wander the world with such a powerful element tagging along with them. But you also have the scramble in Eternity as they missing jar of CBM is found. It doesn’t help that they think down on us.

This was a great story. It was funny and kept me reading to see what else Jason and Theo would get themselves into. I think anyone that likes fantasy and humor would love to read this story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

Guest Post

The Backpacker’s Guide to Books, Pets, and Car Accidents

By Author Russ Colchamiro

My new book Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition — a scifi backpacking comedy in the spirit of The Good PlaceHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure — has a strange connection to my … pets.

I’ll explain.

Almost 25 years ago, while I was away on a backpacking trip through Europe — the trip that inspired Finders Keepers — my cat, Alex, got walloped by a car and needed emergency surgery. He busted his leg in four places and broke his jaw.

He had a long, tough recovery (mostly while I was overseas), with a permanent hinge in his left arm, a slightly misaligned jaw, and some lost teeth. During his recuperation phase, he was forced to spend several months holed up alone in my bedroom, with my family checking in on him.

But using up any number of his nine lives, for Alex, it was like the accident never happened. An adventurer and trouble-maker through and through, after several months he was back to his full cool-cat self and lived a long, full life, including him traveling cross-country with me. Twice. (He since died, but that was in 2009, at the ripe old age of 18).

Alex, was indeed, the very best.

Fast forward to 2010.

I was attending NY Comic-Con to launch the original version of Finders Keepers (to clarify… my newest book, Finders Keepers: The Definitive Edition, is a re-issue of my debut novel that is shorter, tighter, cleaner, and updated to fit better with the sequels, Genius de Milo and Astropalooza).

Anyhoo, while I was at NY Comic-Con, my wife Liz was in New Jersey, visiting her parents with our twin ninjas (just two months old at the time), and our kooky dog Simon.

Well … while I was out promoting Finders Keepers, Simon decided that he was going to run out into the street and tackle a car, underestimating the power of a 4,000-pound vehicle, and the damage it could cause.

The result was that Simon suffered a badly broken leg (hmm… sounds familiar), with cuts and bruises all over him and enough staples throughout his body to put Frankenstein to shame (really familiar).

It took a few months, but Simon made a full recovery. Physically, anyway. He’s now almost 12, and crazier than ever.

But let’s recap:

Two pets. Two car accidents. Same book. The first pet accident occurred while I was out galivanting on an adventure that inspired Finders Keepers. The second pet accident occurred while I was promoting Finders Keepers.

So…what’s my takeaway? Should I not have any more Finders Keepers-related travel? Do I need to sit Simon down and explain the laws of physics to him? Is the Universe trying to tell me something more substantial I should already know?

I keep thinking there must be some cosmic meaning in these pet-related Finders Keepers misadventures of mine. If you happen to crack the code, I hope you’ll share. Because all these years later… I still haven’t figured it out.

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Zaftan Troubles by Hank Quense

I hinted at these books in December and have finally gotten to post their reviews.


Contact (Book 1)

An alien mining ship discovers a planet loaded with rare earth minerals. The aliens, known as zaftans, plan to fill their ship with the mined minerals. Unfortunately, the planet is inhabited by intelligent beings. But what could possibly go wrong with a simple mining operation on a planet with primitive natives?
The zaftans negotiate with the government for permission to mine the minerals. The aliens vow to respect property rights and not damage any property.

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My Review

4 Stars

We start this story out in space on a Zaftan spaceship. The Zaftan’s are a corporate driven society and this is one ship that goes out and gathers minerals from various planets. The planet they have just discovered is rich with the minerals they need the only problem is that it is inhabited. The captain has decided to negotiate with the local government to mine the area.

On the planet we learn that there are several creatures from dwarves to elves to humans. Each race has their own things going for them but the biggest problem they have is the government that is out for itself instead of thinking for the people. So when the Zaftan’s land and start making deals the government is very excited to help them.

This is a quick read that creates this wonderful world full of those just wanting to live and those willing to exploit the first group for their own gains. The book did take a little bit to get warmed up and going but it is the first book in the series. I quickly come to like MacDrakin and Leslie. Of course I couldn’t stand the Zaftan’s but I wasn’t supposed to like them.

This is a great start to the series and I’m excited to see how Confusion continues it.


Confusion (Book 2)

Afterwards, the zaftans deploy robotic explorers to search for minerals. The robots trespass on private property and also destroy some property. A local gem miner, MacDrakin, uses his battle axe to destroy one trespassing robot. More robots are destroyed by yuk chieftain after the machines survey his tribal lands
Uh-oh! This isn’t going the way it was planned.

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My Review

5 Stars

We jump right into this story as the Zaftan’s have deployed mining robots to the planet. The government is bickering within itself and doesn’t tell the locals about the robots. When robots show up on MacDrakin’s land he promptly ends it. There are others that follow suit. Of course the Zaftan’s are irritated and demand compensation for the robots. While on the planet the people are trying to figure out what is going on.

We jump right into the action from the end of Contact. Everyone is trying to figure out why the robots are invaiding and they are not going to stand for it. MacDrakin and Leslie are working together and starting to get closer still. But MacDrakin is out to start a war with the robots while Leslie is trying to follow orders and help the people at the same time.

I really enjoy this series and like how it is quick enough to read on a lunch break. I love the relationship between MacDrakin and Leslie. I also feel for Leslie since she is trying to do what her bosses want but also wants to help the people.

I’m really excited to see where the story is going in the next book, Combat. This is a great series that I recommend checking out.

I received a complimentary copy of these books. I voluntarily chose to read and post a honest reviews.

Hank Quense

Author’s Bio

Afterwards, the zaftans deploy robotic explorers to search for minerals. The robots trespass on private property and also destroy some property. A local gem miner, MacDrakin, uses his battle axe to destroy one trespassing robot. More robots are destroyed by yuk chieftain after the machines survey his tribal lands
Uh-oh! This isn’t going the way it was planned.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

I would like to thank Author Marketing Experts and the Author for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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Congratulations to author Richard J. O’Brien, on the release of his latest novel, To Dream the Blackbane!

TDTB Book CoverTo Dream the Blackbane

Publication Date: December 29th, 2018

Genre: Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy

A cosmic event in 2015 fused Earth with the faerie realm. Scientists referred to the event as The Anomaly. A byproduct of The Anomaly was the advent of hybrid beings—people who became mixed with whatever animal or object was closest to them the moment the event occurred. Humans, or pedigrees, soon relegated fairy refugees and hybrids into ghetto zones in large cities.

Seventy years later, Wolfgang Rex, a second-generation hybrid—part human, part Rhodesian Ridgeback—is a retired police detective who runs a private investigation business in Chicago’s Southside. It’s a one-hybrid show; though Rex couldn’t survive without his assistant, the faerie Sally Sandweb.

One night, two vampires visit Rex and offer him a substantial reward for the recovery of a stolen scroll. Later that same evening, Charlotte Sweeney-Jarhadill, a pedigree woman from Louisiana, visits Rex and hires him to exorcize the headless ghost of a Confederate soldier from her home.

To complicate matters, the private detective ends up falling for Charlotte. Meanwhile, the vampires demand results in the search for the missing scroll. When Rex’s assistant Sally goes missing, he must stay alive long enough to find her. Charlotte and the vampires, however, have other plans for Rex.

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My name is Wolfgang Rex. I am a private detective. Once upon a time I’d been a police lieutenant. After twenty-five years of service to the city of Chicago, I retired in 2063 and opened up Chi-town Detectives, a private investigation firm.

I’m what they call in the medical books a second-generation Anomalous cross-breed. My father was a cop like me. One night he was out walking his dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Rex. My mother hated that dog. After she died I learned that she had always wished that Rex would meet some unfortunate demise. She got her wish on the night of The Anomaly. My father came home from his walk without the dog—in a manner of speaking. For lack of a better term, he and the dog had fused. And the result was a humanoid—with a hairy body, a tail, and the head of his old dog Rex. My mother was horrified, but my parents were both Catholic. So they stuck it out. I was born in the tenth year of The Anomaly. When I was a kid, my mother used to read me fairy tales. She died before I finished high school. So it goes, like Kurt Vonnegut once wrote. I turned out to be the spitting image of my father post-Anomaly. I lucked out with being born without a tail. My father had somehow managed to keep his human vocal cords. My face was less hairy than his, but our snouts were nearly identical.

Learning to speak with a dog’s mouth was tricky when I was coming up, but I eventually got the hang of it. And thank Christ I’d been born with opposable thumbs; otherwise, I would’ve starved to death a long time ago. Still, given that many people melded with inanimate objects—much like that poor bastard who became a stone gargoyle—I constantly considered myself lucky. My father cursed his lot for the rest of his life. Some people, like my old man, never learned to adjust.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Author Pic

Richard J. O’Brien is a graduate of the Fairleigh Dickinson University MFA in Creative Writing Program. Richard’s novels include Under the Bronze Moon, Infestation, and The Garden of Fragile Things. His short stories have appeared in The Del Sol Review, Duende, Pulp Literature, The Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review, Weirdbook, and other magazines. Richard lives in New Jersey, where he teaches at Rowan College at Gloucester County and Stockton University.

Richard J. O’Brien | Goodreads | Amazon

For your chance to win a copy of To Dream the Blackbane, click on the link below!

My Review

4 stars

Seventy years ago The Anomaly happened. It blended our world with the mythical creatures from stories and blended people with objects that they were near. Wolfgang Rex, a second generation hybrid is part Rhodesian ridgeback from his father who was walking the dog when The Anomaly occurred. He used to be a police officer but now works as a private investigator.

Rex is just finished up with a case when he is approached by two vampires. It seems the scroll with the vampire history has been stolen and they want Rex to find it. As soon as they leave his office a woman comes in and asks him to help her with an exorcism of a headless Civil War soldier.

Rex jumps on the woman’s case and travels from Chicago to Louisiana to help her. But when he gets there strange things happen that has him questioning the validity of the case. Of course the vampires are on him determined to get their scroll back ASAP. Even going so far as to kill a client of Rex’s. Rex better solve both cases before they end up doing him in.

This is a great mesh of fantasy and noir detective story. Wolfgang Rex is your classic detective but in a dog’s body. He has two vampires waiting for him wanting him to look for their history scroll and don’t really give him much wiggle room and time to find it. They don’t even let him get through the first night without approaching and threatening him. They are very persistent about this case.

Then there is Miss Charlotte. She travels from Louisiana to Chicago looking for an exorcist? Strange. Then when Rex gets to her house she would rather jump his bones than talk about the case. Stranger? And the local kids hint that there is a lot more happening than what Rex has been told. Strangest!!

This is a great classic detective story. There are a couple clues that seemed to slip by Rex but I had an idea where the story might go. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the mystery or Rex’s hound dog ways. I really liked this world and would love to read more about it. I definitely want to read more from Richard O’Brien.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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The Neuromophs


The Neuromorphs by Dennis Meredith

The robots were good. The Russian thugs were evil. But then. . .

It’s 2050, and self-learning Helper androids have proven invaluable servants to humans, making their lives easier, even saving them.

But to their horror, retired SEAL Patrick Jensen and his wife Leah discover that rogue programmers and Russian mobsters are reprogramming the trusted robots to murder their wealthy owners. The crooks then skillfully disguise the lifelike robots as their dead masters, directing the robot mimics to plunder the victims’ estates of billions of dollars.

But neither the corrupt engineers nor the greedy thugs realize what catastrophe they have wrought in giving the robots autonomous abilities.

They have created a new race of networked, “hive-minded” sentient creatures driven by a relentless survival instinct: the Neuromorphs.

Patrick must enlist his SEAL team to marshal their combat skills and futuristic firepower to thwart the seemingly unstoppable evolution of a new dominant species on the planet.

Amazon     Goodreads

Dennis Meredith

About the Author

Dennis Meredith brings to his novels an expertise in science from his career as a science communicator at some of the country’s leading research universities, including MIT, Caltech, Cornell, Duke and the University of Wisconsin. He has worked with science journalists at all the nation’s major newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV networks and has written well over a thousand news releases and magazine articles on science and engineering over his career.

He has served on the executive board of the National Association of Science Writers and has written numerous articles and guidebooks on science writing and science communication. He has also served as a judge and manager for the NASW Science-in-Society Awards and the AAAS Science Writing Awards.

He was a creator and developer of EurekAlert!, working with The American Association for the Advancement of Science to establish this international research news service, which now links more than 4,500 journalists to news from 800 subscribing research institutions.

In 2007, he was elected as a AAAS Fellow “for exemplary leadership in university communications, and for important contributions to the theory and practice of research communication.” In 2012 he was named the year’s Honorary Member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.

He holds a B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Texas (1968) and an M.S. in biochemistry and science writing from the University of Wisconsin (1970).

He is currently writing science articles, non-fiction books and science fiction novels. He also develops and conducts communication workshops for researchers seeking to enhance their communication skills, both professional and lay-level. He has developed workshops for researchers at universities, research foundations, and government agencies and laboratories.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

4 Stars

Robots have come into the home to help people with various chores called Helpers. But then they were given human like personalities and reactions, to make them more realistic. This is to help them perform every task for their human owners, even to anticipate the human’s request. But then a Russian mobster decides to use the robots for his own personal gain.

By changing the programming of the robots, they are given the opportunity to think for themselves and initially kill their owners and take their place. But then things get worse fast and the robots start to fight for their own rights in this world.

This was an interesting take on robots becoming self-aware and taking over. There were some twists on the story that gave it a new take. It was full of action with the Seal Team coming in to the rescue and adventure which kept me interested. There were a couple parts that didn’t make sense to me but I tried not to dwell on them.

I enjoyed reading this story. It’s worth checking out if you enjoy scifi, AI, and such.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Author Marketing Experts for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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Leona’s Last Resort


Leona’s Last Resort (Tawnee Mountain Mysteries – 1) by Karen Bryson

A small-town mystery novella with a dash of romance and a few ghosts.

When Max Elliot invites Izzy Grant to a fancy Ivy League alumni reception at the Tawnee Mountain Resort, the ghost hunters anticipate a romantic weekend getaway at the premier ski and golf destination. But when wealthy hotelier Leona Hutton is murdered, and her ghost asks Izzy to find her killer, she and Max decide to investigate.

Will Izzy and Max solve the case before more alumni end up dead, or the killer turns the tables and decides to hunt the ghost hunters?

Leona’s Last Resort is a part of the Tawnee Mountain Mysteries series, a collection of seven brand new mysteries, from seven award-winning and bestselling authors, taking place at the same final destination, the Tawnee Mountain Resort.

Leona’s Last Resort features ghost hunters, Izzy Grant and Max Elliot, from the Izzy & Max Paranormal Mystery series.

Each book in this multi-author series is a standalone novella, and the series can be read in any order.

The Tawnee Mountain Mysteries series includes:
Leona’s Last Resort by Karen M. Bryson
Dark Side of the Mountain by R.J. Rosatte
Deadly Reception by Karen Randau
Black Diamond Graves by Wendy Fallon
Deadly Misfire by Laurie Fagen
Cassidy’s Deadly Exit by Marla J. Hayes
The Quinnipiac Disappearance by Lee Tidball

Amazon     BN     Goodreads

Karen M. Bryson

About the Author

Karen is a USA Today Best Selling author.  She has published over 40 books, some under her own name, but the majority under her various pen names.  As Dakota Madison, Karen writes New Adult, contemporary and Love in Midlife romance.  In 2014 Dakota was awarded the prestigious RONE Award for Excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry. As Ren Monterrey, she has reached into the erotic romance market with the much acclaimed Club Series.  Under the name Sierra Avalon, Karen has published four New Adult romance novels.  As Savannah Young, Karen writes her Old Town Country Romance Series, based on the small rural New Jersey town in which she grew up.  She has also written over a dozen books as Karen Mueller Bryson including stories of inspiration, children’s books, quirky comedies, a biography, and even a graphic novel.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

5 Stars

Izzy Grant is the cantankerous and rebellious owner of an antique store in a little town. Max Elliot is a rich guy whose family has built the Tawnee Mountain Resort against the approval of the locals. The story starts with Max asking Izzy to join him at his alumni’s reception at the Tawnee Mountain Resort to be introduced to his mentor. With a lot of protest, Izzy goes along.

Izzy feels out of her element because it is clear that rich people don’t think the same way as her. It is going to get worse when she meets Max’s ex Priscilla who makes it clear that she WILL be marrying Max. Then we meet Leona Hutton, rich benefactor, lover to Max’s mentor, and parent to Priscilla. When her ghost wakes up Izzy and tells her to find her murderer we learn that Leona has a lot of money that several people want and would rather hurry along her death than wanting to wait.

This was a quick read and a really good mystery. I admit that Izzy has a tendency to rub you the wrong way but if you can get past that she is a really good person. I do feel for her during the reception, I mean how are you supposed to act when rich people look down on you and are more than a little rude about it? But the mystery was good and had me guessing until the end, there were several people who could have done it.

This is a great short story that has me curious about reading other books with Izzy and Max in them. I am also very interested in reading more about the Tawnee Mountain Mystery Series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Ari at Candid Book Reviews for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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 photo IK-Book Cover-HiRis_zps2fahhxcg.jpg

Dark Paranormal Fantasy
Date Published: 4/28/17
Publisher: Story Bound Publishing
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Centuries ago ten powerful vampire gods first walked the earth; their blood thirst knew no boundaries. The destruction of mankind was inevitable. Recognizing their weakness, they selected twelve wise human beings to transform with their godly blood. These twelve, known as The Old Ones and The Council, govern The Ten. A blood lottery appeasing The Ten’s hunger was set forth into the human world and passed down every fifth generation, continuing into the present day.
All of Beth Ryan’s life a mysterious mist has watched over her; a mist she believed to be a vampire. On a cold winter night, Philippe Delon, a 700-year-old vampire walks into Beth’s life. She is drawn to him, certain he is the vampire behind the mist…but is he? 
Beth and Philippe cannot deny their love for each other, nor do they try to fight it. Within days of their encounter, Beth accepts Philippe’s invitation to move into his mansion. The mansion unlocks the door to the vampire world and exposes secrets from Beth’s past. Within its walls, she learns the true identity of the mist, her link to the blood lottery, and betrayal of her loved ones. Surrounded by lies, Beth stands before The Council begging for resolution.
Amazon     BN     Kobo     Goodreads
My Review
4 Stars

Beth Ryan has been looked over by a mist that sometimes appears to her in a man’s shape. She knows this is a vampire and dreams of them being together. Years later she has been dating her best friend for several years when he asks her to move in with him. She turns him down, discovers that Philippe Delon is a 700 year old vampire and assumes he is the one that has been watching over her all of these years. She dumps her boyfriend and leaves everything behind to move in with Philippe.

But then we learn about vampires and how they almost killed humanity and how The Council governs The Ten original vampires. It seems Philippe was not very honest with Beth and now she has to decide what she is going to do with this information. There is also another hot vampire that Beth is getting pretty entangled with and she is going to have to decide who she wants to be with.

I am torn on writing this review. I love the history and the background when it came to the vampire history. I enjoyed the new twist on how vampires are created and the rules that The Ten must follow. I even liked how Beth fit into this part of the story. The problem I had was with Beth.

I am not impressed with Beth and the logic, or shall I say lack of, behind her decisions. Essential she is stringing along her best friend for numerous years and dumps him for an imaginary/misty idea of a man. Then when she meets the vampire she just drops everything to go jump his bones. Then when another vampire comes along she is torn between jumping his bones or Philippe.

There are possibilities to this story if you can get past this part of it. I do have the next couple books to read so I hope it gets better from here.

 photo BOOK COVER_zpspmeqxas4.jpg

Dark Paranormal Fantasy
Date Published: 3/17/17
Publisher: Story Bound Publishing
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Five years crawled by at a painfully slow pace for young vampire, Beth; each year more agonizing than the next. The powerful unyielding spell which masked Amon’s whereabouts showed no signs of weakening.  Influenced by the binding ritual and Amon’s blood surging inside her, Beth will stop at nothing, and risk everything, to find him and turn the tables on Osiris, Isis, and Hathor.  In foggy streets of London, lives are threatened by a new breed of hunter, and nothing is what it seemed.  Beth once again finds herself surrounded by betrayal.  In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between Philippe and Amon – knowing that her decision will change one life forever. But whose?
Amazon     BN     Kobo     Goodreads

My Review

4 Stars

It is five years since Beth has been turned into a vampire and she desperately longs to be with Amon. But Amon has a masking spell on him and she can’t find him. So Beth has stayed with Philippe since he seems to want to make the marriage work. But then the spell is broken and Beth can find Amon and the gods that have caused her so much heartache and she has some serious revenge planned.

So things have gone as expected with Beth. She is heartbroken and can’t seem to live without Amon because of the binding. I can understand that plus the planning for revenge too. But once again she is still married to Philippe even after learning of his betrayal. It’s almost like she just can’t stand to be alone. Then when she catches him with another woman she has the audacity to be mad at him. Like she has room to talk.

Then when she finds Amon she is all over him and still stringing Philippe along. The love triangle is not the typical “who do I really want to be with” it’s more of the “I just have to be with you but can’t call it quits with him.”

But when they introduced the vampire hunters that is when the book picked up. I really like the last portion but was getting bored with the first. Now I’m curious to see where this is going from her plus I have the next book to read so I might as well find out how this ends.

 photo The-Vampire-Within-6x9-Cover-final_zpsbn9ibpx8.jpg

Dark Paranormal Fantasy
Date Published:  3/16/18
Publisher: Story Bound Publishing
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Brandon Cass is not your average teenager. He has a taste for blood—human blood. For sixteen years, he stumbled through life without a hitch until the enigmatic aroma of blood awakened something dark within him. Visions of a beautiful young woman with chocolate brown hair and ocean blue eyes haunt his mind, yet her identity is a puzzling mystery.
His hunger for blood strengthens, and the cravings become too powerful to control. No one is safe, not even his family. To safeguard all he once found dear, Brandon sets out on a quest for answers. In an unfamiliar city, he comes face-to-face with the beautiful young woman, confronts the dark force which controls him, and learns what he must endure to reclaim his soul.
Amazon     BN     Kobo     Goodreads
My Review
5 Stars

Brandon Cass is your typical teenager until one day when the smell of blood drives him bonkers. Sam takes his weird look as flirting and starts making out with him until he bites her. It seems that Brandon is a vampire and knew nothing about it. Now he is trying to find someone to help him figure out what is going on and how he can get back to his former teenage life.

I really enjoyed this book in the series. You have a new lead who has no idea what is going on and has to go on an adventure to figure it out. Thankfully his little sister, Lindsey and tutor, Rick are there to help him along. Of course there is a little romance with Hypatia supposedly waiting centuries to be reunited with Brandon. No comment.

There are a couple things that did catch and drag the story down a little but they really were not that major for me, especially compared to the other two books. The Vamprie Within could easily be read as a standalone story. Now I am curious about other books by Laura Daleo.

I received a complimentary copy of these books. I voluntarily chose to read and post honest reviews.

About the Author

 photo _DSC0499-webready_zpspmkx1yqp.jpgLaura Daleo was born and raised in San Diego, California where she majored in Fine Arts at Mesa College. She is best known for her love of animals and shares her home with three humorous Basset Hounds, Stuart, Morgan, and Dexter, her toughest critics. Laura has held positions in several industries, Restaurant, Telecom, Biotech, Research, and Retail. Throughout Laura’s professional career, she furthered her writing skills by taking courses and by joining writer’s critique groups and Writers Digest. She is now the owner of Story Bound Publishing, a fresh voice in the supernatural realm of ebooks and traditional print, committed to publishing unearthly tales of Aliens, Angels, Demons, Fairies, Ghosts, Shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Zombies and all other creatures that go bump in the night.

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The Griffin’s Feather (Dragon Rider – 2) by Cornelia Funke

It’s now been two years since Ben and Firedrake defeated Nettlebrand and rescued the silver dragons. Both boy and dragon have finally found homes, but they must live hundreds of miles apart and can only see each other every once in a while.

During one such visit, news reaches Ben, the Greenblooms, and their friends that the last Pegasus in the world has been discovered. The legendary horse has three unhatched eggs with him, but the only way they’ll ever hatch — and continue the survival of this incredible magical species — is to place them under a griffin’s feather. But griffins are the most dangerous creatures in the world, and their mortal enemies are dragons…

Ben has vowed not to tell Firedrake about his quest, to protect him. But as he and the Greenbloom team set off for a remote island where the terrible griffins are rumored to live, he may just need the help of his best friend and dragon…

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Cornelia Funke

About the Author

Cornelia Funke is a multiple award-winning German illustrator and storyteller, who writes fantasy for all ages of readers. Amongst her best known books is the Inkheart trilogy. Many of Cornelia’s titles are published all over the world and translated into more than 30 languages. She has two children, two birds and a very old dog and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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My Review

4 stars

It has been two years since Ben and Firedrake’s last adventure. Both have found a home but separated by distance. Ben has found a home with the Greenblooms on their preserve while Firedrake lives in Nepal. Firedrake comes to visit with Ben but this comes at the wrong time. The last Pegasus in the world has just lost his mate but he has three foals still in eggs.

Time is short while Ben goes on an adventure to find a griffin and convince it to give him it’s feather so they can use it to hatch the foals. But Griffins are dangerous and hate other magical creatures, especially dragons. Ben will learn that although he was trying to keep Firedrake out of this quest he will need Firedrakes help after all.

I didn’t read the first book in the series and was completely lost when I first started listening to this book. I’m sure that extra information would have made this a better read.

Having said that, this was a good story with lots of magical creatures (my favorite part), a great adventure with many twists and turns, and several great messages about taking care of the world and the creatures in it.

I was lucky enough to get an audio book version of this book for review. Mark Thompson and Cornelia Funke do an amazing job narrating the story. Once I figured out what was going on it was so easy to fall into the story and hard to leave.

This is a great story for mid grade readers and older that anyone will like/love. I do recommend reading the first book in the series which is what I will be doing to catch up on what I missed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Michelle at Forte Business Consulting for the opportunity to listen to and share this book.

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