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Welcome to the blog tour for the highly anticipated follow up novel in The Order of the Crystal Daggers series, Prince of Secrets and Shadows! Please read on for an exclusive excerpt, purchase details, and of course, a fab giveaway to enter!

But wait, there’s more! Today I am also revealing the stunning cover for book #3, Heart of Hope and Fear with a little teaser!

2 Prince of Secrets and Shadows final front cover.jpgPrince of Secrets and Shadows

Publication Date: December 4th, 2018

Genre: YA/ Historical Fiction/ Adventure/ Romance

“How do I know you’re telling me the truth?” The last thing I wanted to do was hurt him, but if I did not find a way to break free of him, I would risk doing even more harm.

Ferdy met my gaze with his. “I promise you this, Ella, that as of now, I will never lie to you again.” He leaned forward and kissed me again, and I stood there, letting him, desperately debating whether I could trust him or not. His promise burned through me, his words scorched into my being. It was so tempting to believe him, more tempting than anything else I had ever faced in all my life.

Freedom was only freedom if I could trust it to be true.

PRAGUE, 1870

After joining the Order of the Crystal Daggers, led by her dauntless grandmother, Lady Penelope, Eleanora Svobodová set out to save her kingdom from oncoming devastation.
And she failed.
Following the attack on Prague Castle, Eleanora is determined to redeem herself. She sets out to win Karl’s trust while distancing herself from Ferdy, whose secrets and lies have done nothing to stop her from falling in love with him. As she struggles to let him go, questions about the mission and her mother’s past cause a rift between Amir and Lady Penelope and add to the growing discord between Eleanora and her brother.
But when a cunning provocateur arrives in Prague, Eleanora discovers there is an even more deadly game afoot, one that reaches into Amir’s past and threatens Lady Penelope’s future. Now, the members of the Order must work together if they are to uncover the true enemy hiding in Bohemia.
Can they work together despite their divisions? Or will their division lead to even more destruction?

With spies, secrets, and suspense, Prince of Secrets and Shadows is the second book in The Order of the Crystal Daggers, a spy adventure series from C. S. Johnson.

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“I told you the truth about your grandmother’s past, including some of the secrets she carries,” Harshad said. “But you are still not any more inclined to trust her with your secrets, are you?”

I blushed at his perception and shook my head. “No.”

He nodded. “I thought as much. Trust is a process, especially in a fallen world.”

Perhaps for once, I understood why Harshad wanted me to remain silent while he talked. Everything he said was intentional, designed to tantalize the mind. I was suddenly appalled when I realized how much I had likely missed in our sessions before.

I hoped I would be able to make up for it, after our mission was over.

When he did speak again, it seemed as though ages had passed. “You really are so much like Dezda. I wanted to see for myself how different you are, and that required time.” His voice was much more of a whisper, and I knew he was taking a risk, and letting me know one of his secrets. “I know you are different enough that I can freely admit that I came to regret training Dezda. I did not want to make the same mistake with you.”

“This is not a mistake,” I said, but I felt my resolve weaken. I remembered how Ferdy told me that the Order of the Crystal Daggers was full of assassins, and I had nothing to say in return. He was likely right. I did not know if I was comfortable having the talent to kill someone.

Harshad seemed to agree with my unspoken concerns. “Fighting is contrary to your nature.”

“Being stubborn and contrary is not.” A wry grin appeared on my face, and I was suddenly determined to change the subject. “Besides, Lady Penelope says that Society can only exist when people do things that are unacceptable to save it.”

“That does not mean you must be such a person.”

“I do not agree,” I said. “I am free to see the truth of such a calling, even if it is uncomfortable.”

“This is not what you want.”

I did not know how to respond; Harshad was right. I had my doubts about the Order, about working with people who, as Lady POW said, would fail me.

But I was at the castle when Karl and Lord Maximillian’s attack commenced. If I had done nothing at all, if I had backed away from Lady Penelope’s offer, if I had jumped at the chance to travel abroad and find a husband, or if I had taken enough of her money to start up Liberté with Ben, I would not have been able to save Ferdy.

And he was worth it. Protecting Ferdy was worth it.

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Here is the unbelievably gorgeous cover for book #3 in the series, called Heart of Hope and Fear! I also have a little teaser for you below!

3 Heart of Hope and Fear front cover

“What about the Order?” I hesitated to ask, knowing Amir had painful memories of his own. “I wanted to be free before. Lady Penelope pointed out that this is the opposite of what I wanted. I can’t help but feel she is right.”

“Wanting to be free is not a sin in itself,” Amir told me softly. “Only when that is everything and held to the highest priority is it so. We are loyal to the truth, Eleanora, but the truth is complicated, and freedom can be painful.”

PRAGUE, 1871

In the battle between the past and the present, one girl must stand and fight for the future.

Following Lord Maximillian’s escape and Karl’s disappearance, Eleanora Svobodová and the other members of the Order of the Crystal Daggers have plenty to keep them preoccupied. Just as the Emperor calls for a tripartite council to determine the sovereignty of Bohemia, war breaks out in France, and Lady Penelope prepares the Order to come face to face with their true foe at last.

But then Eleanora discovers the startling truth about her mother’s last mission in Prague.

Can she rescue the prince, save the Emperor, and still protect her friends and family?

Ferdy’s mother narrowed her eyes at me. “I am relieved to hear that you have made such a study of both my sons of late, Lady Eleanora. I confess, I was surprised to hear of your engagement to Karl through the papers.”

“I regret to inform you, Your Highness, that Karl made the arrangements with the papers. I did not agree to an engagement.” I did not need a mirror to know my face had flushed over in red.

“Well, that’s not entirely true,” Ferdy interjected. “Ella has agreed to marry me.”

“What?” Lady Penelope, Empress Maria Anna, and Amir all turned to look at me. The heat in my cheeks exponentially increased.

“I love her, and she loves me,” Ferdy continued, clearly indifferent to how uncomfortable he was making me. It was scandalous that he would love me at all, but the way in which he presented his claim on my heart was more than inappropriate—especially given that we had to find his brother, who was, in the eyes of Society, the one who was rightfully engaged to me. “We would like to speak with the archbishop while we are here.”

“Today?” The empress gaped at him.

“Yes.” Ferdy stepped down from before the throne to stand beside me. He took my hand in his and brought it to his lips.

“Ferdinand … ” Empress Maria Anna looked from Ferdy to me, and then back at her son. She seemed aghast at the idea, and I did not know what to do to calm her fears—if I could do such a thing at all. My own stomach was turning and twisting into knots.

“I have fallen deeply under her spell, Mother, and I would hate to fall even further into scandal and temptation,” Ferdy continued, watching his mother carefully. “It would be such a stain on our family’s virtuous history.”

The former empress blushed as she looked at me, and I was too shocked to assure her Ferdy and I were not engaged in an affair; even if I had, I worried Ferdy would divulge more of our stolen moments together, just vague enough to let everyone assume the worst.

I only felt some measure of relief when Amir gave me a small smile. From where he stood behind Lady Penelope, I could see the somberness as well as the sincerity of his approval.

Suddenly, I did not want to know what Lady Penelope was thinking; I deliberately kept my face turned away from hers.

“It was only a few days ago that my life was endangered as I made my way back to Silesia,” Ferdy said, so smoothly I did not even call him on his lie. “Life is so fragile, Mother, and I have been waiting for Ella for so long.”

He looked back up at his mother, resolved and proud, but still pleading for her approval.

Ferdy had told me once before that I was the one who was more determined between us, but as his fingers curled into mine, in a manner that was both so seductive and yet so innocent, I wondered if he had been lying.

Coming Soon!

Giveaway Time!!!

To win a print copy of Prince of Secrets and Shadows, click on the link below!

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C. S. Johnson is the award-winning, genre-hopping author of several novels, including young adult sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as the Starlight Chronicles, the Once Upon a Princess saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family. Find out more at http://www.csjohnson.me

CS Johnson | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

My Review

5 Stars

This book picks up right where we left off with Kingdom of Ash and Soot. Ella has failed and preventing an attack at the castle but is determined to make up for it. She starts to train more and tries to distance herself from Ferdy. All the while she questions if this is the life she really wants. She wants to honor her mother yet she also desires freedom. But there is a greater threat that needs to be taken care of by the members of the Order working together, if they don’t kill each other first.

I loved the first book and wanting to jump into Prince of Secrets and Shadows yet I was hesitant. It was the dreaded second book in a trilogy; would it follow like so many other books before? I had nothing to worry about; you jump right into this world where Ella and the others have changed, some becoming friends and others turning into enemies. Never knowing who is really there to protect you or kill you.

This is fantastic sequel to Kingdom of Ash and Soot. I love Ella, she is a strong young woman that dreams of freedom yet will fight for what is right. You never really know the real intentions of those around her and although you hope that things will work out and she will have her freedom you end up just hoping the best for her.

I strongly recommend checking out this series but I do feel it is better when read in order. Now I can’t wait to see what happens in the last book of the Order of the Crystal Daggers.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


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Clarissa’s Warning


Clarissa’s Warning by Isobel Blackthorn

A lottery jackpot changes Claire Bennett’s life.

After she buys an ancient stone ruin on Fuerteventura – the island of her dreams – her mystic aunt Clarissa warns her of danger.

Claire pays no heed, but soon after she moves to the idyllic island, she is confronted by a mystery. As the sinister story of her home slowly uncovers, Claire enters a world of inexplicable events and ordeals.

Someone or something doesn’t want her there. But what is really behind the events?

Amazon     Goodreads

About the Author

Isobel Blackthorn is a prolific novelist of original fiction across a range of genres, including dark psychological thrillers, gripping mystery novels, captivating travel fiction and hilarious dark satire. Isobel holds a PhD in Western Esotericism for her groundbreaking study of the texts of Theosophist Alice A. Bailey. Isobel carries a lifelong passion for the Canary Islands, Spain, her former home. A Londoner originally, Isobel currently lives near Melbourne, Australia.

Website    Facebook     Twitter

My Review

5 Stars

Claire Bennett has been raised by her absent father and Aunt Clarissa since her mother’s death. Clarissa is special since she has visions. Claire finds herself draw to an island and a house with a haunted past. When Claire wins the lottery she uses the money to buy the house and plans on renovating it. But Clarissa has a vision of someone is out to get Claire. Claire is initially skeptical and not willing to believe Clarissa until strange things start happening.

This is a slow building story that will draw you in with its breath taking imagery. It slowly build up the pace as you following along as Claire buys the house and starts renovating it. Once you are there then it starts adding some creep factor that gets the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up and read faster. The ending was the best part that I was not expecting.

This is a fantastic paranormal thriller. You are kept guessing at the person out to get Claire and the haunting. I’m a ghost believer and I would love t go through haunted locations. But I don’t know if I would have held out as long as Claire in her situation. Make sure to get a copy of this book to see what I mean.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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Where the Night Never Ends by Annette Oppenlander

A chance encounter between a penniless young woman in search of her missing brother and a hobo burdened with a big secret takes both on a journey to Chicago’s glamorous yet crime-ridden 1920s where prostitution, bootlegging and corruption rule. Separated by fate and brought back together by chance, WHERE THE NIGHT NEVER ENDS is an unforgettable tale of courage and perseverance, a tribute to the triumph of hope and love against all odds.

When feisty and headstrong Sam loses her mother in a freak accident, she decides to search for her brother, Angelo, who didn’t return from a business trip to Chicago seven months earlier. It is the year 1924, the height of prohibition, and the city of Cincinnati is in the midst of a deep recession. Narrowly escaping a band of thugs, Sam meets Paul, a mysterious hobo with a big secret. Together they make their way to Chicago where Al Capone is building an empire.

Just when it seems their friendship is blossoming into something more, a raid tears Sam and Paul apart. Sam is sold into a brothel while Paul is arrested. Trapped without money and desperate, Sam plots on how to escape her new profession and the inevitable that comes with it. She realizes she is on her own. Not only to free herself and search for her brother among Chicago’s three million residents, but also to do the impossible—find Paul.

During his hearing, Paul learns that his father, a wealthy Chicago inventor, is on his deathbed. The judge, an old family friend, gives Paul an ultimatum. See your father or go to jail. Reluctantly, Paul returns home where he finds that his decision to run away seven years earlier was based on a terrible mistake.

Written from the perspectives of Sam and Paul, with rich historical detail, complex characters and stunning prose, award-winning author Annette Oppenlander once again delivers a touching novel that lets us imagine what it was like to live and love during the roaring 1920s.

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads

Annette Oppenlander 

About the Author

Annette Oppenlander is an award-winning writer, literary coach and educator. As a bestselling historical novelist, Oppenlander is known for her authentic characters and stories based on true events, coming alive in well-researched settings. Having lived in Germany the first half of her life and the second half in various parts in the U.S., Oppenlander inspires readers by illuminating story questions as relevant today as they were in the past. Oppenlander’s bestselling true WWII story, Surviving the Fatherland, was elected to IWIC’s Hall of Fame and won the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award. Her historical time-travel trilogy, Escape from the Past, takes readers to the German Middle Ages and the Wild West. Uniquely, Oppenlander weaves actual historical figures and events into her plots, giving readers a flavor of true history while enjoying a good story. Oppenlander shares her knowledge through writing workshops at colleges, libraries and schools. She also offers vivid presentations and author visits. The mother of fraternal twins and a son, she recently returned to her home, Solingen, Germany where she lives with her husband and old mutt, Mocha.

“Nearly every place holds some kind of secret, something that makes history come alive. When we scrutinize people and places closely, history is no longer a date or number, it turns into a story.”

Website     Facebook     Twitter


My Review

5 stars

It is 1924 and Sam has just lost her mother. The only other family she has left is her brother Angelo. He left to go to Chicago seven months earlier and has not returned. With nothing else Sam decides to go to Chicago to find him. On the way she meets Paul a hobo with one heck of a past. Although Chicago is one of the last places he wants to go he goes along with Sam to keep her safe.

Unfortunately they are captured in a raid where Paul is arrested and offered the choice to go home or go to jail. Sam gets sent to a brothel and has no plan on becoming a prostitute. Sam plans of breaking out while trying to find both Angelo and Paul. Paul has his own past to face yet can’t get Sam out of his mind.

Prohibition seems to have become glorified with Al Capone and the bootleggers. But you don’t really get to see the view points of those that struggled daily and hourly to survive during this time. This story will transport you to the less spoken of people.

My heart broke for Sam but she is a strong woman and determined to get to her brother. She goes through hell but she doesn’t break down crying and hoping someone will come save her. Then there is Paul. I didn’t expect that turn of events and just came to love him more.

This is a fantastic historical story that I recommend to anyone that likes the prohibition era. It is extremely descriptive and draws you into this dirty and harsh world. This is a great story and one you need to check out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity to read and share her book.

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King Beatrice


King Beatrice by Evangeline

KING BEATRICE is a coming-to-age novella that’s after your heart!
Alex is a young boy interested in his experiments, his dog, family, and little else. He lives a life of seclusion until the day his dog leads him on a wild goose chase through the forest and he comes across Beatrice, a crazy girl with leaves in her hair and the fierce belief that she is a king.
After many attempts of trying to avoid Beatrice, Alex realizes he’s stuck with her. As the years continue and a true friendship grows, he finds that perhaps she isn’t so bad, even if she constantly bests him in their duels. But life isn’t so simple, as the real world—a world of bullies and death and temptation—invades their make-believe, will it be too much for Beatrice? Will Alex make it to her in time?

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads


About the Author

Evangeline’s ideal world includes constant companionship from otters (because they are just the cutest things on the planet), zero traffic, and weather always being 75 degrees with a slight breeze. Realistic? Probably not, but it’s nice to dream.

She’s from Michigan, but has lived all over the country, currently calling Austin, Tx her home! Some of her fondest memories include a friend peeing her pants at a haunted house, any lovely and horrible joke, and pretty much any time she gets french fries. Traveling around the world, working for a non-profit foundation, studying Japanese, and improving her art, Evangeline decided it was finally time to get down to business with her true passion–writing!

Website     Facebook     Twitter

My Review

5 stars

Alex is an outsider around other’s his age and loves to be alone, with his dog. One day the dog goes on the hunt and brings Alex into Beatrice’s world. Beatrice is the new girl and doesn’t fit in so she escapes into her fantasies. She has taken a liking to Alex, who can’t stand her most of the time, and they start a friendship.

This is a quick, coming of age story that will appeal to anyone, especially those that feel they are on the edges of society norms. I love how although Alex and Beatrice are different they find something they both need in each other.

This is a wonderful story and one that I recommend. For being a novella it has a powerful message. This is my first book from Evangeline but it will not be my last. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank the Author and Sage Adderley-Knox for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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Gritty and Graceful



Gritty & GRaceful: 15 Inspiring Women of the Bible by Caryn Rivadeneira

God gave girls grit and grace. From the very beginning, God looked to girls and women to teach, to lead, to love, to change the world.

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads

Caryn Rivadeneira

About the Author

Caryn Rivadeneira is the author of seven books–for both children and adults. Her most recent titles include Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible and The Story of Noah’s Ark (both SparkHouse Family). Caryn serves on the worship staff at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church and is a proud member of INK: A Creative Collective and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Caryn lives in the near-west suburbs of Chicago with her husband, three kids, and one rescued pit bull.

Website     Facebook     Twitter

About the Illustrator

Sonya Abby Soekarno is an Illustrator and Visual Development artist currently based in San Francisco. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, she recently graduated from the Academy of Art University. Sonya’s interest for children’s book illustrations stem from her love of bright and viberant colors, as well as the various whimsical fantasies she grew up reading. Sonya has been recognized in her school’s Illustration Spring Show for two consecutive years, and was also a finalist in the 2017 Society of Illustrator’s Student Scholarship Competition.


My Review

5 Stars

This is a wonderful book about fifteen women in the bible. Although most people talk about the men of the bible, there are also several strong women that did great things for God. I have to admit that I only can think of a couple women from the bible, but there were so many more.

I had never heard of Deborah and how she led an army or Mary and Martha who loved Jesus in their own ways. Each story has a wonderful illustration and the name and what the woman did. It also has a quote for their story in the bible.

This is a beautifully illustrated story for any child but especially girls. It has a great message and would be a great addition to any child’s book shelves. I even learned something from it and think the message of God doing great things for them and them doing great things for God is timeless. What an engaging way to help encourage any child to look into the bible and God.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank PR by the Book for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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In Servitude


In Servitude by Heleen Kist

When Grace’s beloved sister Glory dies in a car crash, her life spirals out of control.

She discovers Glory was indebted to a local crime lord and laundering money through her café. What’s worse, Grace is now forced to take over.

Defying her anxiety, Grace will stop at nothing to save herself and those Glory left behind from the clutches of Glasgow’s underworld. But her plans unravel when more family secrets emerge and Grace is driven to question everything she believed about her sister – even her death.

Could Glory’s accident have been murder?

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads

Heleen Kist 

About the Author

In my day job as independent strategy consultant, I craft creative and insightful stories of growth and transformation for my clients. So one day, I thought I’d try another kind of fiction.

Born in the Netherlands, I lived in multiple countries as a diplomat-child, during my early career at Procter & Gamble, while studying for my masters at Stanford University, and as a McKinsey consultant. Then I met a Scotsman. And you know what they say about them.

I kept him, and we now live in Glasgow with our two children—who inspired the book’s fight scene.

I speak four and a half languages, but readers will be pleased to know English is now my best.

If you’re interested in understanding how I earn a living, see http://www.skillcast.co.uk. If you want to help me earn a living as an author, follow me on twitter or subscribe to the newsletter.

Thank you.

Website     Facebook     Twitter


My Review

5 Stars

Grace and Glory are sisters. Then Glory is killed in a car accident. Grace decides to reopen her sisters vegan café her sister ran to help support Glory’s husband and children. But then she learns that Glory was into a lot more than she knew. Glory was laundering money and so much more. When Grace decided to reopen the café all of Glory’s past dealings have now fallen into her lap.

Oh my, where to begin. I was not expecting where this book was going to take me from the blurb. On the surface you have two sisters, one with a husband and children and another with a boyfriend. Grace is heartbroken at the death of Gloy and wants to help Glory’s family out. But then all kinds of secrets start coming out of the wood work to show that Grace didn’t know Glory as well as she thought she did.

This is an amazing first book from author Heleen Kist. Completely unexpected yet it drew me in, left me lost and confused, and when I thought I might have an idea of what may be going on I had the rug ripped out below me. This is a wonderful thriller and one I recommend checking out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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The Ilia Stone


The Ilia Stone by RJ Loom

Nia Williams could never have imagined the way her ordinary life would be turned upside down after the death of her grandfather. A chance find unwittingly has her discovering the truth of an ancient Greek myth, plunging her into a world where the legends she only read about in her history books become her reality.

Plagued with a strange link to others’ past, she follows the path of an ancient artifact around the world and throughout time as it reveals its story to guide her to contain powers once thought lost to the rise of modern religion.

Two men affected by the artifact vie for her allegiance; Gabriel, a man haunted by his own past, and smooth talking Viktor who wants Nia to embrace a life she never imagined.

A love sacrificed… An impossible decision…

As lines blur between right and wrong, how much will Nia be willing to sacrifice?

Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Goodreads

R.J. Loom

About the Author

R.J. Loom was born and raised along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, where she still resides with her husband, two teenage children and two spoiled dogs. She loves books, music, travel and anyone with a great sense of humor. When she’s not writing, she can be found with her nose in a book, looking for more books to add to her “to-be-read” pile or spending time with her family.

Facebook     Twitter

My Review

5 Stars

Nia Williams is a normal college student struggling with her studies and her life. But then her grandfather dies and she discovers a strange stone in his attic. But this stone has the power of the Greek Gods in it. Nia learns that the stone has made her immortal and given her powers. Now she has two men, Gabriel and Viktor pursuing her.

Gabriel is trying to bring out her good side and seems to care about her. Yet he is hiding a secret that may hurt Nia more. Viktor is after her darkness and challenges her to embrace the power for bad. You know he is bad but at the same time you can’t figure out why you want to read more about him.

This is a great story with lots of action, power, and betrayal. I felt for Nia, she was just trying to find her place in the world and then discovers she has all these powers. Then there is Gabriel and Viktor. Once again another love triangle but this time I like how it was handled. The temptation of good and evil is so much better than instalove.

If you like paranormal romances I recommend checking this book out. I loved all the mythology twisted up in this story and I hope that there will be more to come.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank Ink-n-Flow Management Group for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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