The Atwelle Confession


The Atwelle Confession by Joel Gordonson

After discovering rare gargoyles mysteriously positioned inside an ancient church being restored in the small English town of Atwelle, the architect Don Whitby and a young research historian Margeaux Wood realize that the gargoyles are predicting the bizarre murders that are occurring in the town. Five hundred years earlier when the church is being built, two powerful families in Atwelle are contesting control of the region in the delicate backdrop of King Henry VIII’s dispute with the Pope over the King’s divorce. In the middle of these conflicts, the same bizarre murders are being committed in the town. Two stories of identical macabre murders five hundred years apart ─ One surprising solution in the mystery of the gargoyles and the Atwelle Confession.

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Author’s Bio

Joel Gordonson is the author of The Atwelle Confession (On Sale September 19, 2017) and That Boy from Nazareth: The Coming of Age of Jesus of Nazareth. Along with being a novelist, he is a successful international attorney. With law degrees in the United States and from the University of Cambridge, he has published scholarly works in legal publications while writing fiction on the side. In addition to writing, he has done extensive public speaking including decades of appellate arguments, seminars, speeches, and media appearances. “Home” is divided between the Pacific Northwest and Southern California.


My Review

3 Stars

Margeaux Wood is researching the Atwelle Church and Don Whitby is the one restoring it. They get talking about the history of the church and how it relates to King Henry and his argument with the Pope. While exploring the church Margeaux and Don discover some gargoyles in the inside of the roof. It seems that people are being murdered in the area in the same sequence as the gargoyles holding the heads.

At the same time we follow along as King Henry VIII’s is fighting the Pope over his divorce. We witness the balance we have has he decides what could happen with his breaking with the church. As we read about 1532, we learn that there are murders happening in the same sequence as the gargoyles too.

This was an interesting story. I don’t really know much about Henry VIII so I did enjoy learning about that. I think the mystery was well executed and I did not expect the killer at the end of the book so that was a plus. The story did start out a little slow but did pick up the pace. I just had a tough time with the dialog. It seemed rough, the interactions between the characters seems forced. I think this is what made the book tougher to read.

But I did like the story. It looks like this is Joel Gordonson’s second book so I do see things flowing better from here. I am interested in reading other books from Mr. Gordonson.

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Holy by Abbie Krupnick

Gus Stevens has the worst of both worlds. By night, he resides in the Dream World, a place steeped in magic and exotic dangers. By day, a giant snow-lizard stalks him in the Real World, looking to make Gus its next meal. In order to regain control of his life, young Gus must undergo a psychoanalytic exorcism. But this comes with a high price—he must break away from everything he has ever thought was real. Author Abbie Krupnick blends the magical and the mundane in this avant-garde dark fantasy where nothing is as it seems.

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Author’s Bio

Abbie Krupnick lives in Summit, New Jersey. When she’s not writing, she trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu and makes explosive quantities of visual art.

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My Review

5 stars

Gus Stevens lives in two worlds. At night he is in the Dream World with a Magician and three mother’s. It is a world with lots of perils and magic. During the day he lives in the Real World where a large white lizard called Winter is hunting him down. Gus is being run ragged by these two worlds and needs to take some control but that is going to be harder than he thinks.

I have to say that I was not expecting this story to go where it did. I couldn’t help but feel for Gus as he is navigating the Dream World and everything there. I loved everything that happened there and how magic affected it. Then you have Winter basically destroying everything trying to get to Gus. It was interesting how although he does damage it disappears afterwards. Clearing there is more to this story than what we initially see.

This was a really good story. I really liked the mix of magic, real life, and other things in between. This is a story that I recommend checking out. It will surprise you.

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The Unraveling of Brendan Meeks

The Unraveling of Brendan Meeks by Brian Cohn

THE UNRAVELING OF BRENDAN MEEKS is a first-person glimpse into the mind of a young man with schizophrenia as he deals with tragic loss. The result is a unique and unforgettable mystery clouded with hallucinations and fraught by paranoia.

Meeks is a young man born with a silver spoon jammed down his throat, a fact his domineering mother has never let him forget. Although he has nearly everything he could ever want—friends, money, a good education—Brendan’s life falls apart during graduate school when he begins to show signs of schizophrenia. Forced to drop out of school, he watches most of his friends disappear and his parents distance themselves further and further.

The only constant left in Brendan’s life is his loving sister, Wendy. When she turns up dead, he must ignore the insults and threats from the voices in his head to begin his own investigation. With the help of an odd assemblage of his few friends—a drug dealer, a meth addict, and a war veteran with a bad case of agoraphobia—he begins to uncover a conspiracy that may, or may not, be a byproduct of his own delusional mind.

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 Brian Cohn

Author’s Bio

Brian is an ER doctor practicing in St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives with his beautiful wife and their two rambunctious children. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama where he grew up loving to read. His passion for books continued through his college career at the UNC-Chapel Hill, and traveled with him back to Alabama where he attended the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He moved to St. Louis for residency training, met his wife, and fell in love with both her and the city itself. He has been practicing emergency medicine for over a decade and loves helping people every day, but turned to writing as a creative outlet.

A self-professed nerd, Brian has long enjoyed everything science fiction, from books to TV and movies. He is also a huge fan of great mysteries and thrillers, and is a sucker for a surprising plot twist. He writes the kind of books that he would want to read, reflecting a deep-seated curiosity about what motivates people to do the things they do.

When he’s not busy writing and taking care of patients, Brian loves to run, play with his children, and spend quiet time watching TV with his wife. If he can only figure out how to do all three things at once, he’ll finally have it made.

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My Review

5 stars

Brendan Meeks grew up with plenty of privilege but a rough home life. When he is in college he develops schizophrenia and his family basically ignore him except for his sister. She helps take care of him and he lives in a run-down apartment with a druggie, drunk, and drug dealer that have become his family. But then he learns that his sister has been murdered and doesn’t feel like the police are doing enough and decides to look into her death.

Brendan has weekly appointment with his doctor but has this problem where he doesn’t want to take his medicine. So it’s hard to take what his is thinking and interpreting as happening in real life or just in his mind. It also doesn’t help that he has voices that command him to do horrible things. This is an interesting narration because something when he notices things he is very focused and other times things are barely given a passing glance. The trouble comes from trying to figure out what is important to solving the death of his sister.

This is a great story. Brendan is a caring person despite the voices. He means well and has done well for himself considering what he has gone through. I love that he tries to find his sisters killer and discovers that she has her own secrets. But the part that really rang true was his struggle with schizophrenia.

This is a well written story that did have a couple hiccups in the mystery part but with this narrator it makes sense. This is a great story that I recommend you check out.

I received The Unraveling of Brendan Meeks from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?

Olivia MacAllister, Who are you? by Celine Rose Mariotti

Bobby MacAllister and Noel Simpson are cousins, who visit their Uncle Eb in Maine for the summer. There they embark on an adventure to discover the story of their ancestors and the secrets of the ghost, Olivia, who stays in the house. Together, with family friends and partners from the town, they uncover the truth of a long lost love story. Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You? is a fun fiction chapter book for children aged 7 to 10. Will you be inspired to learn about your ancestors’ past like Bobby and Noel?

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My Review

4 stars

Bobby MacAllister and Noel Simpson are cousins that have had their share of trouble at home. So, when their Uncle Eb asks them to spend the spring in Maine in the family house they jump at the chance. While exploring the house, they learn of their relative Olivia MacAllister that loved a man that got in a duel with a man her father wanted her to marry and died. Olivia killed herself and has been haunting the house since. The children meet her twice and she asks them to get her back to her love. The kids go on an adventure to learn several family secrets in their quest.

This is a good story of cousins being close to each other after a death and a divorce. They love exploring and have gotten themselves in trouble in the past and start out the same way when they sneak out of the house to the library. I like how everyone worked together to help out Olivia and find out what really happened on the day of her death.

This is a good chapter book that parents could read to kids and vice versa. I really enjoyed the illustrations, they really added to the story. The story did leave the possibilities of other books and I would be happy to check those out too.

I received Olivia MacAllister, Who are you? from Dreaming Big Publications for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

The Dead of Night

Date Published: September 1, 2017
Publisher: Imajin Books
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As Sheriff Piper Blackwell rushes to a clandestine meeting with an aging, paranoid veteran who believes spies are trailing his every move, she is caught in a fierce thunderstorm. Pounding rain drums against the bluff, washing away the earth and revealing a grisly secret someone tried to bury a long time ago.
Putting a name to the skeleton on the bluff, and searching for the thief who robbed the old veteran of his life’s earnings, sends Piper delving into the sleepy towns that dot her rural county. Now she’s digging into pasts perhaps best left alone.
Accompanied by Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, Piper seeks to expose a truth someone wants to remain forever hidden. The investigation may have started with a thunderstorm, but Piper aims to finish it and find justice. Uncovering fragments of Spencer County’s history could prove more dangerous—and deadlier—than she ever expected.
About the Author

Jean Rabe is the author of thirty-eight novels, more short stories than she cares to count, and has edited magazines and anthologies. She’s new the mystery field, as her earlier works were in fantasy and science fiction. The Dead of Night is her second Piper Blackwell book, an uncozy-cozy with a big dash of police procedural thrown in. The first, The Dead of Winter, was released in 2016. Jean attends game conventions, works as a mentor for graduate-level writing students, and tosses tennis balls for her dogs in her spare time. She makes sure she has spare time for three or four toss sessions a day. You can find her website at www.jeanrabe.com

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Retrograde by Peter Cawdron

The international team at the Mars Endeavour colony is prepared for every eventuality except one—what happens when disaster strikes Earth?

Mankind has long dreamed of reaching out to live on other planets, and with the establishment of the Mars Endeavour colony, that dream has become reality. The fledgling colony consists of 120 scientists, astronauts, medical staff, and engineers. Buried deep underground, they’re protected from the harsh radiation that sterilizes the surface of the planet. The colony is prepared for every eventuality except one—what happens when disaster strikes Earth?

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 Peter Cawdron

Author’s Bio

Peter is an Australian science fiction writer, specializing in hard science fiction.

Hard science fiction is a misnomer as far as categories of literature go, as it sounds harsh and difficult to understand, but that is far from reality. Hard science fiction is simply plausible science fiction, fiction that is written in such a way as it conforms to the known laws of science, and that makes it more interesting, as there’s no magic wand the protagonist can wave to get out of trouble. Peter’s forays into hard science fiction could best be described as informative science fiction or enjoyable science fiction.

Peter is a fan of such classic science fiction writers as Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Crichton and their influence on his style and story lines is readily apparent. You can follow Peter on Facebook or Twitter or find him posting some interesting tibit on his blog

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My Review

4 stars

An international colony has been started on Mars. They have their own unique issues because of the environment they are now living in. They have a plan for all kinds of trouble but they never thought about trouble from Earth. When a war breaks out on Earth and a desperately needed supply goes missing things start breaking down fast on the Mars colony.

This is a great story. There is a lot of detail in it which makes it feel like you are right there. I can imagine all the technology being used and all the details. You have a variety of characters that make this colony feel practical and real. But the real kicker is if they can work together for survival while Earth has gone to war. There is a lot of what if’s added into the mix when a supply run disappears, or does it.

I love the whole concept of the story, there were a couple twists that threw me off. I had no idea they were even coming. My only complaint is that the ending felt rushed. I think there could have been some pages added in that explained more.

Over all I really enjoyed this story. I will be keeping my eyes open for other books from Peter Cawdron.

I received Retrograde from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.


Book Details:

Book Title: Blackout by Lawrence Johnson Sr.
Category: Adult Fiction; 126 pages
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Detective
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: March 2011
Tour dates: Sept 11 to 22, 2017
Content Rating: PG

Audiobook Details:

Release Date:07-13-17
Publisher: Lawrence Johnson Sr.
Written by: Lawrence Johnson Sr.
Narrated by: Alistair Dryburgh
Length: 4 hrs and 9 mins
Series: Alexander Steele Mysteries, Book 1
Unabridged Audiobook

Book Description:

Alexander Steele is a private detective turned night club owner in the city of Philadelphia. Steele and his longtime girlfriend Shakia’s plans for him to retire are derailed when his cousin brings him an encrypted travel drive. The drive is opened by Steele’s hacker friend Stan. A few days earlier every transformer in Canada had been shut down by the terrorist. The drive in Steele’s possession gave details as to how the event would happen. What made it even more frightening was that the documents on the drive were created 3 months before the actual event; Steele finds himself drawn into the well-crafted mind games of a madman known as Chameleon an American terrorist.

His goal is to shut down the country by collapsing the economy of the United States. From the snow cover streets of Montreal to the tropical beaches of Nassau Steele follows a trail of clues and dead bodies. As he gathers more puzzle pieces Steele inches closer hoping to reveal and thwart the plot to bring down the U S government. He finds himself narrowly surviving constant attempts on his life. The dramatic face-off between Steele and Chameleon takes place in downtown Philadelphia. How will it end? Find out in Blackout, now on Audible.


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Meet the Author:
Born and raised in the city of Brotherly Love I have been writing for nearly 10 years. I am the author of the 2012 scifi novel Escape 2 Earth. In early 2009 I completed the second installment in the the Escape 2 Earth trilogy called Return 2 Earth also several short stories including a fantasy story titled Dimensions in Time and a sci fi story titled Planet of Doom.
In 2011 I completed my first detective novel called Blackout. Before writing Escape 2 Earth I began putting together a collection of inspirational and motivational quotes titled Observations from the Edge of Society. I am currently working on the final book in the Escape 2 Earth series called Earth 2, Redemption which will be completed in 2017.
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