Sons of Chaos

Sons of Chaos by Chris Jayme & Illustrations by Ale Aragon

Oversized, panoramic hardback graphic novel Sons of Chaos, exposes the quiet agenda of Ali Pasha, the Ottoman Empire’s most brutal dictator, and how his fascination with a young Greek boy led to the rise of one of Greece’s most revered heroes— and a war that would define the Western World.

An immersion into the moments we never see, and the self-serving motivations that convince a nation that violence is warranted, and that war is necessary.

In honor of the 200 Year anniversary of the Greek War for Independence, Sons of Chaos presents the story of 1821 through the eyes of Marcos Botsaris, the son of a respected Greek leader taken prisoner as a child and raised within the dungeons of history’s most infamous Ottoman Pasha, known as the “Napoleon of the East”— Ali Pasha of Ioannina. Over the next ten years, the bond formed between them would define history.

The Greek War for Independence was a conflict that quietly influenced the entire world and participants ranged from the London Stock Exchange to celebrities such as Lord Byron, as well as average impassioned Americans willing to transport themselves across the Atlantic to fight alongside the Greeks.

This conflict was the pinnacle of what we now know as the Romantic Period and yet, it’s a war that few know ever existed outside of the Greek and Turkish cultures; a war that stimulated the fall of the Ottoman Empire and shaped Western Civilization as we now know it, and in a sense is being fought today under a different heading amongst today’s political world leaders.

Hundreds of years of Ottoman rule gave the Greeks a reason to fight. Marcos Botsaris gave them a leader.

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About the Author

Chris Jaymes is a multiple award-winning American writer, director, producer, actor, and musician. In his nearly three decades of working in the entertainment industry, he has been a member of the Capitol Records recording artist band Bootstraps; acted in such projects as Lost, Party of Five, and Chicago Hope; wrote, produced, and directed the multiple award-winning film, In Memory of My Father, and directed numerous films and TV shows.

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Alejandro Aragon

About the Illustrator

Ale Aragon is a comic artist from Argentina. A professional since 2008, he has worked for Boom! Studios, Image Comics, Moonstone, Shadowline, Viper Comics, and Visionary Comics. Aragon co-created Overlook and worked on such titles as Northlanders, Deadpool, 28 Days Later, and Hunter.


My Review

4 Stars

In 1821 Greece was under the rule of Ali Pasha, the brutal Ottoman dictator. This is the story of Marcos Botsaris, the son of a Greek leader that is captured and left in the dungeon for ten years. He is released and has help sneaking out of the palace. Marcos returns home to find friends and family that survived Pasha’s brutal attack ten years prior. Marcos is reluctant to fight but rises his place as a leader to fight for Greece’s freedom.

I have to admit that I never really heard of this war and was surprised when I read this book. I was thinking that this too place a long time ago, not as recently. This is a beautifully illustrated story of Marcos Botsaris. Marcos doesn’t want to fight but is thrown into this war. It’s heartbreaking what happens to him but everything took place to help shape him into the leader that his is destined to be.

The illustrations were amazing. They made me feel like I was right there with the characters. I am very curious to learn more about this war and how it shaped Western Civilization. I was surprised to learn that some Americans came to help the Greek fight. This is a great read for those that like their graphic novels but also to share this war and to get more people interested in the real history.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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Save Me

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Save Me (A Night Hawks Saga – 2) by Tonya Coffey

Do you have an angel?

I do… She’s my candy striper, Kady…

It took me three months to get back to riding my Harley. One month to admit to the club, Night Hawks, my mom was in rehab and I needed help with my little brother and sister. And it took one day for me to see that I would walk through fire for my candy striper, Kady Gilreath.

When Kady’s boyfriend pulls her into a life of abuse, drugs and death, I won’t stand by and watch her become one of the missing. I’ll dive into the chaos, embrace old friends and prove some people aren’t what they seem.

When the smoke clears, I’ll be at Kady’s mercy and she’ll be faced with the choice of saving me…

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Tonya Coffey

About the Author

Tonya grew up in a small town in southern Kentucky. She was always surrounded by nature whether it was on the farm or in the forest camping with her family. The older she got she realized she had a vivid imagination and sharing her stories with others gave her joy. With her husband and two teen sons motivating her, she continues to share her imagination with the world.

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My Review

5 stars

Save Me is the second book in the Night Hawks MC romance series. This time the story is about Reid and Kady Gilreath. Reid is trying to heal the physical and mental wounds. The betrayal of the club, being shot, and even the troubles at home. He even has troubles at home with his junkie mother going into rehab and having to raise his younger siblings.

But there has been one shining moment for him, the candy striper, Kady that helps him. Reid finds himself drawn to Kady but keeps his distance since she has a boyfriend. Unfortunately when he learns of the trouble he is getting Kady into Reid can’t stand by any longer and steps up. His decision is going to give him trouble with the club but he has to do something.

I really like this series. You have the family and brotherhood feel from the club. They might not be totally legal but they have rules and are there for each other. My heart broke for Reid and everything he had going on. I love how he proves that you can’t judge someone based on their appearances. I loved how he would go to hell and back to save Kady.

But the part I really love is that although this is a romance you don’t have all the steamy sex like other books. Sometimes you just need a great story that is not interrupted every 20 pages by sex.

Tonya Coffey has written an amazing series that will pull you in and leave you wanting more. I love her books and this series follows along with that. I recommend checking out this series, you will just love it. As for me, I can’t wait to read her next book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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The Fifth Grave

The Fifth Grave (DCI Jacob Mystery – 1) by Rob Jones

A stunning new crime thriller from #1 bestselling author Rob Jones.

Poised to return to work after a long bereavement leave, Detective Chief Inspector Jacob is called away from the sanctuary of his home to attend the grim discovery of human remains over a quarter of a century old. Found deep in woodland with its own grim history, they give little up, but he is soon confronted with local gossip of hauntings and witches.

The mystery deepens when a second person is murdered in the same woods, and Jacob soon realises he is hunting a killer who will stop at nothing to keep the darkest of secrets buried in the past. Working alongside Dr Sophie Anderson, a criminal psychologist with her own damaged past, they close the net until tragedy strikes again in this gripping romantic suspense thriller.

Set in the wild and beautiful Wiltshire Downs, The Fifth Grave is a fast-paced whodunit with a dash of humour and romance and a killer twist.

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About the Author

Rob Jones is the internationally bestselling author of seventeen archaeological adventure novels including twelve in the Joe Hawke series. The Orpheus Legacy (Joe Hawke 12) releases on 20 June 2019.

Originally from England, today he lives in Australia with his wife and three children and is currently researching Hell’s Inferno (Joe Hawke 13) and the second Cairo Sloane novel.  Important influences include Andy McDermott, Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly. He enjoys interaction with readers and can be contacted through social media, including his Facebook and Twitter pages or his Email.


My Review

5 Stars

Tom Jacob recently lost his fiance died in a fire and is dealing with survivor’s guilt. He is been cleared to return to work but gets called out to the woods. It seems a metal detector discovered a ring attached to a skeletal finger. They uncover a body that is entangled in the roots of a beech tree and been there for about 25 years. These woods have a legend about four witches that were murdered and planted below a beech tree each. But a second body has everyone stirred up and Jacob has to determine if they bodies are related.

Although Jacob has been cleared to return to work his superiors don’t think he is ready and put lots of pressure on him to solve this case. Jacob called in criminal psychologist Sophie Anderson to help him determine if the killer is practicing dark magic or if it is something else entirely. It becomes a race to find the killer before more bodies are added to the count.

This is an amazing read. Jacob is a great detective that catches the smallest detail. Although he has been approved to return to work you can tell that he is still not over the dead of his fiancé. But a cold case murder and fresh bodies take center stage. Jacob calls in Dr. Anderson for her opinion and they hit it off. They work well together on the case and make a cute couple.

I was on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. There were twists and turns that kept me guessing and when I thought I might have an idea who the killer was I learned I was so very wrong.

This is the first book I have read from Rob Jones but it won’t be my last. If you are looking for a captivating police procedural you need to pick up this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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The Dead of Summer

The Dead of Summer by Jean Rabe

Shouts of delight turn to screams of terror when a carnival ride goes berserk at the Spencer County Fair. Sheriff Piper Blackwell must contain the chaos and investigate the possible sabotage, even as she tries to solve a local businessman’s horrific murder.

But managing two investigations with at least one killer on the loose pushes the young officer and her tiny staff to their limits. Can Piper catch the murderer, or will the summer’s body count continue to rise?

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Just when you think you’ve read the best from author Jean Rabe, she throws the thrill ride of a lifetime into her latest mystery. The Dead of Summer starts with a bang, a scrunch, a twist, and screams…lots and lots of screams. The book hooks you from the start.

—Mary Cunningham, author of Andi Anna Jones Mysteries

Jean Rabe immerses you in the sights, sounds, and smells of summer in rural Indiana, as she subtly weaves characters, clues, departmental interactions, and high-speed action into a satisfying criminal confection worthy of a blue ribbon as Best Summer Mystery. Not quite a cozy, but a helluva whodunnit.

Donald J. Bingle, author of the Dick Thornby Spy Thriller series


“We’ve never had an industrial accident at a fair,” Oren added. “Not anything close to this, not in the county’s history. So this is new to all of us.”

“At least someone in your department knew enough to call Homeland Security,” Vanessa said.

Only because Piper found a reference to it in the department manual.

“Sheriff Blackwell, there are in the neighborhood of nineteen thousand elevators, escalators, and amusement rides in the state that we regulate yearly. Certified inspectors examine them all … elevators in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, factories, office and apartment buildings.” Vanessa spoke like she was lecturing to a school group. “And in places you might not think of, such as grain storage, steel mills, smoke stacks, TV towers. We take on fairgrounds for the rides—like this one, theme parks, indoor amusement parks in the big hotels. Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, and the Peaks in Paoli … the lifts, you know, in ski season. It’s pretty amazing what’s all given a look, what all falls under my department. We inspect about a thousand amusement rides every year. Part of NAARSO.”

Piper raised an eyebrow.

“That’s the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials. NAARSO,” Vanessa continued. “I have a Level One certification, and in my early years I inspected plenty of them, looking for broken parts, improper maintenance, rigorously tested the seat belts, shoulder harnesses, and lap bars. Every ride is inspected once a year when it comes into the state … which according to my records in your case was three days ago when this fair started set-up. Some states—not ours—accept recent inspections from other states. The rides must prominently display the current permit issued by IDHS.”

Piper mentally translated that to Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

“This ride—what’s remaining of this ride—has such an up to date sticker. From three days ago.”

“So … what’s next?” Piper repeated, wondering if that meant the inspection was not properly done.

Another huffing breath. “I have two investigators coming out this morning—they should be here between nine and ten, along with an insurance company inspector. They’re going to look over the pieces before they’re carted off, take even more samples. Then they’ll re-evaluate the other rides, and determine if this section of your fair can reopen tomorrow. I expect them to be here most of the day, giving another check to everything standing.”

“And you’ll figure out why this happened?” Piper pressed. “You’ll make some sort of ruling soon? That maybe your initial inspection wasn’t—”

“As soon as I can. And our inspections are thorough.” Vanessa picked up her kit. “Look, I’m going to get copies of what you collected, go through some of it at your office if you don’t object. Then I’ll go back to Indy and give everything a more comprehensive look, talk to the inspectors who like I said will be here in a little while, see what they say. We’ll work together, you and me. So, as soon as I can, I’ll get you something. But it won’t be today or tomorrow.”

Piper thought about Vernon “I didn’t do anything wrong” Milgrew sitting in jail. A Virginia police officer was arriving in four days to take him back where he belonged to face assorted Meth charges. She hoped Vanessa would make a ruling within that time; otherwise she’d come up with a reason to keep Vernon longer—just in case he did do something wrong.

About the Author

Jean Rabe … Mysteries, Suspense, and Uncozy Cozies


And I write with dogs wrapped around my feet. I get to wear sandals or bedroom slippers to work, and old, comfortable clothes. When the weather is fine I get to write on my back porch. I love summer. I am working on promotions for The Dead of Summer right now, the third in my Piper Blackwell series. It has a nifty cover … which fits where the story kicks off. The first two books in the series are The Dead of Winter and The Dead of Night. Yeah, someone ends up dead in each book. Gotta have a death to make it a murder mystery. And I put a good amount of death in this latest book.

I started getting published when I was 12, studied journalism at Northern Illinois University, then went to work as a news reporter…eventually for Scripps Howard, where I managed their Western Kentucky bureau. Getting itchy feet, I moved to Wisconsin and went to work for TSR, Inc., the then-producers of the Dungeons & Dragons game. I dipped my itchy feet into the fiction pool and wrote Dragonlance novels for several years.

I’ve written forty SF, fantasy, mystery, and adventure novels (including a couple of ghosted projects), more short stories than I care to count, and I’ve edited magazines and anthologies.

Right now it’s all about mysteries…thrillers, suspense and uncozy-cozies. I had to change genres from SF and fantasy ’cause my feet were itching again and I needed to do something different.

I attend game conventions–as I am a geek about boardgames and rpgs, work as a mentor for graduate-level writing students, and toss tennis balls for my cadre of dogs.


My Review

5 Stars

It was supposed to be a night of fun until a carnival ride malfunctions leaving several dead. Sheriff Piper Blackwell is called in to look at the ride and possible sabotage. But the more she start looking, the more bodies she starts finding. Spencer County has a small police force and it is stretched to its limits trying to find the murder/murderers.

You jump right into the action as the ride goes crazy at the carnival and Piper to get to it and direct people away. It’s not a pretty scene and had me hooked from page one. I liked Piper. She left the military to return home to help her father with his chemotherapy. I love how she is not a push over, she is strong willed and a great main character.

This is a great mystery that had me guessing until the end. It was great to revise Piper after reading The Dead of Night. I really need to go back and read the first book of this series, The Dead of Winter. This is a wonderfully engrossing read and one that I recommend checking out. I can’t wait to read more about Piper.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


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Lure of Obsession

Lure of Obsession by Lisa Kessler

Fated Mates meets Clash of the Titans!

Melanie Jacoby is the human vessel for the Muse of Tragic Poetry, but she isn’t prepared for the tragedy of finding her roommate dead at the bottom of the stairs.

Nate Malone is the detective assigned to the case, but as the evidence points to an accidental fall, the visions begin. He sees a killer in a gold Kronos mask.

Mel is the next target, but Nate’s determination to protect her is almost as strong as his desire for her.

And tragedy isn’t part of his plan.

The Prophecy – “Every generation the nine daughters of Zeus are reborn, and with their rebirth are also nine Guardians. They will be marked by the gods, and given gifts to protect his treasure. Their abilities will only be unlocked when they find their muse.”

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 Praise & Awards

2016, 2017 & 2018 voted Reviewers Choice Best Fantasy Romance Series – Paranormal Romance Guild

A sexy new paranormal series from best selling author Lisa Kessler featuring Greek gods, Lycan shifters, Navy SEALs, police detectives and more…

“Another beautiful series from an unbelievable author. She gets me every time.” #1 NYT Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon

Finalist –  2017 Kathryn Hayes When Sparks Fly Contest – Best Paranormal Romance

Reviewers Choice Best Fantasy Romance of 2016 – The Paranormal Romance Guild

Top 10 – Best Romance of 2016 in the Preditors & Editors readers poll

About the Author

Stay up-to-date on new releases and giveaways by subscribing to Lisa’s newsletter here.

Lisa Kessler is a Best Selling author of dark paranormal fiction. She’s a two-time San Diego Book Award winner for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror and Best Published Romance. Her books have also won the PRISM award, the Award of Excellence, the National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award, the Award of Merit from the Holt Medallion, and an International Digital Award for Best Paranormal.

Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.

When she’s not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, and has performed with San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego.

You can learn more at http://Lisa-Kessler.com

Facebook     Twitter     Goodreads     Pinterest     Instagram

My Review

4 Stars

Melanie Jacoby, Mel is the reborn Muse of Tragic Poetry. She is one of the muses and you can see how this affects her. She is working with the other muses to renovate a theater. Her roommate, Nia is the Muse of Astronomy. Mel comes home to find Nia dead, pushed down the stairs.

Nate Malone is the detective that is assigned to Nia’s death. Nothing looks like foul play but he just can’t call her death accidental. It doesn’t help that when he arrives on scene he sees a vision of a man in a mask push Nia down the stairs.

Together Mel and Nate find themselves drawn to each other. The muses are to have guardians and these two have just connected. Together they work to solve the murder of Nia and learn about The Order of Titans and their plot to bring back the Golden Age of Man.

I really enjoyed this series. It has a great plot that kept me on my toes and I absolutely loved the relationship between Nate and Mel. Of course the Greek mythology just added so much to the story, although I would have liked to learn more about The Order of Titans.

This is the first book that I have read from Lisa Kessler but it won’t be my last. I can’t wait to read about the next muse. But I think I can wait with so many of her other books to read in the mean time.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


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42616399. sy475

The Misfit Tribe and the Secret of Mystery Island by BJ Rowling

Some secrets are best kept hidden… and some are just too magical not to share.

Teenagers, who unexpectedly acquire a vast collection of magical, mystical powers and abilities, find an ancient map. This map leads them on a quest for buried treasure to a mysterious island filled with hidden secrets, booby traps and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. What could possibly go wrong? A lot!

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About the Authors

B.J. Rowling, a native of England, is an author, screenwriter, producer, actress and cousin of Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling.

D.G. Lloyd is an American-Australian author, screenwriter, producer, actor and script coverage analyst.

Twitter BJ Rowling     Twitter The Misfit Tribe     Facebook BJ Rowling

Twitter DG Lloyd

My Review

5 Stars

JJ has overheard his parents talking about not having enough money and losing the house. While he is exploring in the basement with his brother they find an old treasure map. Together the brother get a group of friends together to go find the treasure. But when they get to the island they discover that they are not the only ones looking for the treasure. Robert is going to get the treasure and not let the kids get in his way.

Twists and turns and challenges that keep the greedy from the treasure about and kept me engrossed. There were a couple times that even I guessed wrong at the puzzles. I love all the traps and how the kids and I were always on our toes. This story reminds me of the movie The Goonies. This group of kids have their own quirks that together make them a great team. Of course Robert is a creep and determined to get the treasure for himself.

This is a great story for young adult readers with lots of action, adventure, mystery, and magic. I recommend checking out this book. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for more from BJ Rowling and DG Lloyd.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


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Birth of The Mortokai

Birth of The Mortokai by DG Palmer

Daniel Welsh was born different—and to Daniel, to be different means to be alone. But what if he’s wrong?

Born an albino with a photographic memory, Daniel Welsh never expected to fit in. Yet, when he is approached by Trinity—a young girl who definitely isn’t human—she reveals a whole new world where he might just belong. Ariest is a place where his features aren’t a disability or the mark of a freak, but rather a trait of powerful mages born of human-faerie unions. His father is a renowned war hero and swordsman, his mother is a human doctor, and that makes him a powerful mage that’ll tip the scales. Magic is real—and so is the threat it brings.

Trinity and her father, a battle mage, aren’t the only ones to have discovered Daniel and his gifts hidden in the human realm.

The Shade have awakened.

Enemies to the fae realm long thought dead have been lying in wait for their moment to strike. Young mages like Daniel are the perfect morsel for their starving appetites and they start their killing spree without delay with the nearest unsuspecting mage boy. Daniel cannot sit idly by while monsters take innocent lives, so he will embrace a destiny he is only just beginning to understand… even if it means losing a life that’s finally worth living.

Birth of the Mortokai is a young adult coming of age fantasy adventure novel. Trigger warning: this novel contains descriptions of albinism, a real genetic disorder that affects 1/17,000 persons worldwide per year.

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About the Author

Currently residing in London, England, D.G. Palmer writes in the Spec Fiction genre, using his imagination to create vivid worlds and captivating characters.

An avid reader and player of video games, in the past, he was part of table top roleplaying groups where he nurtured his storytelling by penning several story arcs.

Feel free to follow him on Facebook, Goodreads and Instagram. If you wish to receive updates about his latest books, event dates and other exclusive news, sign up to The World of D.G. Palmer and enter his mind. He warns it can be a mess sometimes, so make sure you wipe your feet on the way out – you never know what you might take with you.

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My Review

5 Stars

Daniel Welsh doesn’t fit in, he was born an albino and is bullied because of it. He has tried to emotionally shut himself away from this but finds himself drawn to Trinity. Daniel learns that he is different in the human world but he is not completely human. In the land of Ariest he is a powerful mage. Trinity brings him back to her father, Gydion who has plans for Daniel.

But Daniel isn’t just coming home, there are other people that know about him and his power, The Shade. The Shade were thought to be killed a long time ago but they have been in hiding building their power. Daniel’s arrival is the moment they were waiting for. They plan to use his power to reclaim this world.

This is a great adventure. I can’t help feeling for Daniel. It’s horrible how people treat those that are different and I don’t blame him for locking himself down. Of course he finds that his difference actually marks him as special and he goes on an adventure to find his place in this new world.

I loved the world building and the adventure. I could feel myself right there with Daniel. I loved the different creatures you meet and all of the magic. This book will please any teenager and adult. I can’t wait to read more from Desmond Palmer.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


I would like to thank Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read and share this book.