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The Three Souls

Contemporary Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: June 2017
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Johnny Chambers is jailed in Texas in the early 1960’s. He is falsely convicted of a crime and is sentenced to five years in prison. While is prison he meets two other inmates Vinny Le Pugh and David Madejas.
Both inmates have had near death experiences and yet both have shown new found talents in music and art. Johnny decides to talk to the warden about their ability in a way to help them find their freedom. The warden goes along with it for a while but then decides to pull the plug on the craft room. Johnny, fearing for his life, decides to plan an escape with the two inmates and their art.
About the Author

Bill Thomas grew up in Austin, Texas. Bill started playing drums at an early age and played in many local bands including The Rock Hounds and Primitive Moderns. Bill moved to guitar and released two original CD’s on CD Baby. He performs with a stage name of Bill James. Bill has also written two full length screenplays.
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Corpse Cold: New American Folklore by John Brhel & Joseph Sullivan

They take place on desolate highways, in dark and lonely woods, in ordinary neighborhoods just like your own. Tales of everyday people caught up in indomitable situations. Dread-inducing moments with an air of plausibility—while you hope to god they aren’t actually true. Urban legends, modern folklore, or creepypasta. Whatever you call them, they represent shards of our deepest anxieties as individuals, as a society.

Corpse Cold: New American Folklore evokes the spirit of the campfire tales you heard as a kid. This 20-story anthology offers refreshing, mature reinterpretations of time-tested stories, and wholly original legends that explore the twisted labyrinth of modern myth. Each tale is brought to life and made all the more unsettling by the striking, grisly illustrations of artist Chad Wehrle.

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John Brhel      Joseph Sullivan

Author’s Bios

John Brhel and Joe Sullivan are the authors of several paranormal and fantasy books, including Tales From Valleyview Cemetery, Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop, At the Cemetery Gates: Year One, and Carol for a Haunted Man.

We grew up consuming spooky fiction from a young age. The gruesome images and crazy plot twists of stories found in books like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and in shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark? really informed our storytelling sensibilities, and we want to offer that same type of fun experience to our readers.

Chad Wehrle 80s Halloween

Illustrator’s Bio

Chad Wehrle is an illustrator of “spooky shit.” He is heavily inspired by the works of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark artist Stephen Gammell. Chad has produced his own series of art books under the moniker Tales From Drawloween.

My Review

5 stars

This is a collection of stories that will make you think, cringe, and be creeped out. Everything from a black dog, a bachelor party, drug infused internet video surfing, and so much more. Seemingly innocent things turn dangerous and deadly quickly.

This story is similar to the scary stories that were released in the 80’s and 90’s that we all loved as kids. It’s a thrill to be scared and usually there is some message to get across. Nothing is truly innocent and many times you should heed warnings, especially when you break the rules and must spend time in the basement.

I loved this collection and strongly recommend it for anyone that likes the thrill of true horror stories. They are short enough for a quick read before bead yet draw you in and keep you flipping pages to see what you can discovery next.

If you love horror stories I strongly recommend you checking out this book. You will be left wanting more long after you have finished.

I received Corpse Cold from Cemetery Gates Media for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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