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Return to Lan Darr


Return to Lan Darr (Heroes of Distant Planets – 2) by Anderson Atlas

Surviving Lan Darr not only changed Allan’s life, it rocked him to his bones. On Earth, he’s simply a boy in a wheelchair who got lost in the woods, but across the galaxy, Allan is a hero. He must find a way back there.

Returning to Lan Darr might just kill him. Though Allan’s learned the hard way that he does not die easily.

Back on Earth, Allan’s uncle and his best friend race after Allan without an inkling of how deadly Hubbu travel can be. Chaos ensues, spawning disorder, confusion and panic as the travelers end up on different worlds at different times and face extreme ecosystems, mysterious enemies and push the clock of death to the absolute breaking point.

The second book of the Heroes of Distant Planet Series cranks up the excitement, the mystery and even the humor. A perfect and inspiring story for 12 and up.

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Anderson Atlas 

Author’s Bio

I live in the hot Sonoran Desert among scaled survivors, steely eye hawks and majestic saguaros.

I’m inspired by crowded malls, streams that barely trickle, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges. The clacking of keys can be heard throughout my home late at night and I’m always drawing, inking or painting.

To date, I’ve written 4 books and illustrated a handful more, and I’ve only begun to speak.

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My Review

5 stars

Allan Westerfield has just returned from his adventures in Lan Darr where he is a hero. But when he tells his friends and others at school they think he is making it up for attention and needs to go to a therapist. Then he is ultimately betrayed by a friend and he decides to go back to Lan Darr. But when he spreads the pollen he lands in Peebleland and with a bat like people. He learns of a path to Lan Darr but he is going to have another adventure getting there.

I really like Allan as a character. He has grown so much from the first book but after Laura steals his journal I don’t blame him for wanting to run away. Of course he is not going to just show up in Lan Darr, what kind of adventure would that be.

Then there is Rubic. He is actually trying to be a father for Allan and I give him kudos for that. Of course when he learns Allan has disappeared, then Laura too, he goes with Jibbawk to search for the both of them. They have their own adventure while trying to find the kids.

This is a great story and could be read as a stand-alone although I recommend the books in order to get the full immersion of the stories. I do love how Allan has learned not to let his disability stop him. He has grown so much mentally from when I first read his story.

If you are looking for a great young adult fantasy adventure look no further. This is an amazing series and one that I strongly recommend.

I received Return to Lan Darr from the author for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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