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Quietus by Vivian Schilling

On a stormy winter night, a small plane bound for Boston goes down in the treacherous White Mountains of New Hampshire. Through a haze of morphine, Kylie O’Rourke awakens in the hospital to confused and harrowing memories of the crash. Though trapped within the wreckage with her husband, she recalls wandering the icy mountainside and speaking with the other passengers, including one who had died on impact. As the bizarre aftermath becomes sharper in her mind, it appears more ominous, along with the unshakable feeling that her survival somehow defied fate. Reassured by her doctor that the disturbing memories had been caused by her sedation, Kylie returns to her life in Boston, but the aftermath of the tragedy proves unbearable. As her husband slips away from her into his own world of survivor’s guilt and deceit, Kylie is seized by a growing paranoia that someone is stalking her every move. In her nightmares, the predator is a specter crossing over from the mountaintop to reclaim her. Then a sudden and freakish tragedy sends Kylie’s world toppling. While those around her fear she is losing her mind, she finds herself caught up in a chain of events she cannot escape.

Raising provocative questions about fate, mortality and what lies beyond, QUIETUS takes the reader to the brink of reason, to the edge where spiritual and physical meet, building with frenetic momentum to its shocking and haunting climax.

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Vivian Schilling 

Author’s Bio

Vivian Schilling is the award-winning author of the novels Quietus and Sacred Prey, as well as a screenwriter, producer and director of independent films. She recently completed work as co-writer and producer of the documentary “Bonobos: Back to the Wild” and is currently at work on her third novel. She divides her time between Los Angeles and the Ozark Mountains where she often retreats to her cabin in the wilderness to write.

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My Review

4 stars

Kylie O’Rourke was on a charter plane with her husband and two friends when it goes down in a snow storm. Kylie, her husband, two friends, and another person from the plane are the only ones to survive. She wakes in a hospital and goes on to try to get back to her life. Unfortunately this is not possible. She clearly remembers talking to someone from the plane that died on impact. She goes to a psychiatrist and is told that none of this really happened and she needs to get on with her life.

But Kylie gets the feeling that no one should have survived the plane crash. She thinks someone is stalking her and plans to wright the wrong of five survivors. If this is not enough to give you the creeps, the story also twists and turns around everyday issues of infidelity, suppressed memories, and so much more happening in the story.

I liked the whole concept of you can’t cheat death. I liked the Angel of Death stalking her. But I have to say that there were so many other little subplots floating through the story. They didn’t really add a lot to the main story and made the book start dragging. The book is 600 pages and could have easily but trimmed back.

Over all I did like the story and am very curious to read Vivian Schilling’s Sacred Prey. This is a good story and one that you should give a try.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

I would like to thank FSB Associates for the opportunity to share this book.

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A Spell in the Country


A Spell in the Country by Heide Goody & Iain Grant

“Dee is a Good Witch but she wonders if she could be a better witch.

She wonders if there’s more to life than Disney movie marathons, eating a whole box of chocolates for dinner and brewing up potions in her bathtub. So when she’s offered a chance to go on a personal development course in the English countryside, she packs her bags, says goodbye to the Shelter for Unloved Animals charity shop and sets a course for self-improvement.

Caroline isn’t just a Good Witch, she’s a fricking awesome witch.

She likes to find the easy path through life: what her good looks can’t get for her, a few magic charms can. But she’s bored of being a waitress and needs something different in her life. So when a one night stand offers her a place on an all-expenses-paid residential course in a big old country house, she figures she’s got nothing to lose.

Jenny is a Wicked Witch. She just wishes she wasn’t.

On her fifteenth birthday, she got her first wart, her own imp and a Celine Dion CD. She still has the imp. She also has a barely controllable urge to eat human children which is socially awkward to say the least and not made any easier when a teenager on the run turns to her for help. With gangsters and bent cops on their trail, Jenny needs to find a place outside the city where they can lay low for a while.

For very different reasons, three very different witches end up on the same training course and land in a whole lot of trouble when they discover that there’s a reason why their free country break sounds too good to be true. Foul-mouthed imps, wererats, naked gardeners, tree monsters, ghosts and stampeding donkeys abound in a tale about discovering your inner witch.”

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Author Bio

Heide Goody is the stupid one in the writing partnership and Iain Grant is the sensible one. Together, they are the authors of seven novels, two short story collections and a novella.

The ‘Clovenhoof’ series (in which Satan loses his job and has to move to Birmingham) has recently been optioned by a Hollywood production company. Their latest novel, Oddjobs 2: this time it’s personnel, was published in August 2017.

Heide and Iain are both married, but not to each other.

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My Review

5 stars

Dee is a good witch that wants to do more. Caroline is an awesome witch that likes to find the easy way to do everything. And then there is Jenny, unfortunately she is a wicked witch with a hilarious imp and a teenager on the run. All three women are approached by a strange man that asks them a survey and given them a three week retreat in the country.

A group of women arrive in the country to attend a three week training course. But they don’t realize in the beginning is they are all witches and this is supposed to help them modernize their witch craft. But there is no such thing as a free meal or stay in the country. Sinister things are about to happen and it will be up to the witches to stop them.

I loved this story. It is a wonderful story filled with snark, humor, and a great mystery. Each of the women are great characters but I have to say that I fell in love with Jenny and her imp Jizzmus. He is such a minion of evil that causes so much trouble and is so inappropriate that you can’t help but want him in your life.

I really enjoyed this story and recommend it to those that like paranormal cozy mysteries. I can’t wait to read more from Heide Goody and Iain Grant.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


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I would like to thank Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read and share this book.

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The Monkey House

The Monkey House by Boyd Taylor (Book #3 in the Donnie Ray Cuinn series)

Book Details:

Category: Adult Fiction, 212 pages
Genre: Political Suspense
Publisher: Katherine Brown Press
Release date: May 29, 2015
Tour dates: Jan 3 to Feb 28, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 + M (Some adult language and elusion to sex.)

Book Description:

This, the third Donnie Ray Cuinn book, pits Donnie against the old friends and new enemies guilty of land fraud and corporate greed. Donnie returns to Austin from his law practice in the Texas Panhandle to confront All-American football player Wesley Bird, his former best friend. In the company of beautiful, athletic Anna Kaye Nordstrom, Donnie experiences the “new” Austin of glitzy condos, trendy restaurants and social media. He also revisits the “old” Austin of barbecue, power politics and greens versus developers. Donnie finds that not much has changed.

To read reviews, please visit Boyd Taylor’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Author:

BOYD TAYLOR lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and their Havanese dog Toby. Necessities is the fourth novel in the Donnie Ray Cuinn series. In a former life, Boyd was a lawyer and a corporate officer. A native of Temple, Texas, he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in government and an LL.B. from the law school.

Boyd’s first novel “Hero” was prescient in its story about fake news. His second novel, “The Antelope Play,” dealt with drug trafficking in the Texas Panhandle, an unfortunately accurate forecast. The third, “The Monkey House”, involved commercial development of a large green space in the center of Austin, all too familiar to Austin residents. Whether his upcoming novel “Necessities” predicts future events with the accuracy of the earlier books remains to be seen.

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My Review

5 stars

Donnie Cuinn is back. Donnie’s Papa and birth mother live in a building that was formerly a building where experiments were performed on monkeys. It has now been converted into housing. But the area right across from the building is up for debate. Many think that it would be wonderful to turn the land into a park but there are others that want to the land into stores and condos.

Donnie learns that his former best friend has decided to talk his parents into investing in a big project relating to this land. Donnie tries to give Wesley a second chance but things don’t go well for him. Donnie is going to have to be quick on his feet if he is to save the day.

I love this series and am very glad that I was given the chance to review the whole thing. Donnie is a great lead character and even when you know he is making a bad decision you can’t hope but hold out a prayer that it will work out in the end. I really enjoyed coming back to spend time with Papa again.

This story will suck you in, twist you all kinds of ways but lose, and leave you not wanting to leave its world. I love the visit to Austin of present and what Donnie remembered. And Wesley, what a weasel. I was screaming at Donnie to not give him a second chance yet that is exactly the character Donnie is. You can’t help but watch the train wreck this is going to be.

If you like a great thriller that will keep you guessing up to the end, look no further. You need to check out the Donnie Cuinn series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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I would like to thank iRead Book Tours for the opportunity to review this series.

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